Top 4 Bamboo Wood Sunglasses For Every Style



Your sunglasses do not have to be boring when you have the chance of making them better. Out with the plastic sunglasses enter the bamboo wood sunglasses. As much as plastic material can be molded into different designs, getting sunglasses made from bamboo makes them unique and still look good.

If you hope to look good in your new bamboo wood sunglasses, then you have to get the best model in the market. With many types of bamboo sunglasses available, sometimes you can get confused about which one to choose. We will help you eliminate such doubts by providing you with a guide about such sunglasses below.

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Benefits of Bamboo Wood Sunglasses

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Before you can buy the right sunglasses, it is best to understand what kind of benefits you would get with bamboo sunglasses. Check them out below.

Great durability

There is a misconception that bamboo wood sunglasses would not be as durable as their plastic counterparts. That is not entirely true. Over time, the technology for putting bamboo sunglasses together has largely improved. The result is that right now bamboo sunglasses are highly durable. Also, some manufacturers add a bleach coating to make them resistant to the elements. You can now use your sunglasses during the different seasons without much of a worry.

Easy to customize

It is worth pointing out that bamboo material allows for ease of customization. The frames can be shaped to a design that you like. As much as the plastic material can do the same, you would always get better designs with the bamboo material.

Even once you are done with the design, you still have the chance of staining or painting them. Some even use crystals or beads stuck on the frames. You will always have something different as compared to what most people are wearing around you.

A wide range of options

When shopping for polycarbonate frames, the chances are you would be limited to the colors. This is because the material always looks the same and colors are the only way to make it better. The same cannot be said for the bamboo sunglasses. With bamboo, you have a chance to get different options in terms of look and styling. Bamboo materials can have different looks naturally, depending on the species, where they were grown, among other features. As a result, a user will have a wide range of options to consider.

Eco-friendly material

The word eco-friendly gets to be thrown around nowadays. Considering that at some point you might have to dispose the frames, it is best if they are made of bamboo. This is because bamboo is good for the environment and thus eco-friendly. The same cannot be said for polycarbonate frames which might take forever to breakdown.

For anyone who is looking for eco-friendly options for their sunglasses, then they should consider getting the bamboo sunglasses.

Highlights your style

If you are someone who loves trying out different styles, then bamboo wood sunglasses can be ideal to complement your look. Some find that polycarbonate frames can be brightly colored, meaning they draw the attention away from your face. However, with bamboo sunglasses, they will blend into your face, making them ideal for any look. As you can see, they would enhance your style without necessarily drawing too much attention to themselves.

Everyone loves something different

We are used to seeing people with sunglasses made from plastic. It would be nice to see something different. That is what bamboo sunglasses offer you. Each time you wear these sunglasses, people would want to know where you got them so that they can get the same sunglasses.

How to Choose the Best Bamboo Wood Sunglasses

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The overall fit

The fit is one of the most important considerations for anyone buying sunglasses. This is how the pair fits on your face. The last thing you want is to get sunglasses that easily fall off from your face. Also, the fit determines how comfortable the sunglasses would feel. Do not get sunglasses that fit too tight as they might get uncomfortable if you wear them for long hours.

To get the right fit, you should look at the lens width and frame length.


Just because you are buying bamboo sunglasses, it does not mean they all have the same durability. We know that bamboo is a durable material, however, not all frames are made the same. Some would have better building techniques that make them exceptional. For a model that is well-made, the manufacturer would gladly talk about the construction process to boost your confidence in their sunglasses.


Reviews are crucial for anyone who wants to end up with the best bamboo wood sunglasses. You can always learn from the experience of other people to see how the sunglasses worked for them before buying. For sunglasses with a lot of negative reviews, then it is best to stay away from them. No need to spend your money on a low-quality product.


There is no doubt that bamboo sunglasses will retail at different prices. Just because they are made of bamboo, it does not mean they cannot be affordable. Sometimes you might be surprised by the deals you get after doing a proper research. If you want custom sunglasses, then you can expect them to cost a little bit more. 


The contrasting feature of the sunglasses is important to find the best models that smoothly transition into your face. The contrast should be chosen based on the face shape. We look at the face shape consideration below to help you make up your mind.

Shape of your face

The shape of your face is important as much as some people tend to overlook this factor. It is important to pick sunglasses that complement your face shape. It might take some few trials to finally find something that works well for you. Try the aviators or rimless sunglasses for someone with a heart-shaped face

If you have an angular face, then go for the rounded or oval glasses. Those with a narrow face could benefit from getting taller frames with a bit of decorative temples.


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