Benefits of Bamboo for Hair Growth & Hair Health – Top Tips!



Bamboo for your hair? How? If you have these questions, you’re in the right place. Bamboo is known to be a sustainable tree with wondrous uses: from producing fabric, construction materials, furniture, and even health supplements. Also, bamboo hair treatments have been going the rounds of online beauty websites as well as salons. But what is it, and does it really do wonders on your locks? In this post, we will discuss the benefits of bamboo for hair together with some useful tips.

What’s in bamboo that benefits the hair?

Bamboo is packed with natural silica, a nutrient that’s integral in the growth of hair, skin health, and nail health. This is why many are going gaga over bamboo hair products and the promise of lustrous and longer hair.

This is quite interesting because bamboo is also one of the fastest-growing plants, with some species growing as fast as 10 centimeters a day. With this, they can grow in timber sizes in just a year.

Such growth is somewhat synonymous with the length of hair it can help grow.

Unlike other natural herbs containing silica, bamboo is teeming with as much as 70% of this precious mineral. Silica is a kind of trace mineral present in our bodies. However, it starts to deplete as we age, causing wrinkles, brittleness of the hair, and dullness of the skin.

Aside from that, this natural silica also impacts the health of our internal organs.

In addition, bamboo also has an antioxidant property that helps detoxify our body. This paves the way for better nutrient absorption.

Hair products with bamboo extracts

Various bamboo hair products are available nowadays due to the demand of hair-obsessed users. The following are some of the products that you can get to boost your hair’s health and growth:

*Bamboo silica supplements

Bamboo silica supplements are probably the most popular of all the bamboo products. It’s a supplement containing silica concentrations extracted from bamboo leaves and stems. This can be taken daily to boost your overall wellness. Some bamboo silica supplements are also infused with other herbs for a powerhouse multivitamin.

If you’re looking for a bamboo silica supplement to boost hair health, we recommend the Swanson Bamboo Silica Extract for Hair. It contains 70% natural silica that will stimulate the production of collagen and biotin to boost both skin and hair health.

Also, what we love the most about this Swanson Bamboo supplement is its money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results within 30 days, you can send it back for a full refund.

*Bamboo hair treatments

If you’re aiming for a topical treatment, you’ll never go wrong with the Silicon Mix Bambu Nutritive Hair Treatment. It’s packed with bamboo silica as well as Vitamins E, C, and F. Aside from that, it’s also infused with almond oil and carthame oil for added nourishment for your hair and scalp.

This works on all types of hair as a detangling and nourishing solution. It also reduces brittleness and dullness with regular use. Upon finishing this 16 oz. jar, you’ll surely see a positive difference in your hair.

*Bamboo tea leaf

For those who love a cup of hot drink, there’s no better way to take bamboo silica than with bamboo tea leaves. If you’re planning to buy one, consider the Beautifully Bamboo Tea, It’s rich in silica that will benefit your hair, skin, and nail. It also tastes great, even without a sweetener.

Each bag of this natural bamboo tea has 30 tea bags, suitable for 30 days. You can re-steep each bag if you want to enjoy each one even more.

You can make this your daily morning drink. Aside from the benefits of bamboo for hair, you’ll also enjoy better digestion and a slight weight loss benefit.

*Bamboo shampoo

When it comes to hair health, nothing is more indispensable than a good bottle of shampoo. Your shampoo should be packed with natural extracts that will help nourish your scalp and hair strands.

If you’re looking for a tried and tested bamboo shampoo, try the Bamboo Volume Abundant Shampoo. It’s certified natural and packed with bamboo and maca root extracts. It’s free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and artificial coloring.

Moreover, the silica content of this shampoo is derived from Bambusa vulgaris, a bamboo species rich in silica.

The formula of this shampoo will help rebuild your hair and make it thicker. Regular use should show excellent results. It also encourages the growth of thinning hair, which makes it a great choice across ages.

*Bamboo hair powder

Bamboo hair powders aren’t necessarily the type you apply topically in your hair. It’s an edible bamboo powder product you can add in your food to reap the hair-growing benefit.

For this, we recommend the Micro Ingredients Organic Bamboo Extract Powder. It’s made of vegan, non-GMO bamboo extracts with no additives, preservatives, or artificial colors.

You can add this to your smoothie, shakes, meals, and other delights that you enjoy. This makes your daily bamboo silica intake more creative. And since it’s in powder-form, absorption is much faster. Also, this is easier on your tummy since it’s made to support digestion.

Benefits of bamboo for hair

The benefits of bamboo for hair is undeniable, much so since it’s a natural solution. So if you’re thinking of using bamboo products for your tresses, it will help to know the following perks:

-Detoxification and cleansing

The first thing that bamboo silica does to your hair is cleansing it of toxins and foreign substances. This way, nutrients will be absorbed faster, and your scalp will be healthier and more conducive for hair growth.

Moreover, bamboo shampoos do this job very well. This starts the restoration of your hair’s luster and bouncy feel. Regardless if you use a topical product or a supplement, you will surely enjoy this benefit.

-Stimulating hair growth

This is the benefit most bamboo hair product users aim the most. Thanks to the silica content of bamboo, you will have an extra boost in growing your hair. Aside from getting extra length, your hair will also grow stronger and shinier even without any additional product.

We recommend using bamboo shampoo for excellent results. You can also pair it with a supplement or tea if you want to reap more benefits.

Making these products part of your regimen will surely make a big difference in the health of your hair. However, you should be patient since bamboo silica will take weeks to take effect.

-Antioxidants for dry scalp

Is your scalp dry and scaly? Switching to a bamboo shampoo will be a big help. It will invigorate your scalp by removing dead skin cells and locking in nourishment. Take note that aside from silica, bamboo shampoos are also rich in other natural extracts that help regain the health of your crowning glory.

Aside from washing away dirt, bamboo shampoo is a great way to condition your scalp as well.

-Makes hair shiny and soft

Who doesn’t want smooth and lustrous hair? If you have frizzy and brittle hair, bamboo products can help you big time. If you’re not into supplements, a bamboo shampoo can go a long way. Use it regularly to see a big difference.

Aside from restoring the glimmer of your hair, bamboo shampoos will also add volume to your hair. With that, you can break free from weighed hair and you can start styling in confidence.

-Retaining moisture

Bamboo silica aids glycosaminoglycan synthesis, a process on which glycosaminoglycan (a form of sugar) attracts water. Through this, your scalp and hair will retain its moisture, making it healthier and fresh looking. Also, this will help prevent the drying of the scalp.

This way, you no longer have to use an additional conditioner product. However, if the dryness of your scalp and hair lingers, you may want to consult with a doctor.

Some limitations

While bamboo hair products work in boosting hair growth, it’s not the Holy Grail of hair health. It can only aid, but not cure medical conditions. If your hair is thinning too much for no apparent reason, it’s best to consult with a dermatologist. You may have a health condition with hair loss as a secondary problem.

Aside from that, there’s only so much bamboo silica you can take in one day. Remember that anything that’s too much isn’t good for your health.

Also, if you have a lingering condition or taking medications, consult with your doctor first before taking any bamboo supplement. As much as bamboo silica is good for our health, it may have potential contraindications on your current medications.

Bald spots: Do Bamboo Hair Products Help

This is a question we often receive. The answer is that it depends. If the cause of bald spots is male pattern baldness or other incurable conditions, bamboo silica may not provide the best solution. Still, you can take or use the products above for its skin and nail benefits.

Nevertheless, we always recommend consulting with a medical professional. That way, you will get the best solution and consult the product you’re planning to purchase.

There’s more to hair growth than bamboo!

While it’s easy to rely on single solutions on hair problems, you should know that there’s more to hair growth than bamboo products. Take note that each person’s hair varies widely, so it’s best to explore your options and what will work for you.

Also, be careful of the products you purchase. Due to the popularity of hair products with bamboo extracts, some manufacturers will try to market their goods falsely. So before you put your money on it, read the label and the reviews. That way, you’ll know what you’re getting. Aside from that, it’s best to purchase the products from reputable brands or sellers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does bamboo tea help hair grow?

A: Since bamboo tea is rich in natural silica, it can help in stimulating hair growth. However, if a medical condition causes poor hair growth, you need more than bamboo tea to solve the problem. Nevertheless, this supplement can be a big help as it also benefits your nails and skin.

Q: How much silica should I take for hair growth?

A: The rule of thumb is around 5,000 mcg a day for the best results. The natural silica in bamboo is one of the essential nutrients in hair growth. With regular intake of a bamboo silica supplement, you can help repair hair damage and boost its growth.

Q: Is bamboo silica better than horsetail?

A: Bamboo contains as much as 10 times more silica than the horsetail plant. This is why many are opting for bamboo instead since it’s more accessible and far more affordable than rare herbs. Aside from that, it’s an eco-friendly choice as bamboo doesn’t require too many pesticides.

Q: Can I eat bamboo leaves to help my hair grow?

A: Unfortunately, bamboo leaves aren’t usually eaten. If you want a dose of natural silica, aim for soft bamboo shoots. Make sure that you cut the fibrous layer and that you boil and cook it well. Never eat raw bamboo shoots as it contains toxins that synthesize cyanide in the stomach.

Q: Which is better for my hair, aloe vera or bamboo?

A: Both are excellent natural ways of boosting your hair health. Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes that help repair dead skin cells on your scalp. Meanwhile, bamboo has natural silica that detoxifies the scalp and boosts hair growth.

Final words

The benefits of bamboo for hair are surely enticing. You can use the bamboo products we reviewed above to get started with your hair regimen.

The Bamboo Volume Abundant Shampoo is a great starting point. It’s a nourishing shampoo with silica that will help lock in moisture into your scalp. And if you want to consume more silica, you can get the Micro Ingredients Organic Bamboo Extract Powder or the Swanson Bamboo Silica Extract. Have you tried bamboo products for your hair? What are the benefits you observed? Share it with us in the comment section!



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