Can You Bleach Bamboo Sheets? [Things You Must Know]

can you bleach bamboo sheets


Do you have bamboo sheets and are confused about bleaching them? Every person who has bamboo sheets wants to know this. But can you bleach bamboo sheets? There are some advantages and disadvantages of bleaching bamboo sheets.

Bleach, which includes harsh chemicals, can quickly destroy the bamboo fibers used in bamboo garments. Bleach destroys the softness of bamboo sheets. Use oxygen-based bleach instead of using chlorine-based bleach.

Oxygen-based bleach is less harmful than chlorine-based bleach. In this article, I will discuss everything you need to know regarding bleaching bamboo sheets. You will know the reasons for using and not using it and the alternative option to wash bamboo sheets in detail.

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Can You Bleach Bamboo Sheets? Reasons For Using/Reasons Not To Use

Bleaching is strongly effective for washing bamboo sheets [1]. But sometimes, it could be harmful to sheets. Instead of using bleach, try using a natural remedy, such as soaking your bedding in diluted vinegar. However, that isn’t always effective, and bleach is sometimes the only option.

Reasons For Using

For keeping sheets clean, bleach is very effective. Bleach can easily clean sheets. There are some other benefits of it as well.

●      Clear Stain Instantly:

Sometimes ketchup, tea, and other food and drink make deep stains in sheets, and it is necessary to remove them. In such a situation, using bleach is strongly suggested.

●      Brightening Agent:

Bamboo sheets are very comfortable, durable, and eco-friendly. But you need to keep these sheets clean and bright for longevity. For whitening and brightening sheets, bleach is an amazing cleaner.

●      Deeply cleaning:

Most of the time, bleach is used to disinfect and clean effectively. It is effective for restoring whiteness to faded bed linens. Read Here: Washing Bamboo Sheets: The Ultimate Guide


Reasons Not To Use:

Everything has good and bad sides. Those are very few. Undoubtedly, using bleach in bamboo sheets has many benefits. Apart from these, it can be harmful too.

●      Damaged Fiber:

Bleach contains chemicals that can weaken bamboo fibers, ruining accessories. The fibers of sheets and blankets may weaken, reducing their quality and lifespan. Stay away from bleaching processes if feasible.

●      Faded color:

Clothes can fade when chlorine bleach, peroxide, and other comparable agents are exposed. In particular, chlorine bleach is responsible for losing color.

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6 Alternative Options To Wash Bamboo Sheets Instead Of Bleach

Though it seems easy to wash bed covers, you should take extra precautions when washing bamboo sheets. Sheets made from bamboo can last long if you treat them right, but they need a little more care to extend their useful life. Without bleaching, bamboo sheets can be washed in many ways. The following are some effective methods.

White Vinegar:

Commercial fabric softeners are hazardous for your linens and laundry appliances and cause a great amount of buildup that never gets rinsed away. This residue clings to the delicate fibers of your sheets and makes it more difficult for the detergent to do its job.

Eventually, this will reduce the sheets’ quality and shorten their lifespan. Vinegar is a great natural fabric softener and can be used to rinse away any residual detergent or buildup effectively.

Mild Detergent:

Soft liquid detergent is recommended for laundering bamboo bedding. In terms of cleaning products with mild detergent, sheets don’t harm and remain soft. Also, wash bamboo sheets with a detergent made for babies, such as baby shampoo [2].

Baking Soda:

Baking soda can eliminate odors and whiten without harsh chemicals. Mix a half cup of baking soda with regular laundry detergent to get extra bright white sheets. Cleaning efficiency is increased if baking soda and detergent are mixed. As a result, the bed linens will be fresh and white once again.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide is a mild oxygen bleach used on any machine-washable material. Add one cup of the 3 percent solution supplied in pharmacies for wound care to the bleach dispenser on the washing machine. If you don’t add detergent to the washing, it will fill only with water. Hydrogen peroxide is perishable, so use it promptly. Read Here: Top 5 Best Bamboo Sheets and Tips on Buying the Perfect Set of Bed Sheets

Protein Enzyme Detergent:

The use of an enzyme-based cleaning solution is a viable alternative to hydrogen peroxide when dealing with blood stains. To clean blood from bamboo sheets, use a natural enzyme. Cover the sheets with the cleanser and soak them in cool water for at least 15 before washing.


Borax is a naturally found mineral. It is an excellent substitution for chlorine bleach to eliminate stains and cut through sluggish residue. Add half a cup of borax powder to one gallon of hot water. Throw in the white items and soak them for at least half an hour. Proceed with regular washing.

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How To Bleach Bamboo Sheets?

Applying bleach to eliminate stains or stubborn spots is always a fantastic option, especially when dealing with white objects. But doing it inaccurately can be a threat. Therefore, follow the step-by-step guide if you’re set on bleaching the bamboo sheets.

Step 1: Soak the sheet in lukewarm water for an hour after applying a non-bleach stain remover to the stained area.

Step 2: Keep the water temperature down when doing laundry. Try water that’s 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) alternatively.

Step 3: Chlorine bleach is harmful. Use a vinegar or oxygen bleach solution instead.

Step 4: Keep the concentrated bleach away from the bamboo sheet. Before soaking the sheet in the bleach solution, always properly mix the bleach with water. Bedding fibers will be harmed if bleached.

Step 5: Remember that it is common for bamboo bed sheets to feel stiff after washing. After drying, the material will take on its original softness.

Step 6: To preserve the softness of bamboo sheets, refrain from using fabric softeners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bleach Hurt Bamboo Sheets?

Bleach hurts bamboo sheets. You might first notice that the bamboo sheets used to be softer after they’ve been breached. Use an oxygen-based bleach if needed to whiten. The use of chlorine-based bleaches is not suitable for bamboo fabrics. Read Here: Do Bamboo Sheets Keep You Cool At Night?

Next, you can discover that bleaching your bamboo bedding harms the fibers. Even though bamboo is a fantastic fabric, it is nonetheless susceptible to damage when washed improperly. Accidentally adding too much bleach or not enough water might produce this kind of harm.

 How Do You Get Your Bamboo Sheets White Again?

A combination of borax, vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice works well for laundering bamboo bedding. It can whiten your bamboo sheets again. If your white sheets seem yellow, try using some borax on them.

Bleach makes brightening and whitening. It’s true that if you spill some bleach on the colorful fabric, it will turn white. Lemons have a citric acid that acts as bleach. It helps restore the white color of bamboo bedding.

How Do You Deep-clean Bamboo Sheets?

The bamboo bedding can be bleached if necessary. Use a more powerful detergent for thorough cleaning of your bamboo bedding. If you can’t do laundry without pills, try using a cleanser that contains the chemical cellulase to help dissolve and flush them away.

In the warmer months, you should wash your bamboo bedding every seven to ten days to remove bacteria and oil from your skin. You can get away with washing your linens once every two weeks during the cooler months.

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Final Words:

Bleach is a chemical agent that is effective in cleaning deeply. But can you bleach bamboo sheets? Using bleach in bamboo sheets can be possible, but have some restrictions too. Follow the above process to bleach the bamboo sheet to get the most out of it.


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