Best Bamboo Bathrobes: Buying Guide for Men & Women

bathrobes for men and women


When it comes to bamboo bathrobes, you want a product that is reliable, slick, lightweight, and durable, bringing optimum comfort to your leisure time. The bathrobe is a versatile and cozy accessory that has all the attention nowadays in terms of fashion and style.

Long ago bathrobes are known as a piece of houseware that is used after a bath. Today, there is a vast variety of designs, fabrics, patterns, features, lengths, models, and styles. It is now a must thing for both men and women who love the feeling of luxury and comfort. 

We’ve scoured the market, read dozens of bamboo bathrobes reviews, and have conducted extensive research to find the best bathrobes out there. Below, we share what we consider to be the five best bamboo bathrobes for men and women.

Top 5 Best Bamboo Bathrobes

Women’s Bamboo Robes

Women’s bamboo robe combines cozy and elegant that is great for your daily use. The classic dressing kimono offers you comfy softness whether you are sleeping, lounging around your home, walking to the driveway to get the paper, giving the dress as a gift, or if you are staying at the hospital or recovering from surgery. It provides all the stylish and trendy looks with equal ease and comfort for you. 


  • It is soft, and one of the best bamboo bathrobes is made of 95 % of bamboo viscose and 5% of spandex.
  • It is comfortable, lightweight, skin-friendly that gives you comfort after bathing and before going to bed. 
  • The classic kimono style has a V-neck design, inner sewn-in tie, and an outside attached belt. 
  • The sleeves lengths are 3 to 4 inches and got two side pockets for you to store your phone. 
  • It comes in different sizes and amazing color variety. 


  • The robe is very comfortable, lightweight, and silky to the touch.
  • The product is hypoallergenic, which means it’s skin-friendly.
  • The print of this kimono robe has rich combinations in color. You can choose varieties of style and sizes of your need.
  • The slim fit option will visually improve your body proportions.


  • It’s a little bit thin.
  • The sizes are smaller than the usual robes.

Ham&Sam Men’s Robe

Ham and Sam Men’s bathrobe is getting quite popular in men, and it is designed both casual and fashionable. The bathrobe is very comfortable and developed with the latest technology and materials. 


  • The bathrobe material is 32% organic cotton, 5% spandex that is combined with 63% eco-friendly bamboo viscose.
  • That is one of the best bamboo bathrobes with cotton material to make it a lightweight, absorbent, and quick-drying solution. 
  • It is odor resistant and skin-friendly comfort. 
  • The design is excellently double-stitched cutting, a stylish shawl collar neck, a functional double-sided pocket, and a self-tie belt. 
  • The bathrobe is durable, and 100% non-chemical material is used. 
  • It is recommended for you to wash at low temperatures and with similar colors. 


  • It’s best for sleepwear, spa, and lounging.
  • It will not fade and shrink after washing.
  • You can choose the size and style as per your need.
  • It is lightweight, soft, stretchy, and comfortable.


  • It is not thick enough. `
  • It needs careful laundering.

Ozan Premium Home Soft Shower Spa Bathrobe

Ozan premium soft bathrobes are both perfect for men and women. These bathrobes are created from bamboo fiber and finely combed with Turkish cotton. It is available in a vast range of signature colors to match your bathroom decor. These bathrobes are very soft, weight and plush. 

They come in extremely generous sizes to fit any type of body. To give yourself an elegant and stylish look, put on this robe and make others know real elegance. They come in a wide variety of embroidery and designs specifically made for your personality.  


  • These lightweight Turkish cotton bathrobes are super comfortable, absorbent and make a good robe when you come out after a shower. 
  • It is made with 60% bamboo and 40% cotton material that great for bath, pool, and hot tub. 
  • Every cotton bathrobe is for men, and women have an adjustable waist belt that securely closes the robe from the front. 
  • Two front pockets give you an option to keep essentials.
  • These bathrobes are perfect sized, and the belt helps you to fit with your perfectly. 
  • Machine wash it in warm water, tumble dry low, remove it immediately and avoid bleaching it. 


  • It is dreamy soft, and thick.
  • The robe is highly absorbent and fast dry.
  • Very durable, luxurious, and fade-resistant.
  • Unisex sizes you can get for both men and women pair in every size.
  • Machine washable and best for gifting.

Amorbella Women’s Bamboo Thin Robe

Amorbella women’s bamboo robe is thin, and lightweight makes it more comfortable and user-friendly. The bathrobe is made from the best bamboo bathrobes and spandex that are so smooth and silky. 

You can spend time lounging, sleeping, nursing, travel, spa, bridal shower, and many more with this robe. You can also wear it for daily usages, such as doing chores, answering the dog, walking with your dog, makeup, etc. 


  • This bathrobe is made from the best bamboo bathrobes viscose material that makes it silky, lightweight, and durable. 
  • This mid-length robe has two side pocket where you can keep your essentials. 
  • The long sleeve robe got a shawl collar, inner sewn-in tie, and a removable outer waist belt to secure yourself with a better fit. 


  • It is silky soft, stretchy, lightweight, and durable brings ultimate comfort in leisure time.
  • Ideal for gifts as it has a simple classic design that is suitable for women of all ages.
  • The unique design pattern, sewn-in tie, and outer tie keep your bathrobe in place, so there are no peek-a-boos.
  • It is easy to carry and store.
  • It is machine washable, and no shrinking will occur.


  • It will not keep you warm as it is thigh-lengthed.
  • It is expensive.

Reasons to Choose Bamboo Bathrobes


Comfort is the main reason why people want bathrobes so much as they are very soft, durable, lightweight, and gives you a luxurious feeling. Some bathrobes have absorbent material to act as a towel. That will easily dry your body and keep you warm while wrapped in comfort. 


When you wear a bathrobe, there is no doubt that how good you look in it. A simple white bathrobe gives you a classy look, and it suits all gender, body type, ages, and backgrounds. Also, there are multiple color variations, patterns, and styles are available. You can choose whatever style you like as per your need. 


Not all bathrobes keep you warm, but it is one of the main benefits people want it. As you can add it as an extra layer of clothing on top of regular clothing to keep yourself warm, and that way, you can reduce heating costs on your home. 


The bathrobe is the most versatile piece of cloth you will ever find as you can wear it in your home in any situation, not only after a bath. According to personal needs, these bathrobes give a luxurious feeling in different color choices, materials, and sizes.   


There are not many items available of clothing as soothing as your bathrobe. It is very easy to tie, and you can wear it with all other clothes too. Some people only wear bathrobe as simple attire, whereas others wear them over their pajamas for an extra comfort layer.  

Things to Consider When Purchasing Bamboo Bathrobes


The best bathrobe material will totally depend on the user’s personal choice of fabric and depends on what they are wearing it for. Here are some of the popular materials that are used for making bathrobes for men and women. 


Cotton bathrobes are known as one of the best bathrobes as they are used for absorbency. As it features a natural hydrophilic element that is best for wicking away moisture. 

The most popular cotton material of a bathrobe is made from a terry towel that has the feeling of a regular bath towel. The Turkish cotton and Egyptian Cotton name debate are often heard when it comes to which ones better. Egyptian cotton is better for absorbency, and Turkish cotton better for softness which gets better with age.  


A silk bathrobe is known for its elegance, but it might now have the warming effect that some do. These are thin, lightweight, and breathable, making bathrobes ideal clothing for the warm season and climates as they are not good insulators. 


Satin robes have a plane feeling and make use of the lounge wearables. Beach holidays or romantic get-togethers will get greater with satin robes. These robes are seductive, elegant, and stylish to fit in any special occasion.  

This material is also an alternative option to silk as it also provides quite the same level of style and comfort. Satin bathrobes are mostly found in beauty treatment facilities or worn by many bridesmaids. Keep in mind that satin robes will need proper care to last longer. 


Wool is one of the natural fabrics which has high flame-resistance. Bathrobes made with wool are meant to be worn after baths. Its sizes are usually ankle-long to give the most comfort and warmth. Wool robes have anti-bacterial capabilities to save those who have sensitive skin and allergy issues. 


Bamboo is also a natural material that can be used as fabric. Those fabricated bamboos can be used to craft the best bamboo bathrobes, and these are very absorbent. Warmer or hot days can be the perfect time to wear bamboo bathrobes. 

Bamboo robes are also very helpful to sensitive persons who suffer allergies. But keep in mind that the bamboo robes can vary in prices, most expensive.


Fleece is a very well-known material that lets us make modern bathrobes with it. Fleece is a very warm, thick, plushy, and soft fabric. This synthetic material is very light-weight, which makes it even more comfortable than other material options. Fleece bathrobes are also very well known at the spa because these bathrobes are much easier to dry. 


Cashmere is a very premium material that is also used to make bathrobes. Its stylish look allows the design to be more attractive; that is what makes this material a bit more expensive than other materials. 


Microfiber is a part of the synthetic material family, which is very absorbent and silky. Robes made with microfibers benefit those who have bad skin issues. Indoor women use this as a shield to protect their clothes or lingerie. Microfibers rarely shrink from their original size, and they can be washed countless times.


Bathrobes are versatile and can be worn after a relaxing bath, spa, and other occasional usages. There is a close relationship between the lengths of the bathrobe and its purpose of styling. Here are the lengths that you should get depending on your choices,

  • Full-length robes: These robes mostly reach the ankle, and they are the most comfortable warm types of bathrobes. They are usually made from wool or toweling. These robes are mostly preferred because of their extra absorbency and help to dry faster after a shower. It is generally worn in winter.
  • Knee-length robes: Knee-length robes are mainly created from lighter fabrics and are preferred in summer. They are used to cover swimwear in summer and worn in the spa as well.   
  • Thigh-length robes: These robes are seductive, lightweight, and stylish; these are mostly made for women. It comes in a lush, precious fabric that mostly covers nightwear, lingerie and that gives a fashionable experience. 

Be sure to check the size and length of your bathrobe before you purchase it. 


This is an important thing for many as the weight will determine how comfortable and cool you will be. A thicker and heavy robe will keep you warm in the winter season, whereas a lightweight and a bit thin bathrobe will keep you covered and comfortable in warm weather.  


Cleaning is important, and it is considered how often you wear your robe and what type of activities you do while wearing it. Always check the instructions before you clean it, as incorrect washing can ruin your bathrobe. 


Every robe is designed differently, with its main feature, the collar, and waist. The kimono-designed collar is the most popular style and also the shawl design. It all depends on how you want to cover yourself and your choices. 

The Different Uses for Bathrobes

Though there are many benefits for the wearer who got the quality bathrobe. The main point is you can get many different uses from one single piece of clothing. That is why bathrobes are the most versatile clothing for men and women. Here are some of the most popular usage for bathrobes, 

Morning time

The most popular usage of a bathrobe is wearing it in the morning as soon as you wake up. With the bathrobe on, you can comfortably make morning breakfast, get the newspaper from outside, have a cup of coffee, and even put on some makeup before you start the day. 

Spa treatments

Any day in the spa is not complete if you do not have any luxurious and fluffy bathrobe. As the robe has become very trendy among beauty treatments and relaxation.  

Hotel stays

Whenever you stay in a luxurious hotel, the first thing you do is check the closet for bathrobes. They offer you a very comfortable and simple bathrobe to stay still and enjoy the time. 


After a long day of work and journey, many people want to slip into their bathrobe to get an instant fix of frustration and worries. Thanks to the manufacturers who make the bathrobe more relaxing compared to the other daily attire. 

Showers and baths

For many people, bathrobe is used after getting out shower or bath and drying themselves off with it. You can wear it straight out of the water, and it is highly absorbent than a towel. This bathrobe will dry off easily and keep you warm after a shower or bath. 

With visitors

If you have people who suddenly visit you or someone suddenly comes to the door, then putting on a bathrobe is a stylish and ideal way to cover yourself while looking very presentable. 

Recommended Budget For Bamboo Bathrobes

The recommended budget for bamboo bathrobes should be around 10$ to 55$. If you want to get something more expensive and luxurious, you can spend some money to get the one you need. There are a wide variety of materials, styles, and designs, so that prices may differ. 

Best Bamboo Bathrobes: Frequently Asked Questions

How to Care for Your Bathrobes?

Bathrobes need a little care as no matter how they are durable and high quality. Incorrect washing, drying, or storing can have a negative effect on the bathrobe. Here are a few pro tips,

  • Always follow the washing instructions on the manufacturer’s label. 
  • As a general rule, wash the bathrobe at a temperature between 30 degrees to 60 degrees C using a mild detergent. 
  • Use dedicated detergents for the colored ones and specific detergents for white bathrobes. 
  • Never use bleaching when cleaning bathrobes. 
  • Avoid using dry clean for bathrobes. 
  • Avoid ironing the bathrobes as they can affect the fabric and can discolor. 
  • Always hand bathrobes after you use them; never fold and store them in cabinets or drawers. 

Q:What is the difference between men’s bathrobes and women’s bathrobes?

A: Bathrobes are extremely popular clothing for both men and women. For many years the bathrobes are worn by genders to prove the symbol of both staunch masculinity and soft femininity. However, there is a slight difference in styles and purpose on the bathrobes. 

Men’s bathrobes are more practical that gives warmth and absorbency. The color choices are usually limited, and the available colors are grays, blues, and whites. Where women’s bathrobes are designed more for appearance and excellent choices of color variants. 

Q: What is the best material for bathrobes?

A: The best material for a bathrobe is cotton that is either a terry cloth or waffle weave. Terry cloth is a towel-type material that is best for wearing after the shower as it can absorb and soft and long-lasting. Waffle weave cotton is lightweight, absorbent, and fast-drying. 

Q: What are bathrobes for? 

A: A bathrobe is a casual wear that is useful when you wear it after your bath, spa, or before dressing up. You can also utilize it to give your pajamas and house clothes an extra layer of warmth. 

Q: Are bambo bathrobes worth purchasing?

A bathrobe is very important as it makes up feel comfortable and gives a touch of luxury. Everyone requires a luxurious feeling sometimes, and a bamboo bathrobe will fill the need. 


Considering how simple and comfortable is a bathrobe is, it is a must that every man and woman should get one for themselves. The bathrobe is a versatile clothing piece with so many color variants, sizes, shapes, and many features. So, choose the best bamboo bathrobe that you are comfortable with and shows you how trendy you are.  



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