Benefits of Green Bamboo Essential Oil to Your Health



Bamboo never fails to amaze us with unique products – one of which is bamboo oil. Like other oils, bamboo oils have a slew of uses. It’s a fairly new thing in the market, but it’s becoming popular, thanks to its benefits and amazing scent. So for this post, we will take a look at the benefits of green bamboo essential oil together with other information.

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What is bamboo oil?

Bamboo oil is extracted from the bamboo plant. It’s a lightweight and non-greasy substance that contains concentrations of silica from the bamboo tree. Aside from that, the bamboo oil has a fresh and equally lightweight scent.

Bamboo oil is usually blended with other oils from different plants. These carrier oils make the bamboo oil more effective in soothing, nourishing, and moisturizing the body parts where it is applied.

Many of these oils are also scented and can be diffused at home. This makes bamboo oil a more versatile choice.

Benefits of green bamboo essential oil

Bamboo oil has tons of benefits, ranging from skin to hair health. Although many are yet to discover the benefits of these products, some users are already enjoying the following perks:

-Nourishing the skin

The first thing that bamboo oil does is nourish the skin. If applied topically, bamboo oil will help lock in the moisture of the skin to prevent dryness and flaking. Take note that a small amount goes a long way with essential oils.

-Nourishing the hair

Do you have brittle or dry hair? You can now bring back its luster with the help of bamboo oil. This natural oil works as a moisturizer that will fix the dryness of your hair. Instead of dumping various hair products on your tresses, you can use bamboo oil instead for a more natural solution.

-Deodorizing the surroundings

Some bamboo oils are scented and can be diffused at home. This is an excellent choice in deodorizing your home from malodors. You can choose the scent that you like from the ones available in the market. You can even mix your favorite scented oils to boost the odor of the bamboo oils.

-Fights aging

Bamboo oil is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that help fight aging. You can use this to improve your fine lines and wrinkles. It’s affordable and very effective if used consistently. This product will also enhance the softness of your skin.

Still, you should know that bamboo oils have their limits. You should only use this as an aid and not the sole solution to your skin problems.

Uses of bamboo oil

Bamboo oil is a very versatile substance. You can just about anywhere. The following are some of its uses:

-Topical use

You can use bamboo oil as a skin and hair solution. This rich oil is a great source of silica that will help the skin full and plump.

Aside from that, bamboo oils increase the vibration of the skin. You can see a big difference in your dry skin with the regular use of this oil.

Moreover, bamboo oil isn’t as greasy as other oils. This is why you can put it in your skin without discomfort.

-Infused in food

Some bamboo oils are food-grade and can be added to food. While this is a rarity, you can find one in the market. This is a great source of silica, which boosts the health of your hair, skin, and nails.

Take note that you should only ingest food-grade bamboo oil. Ingesting oils made for topical use may cause stomach irritations and other problems.


One of the most common uses of bamboo oils is aromatherapy. You can add a few drops on your bath or diffuse it in your bathroom. The scent of the bamboo oil will help you relax. Aside from that, you can also pick a scent blend so you wouldn’t get tired of your bamboo oil each time you take a relaxing bath.


Is there a bad smell lingering inside your home? You can add a few drops of scented bamboo oil in your diffuser to solve the problem. This oil has a refreshing scent that will help defeat any malodors in your property. A few drops should be enough to cover an average living room.

-Candles and soaps

If you are crafty and have the time for some DIY projects, you can make soaps and candles out of bamboo oil. Simply mix the oil into your candle or soap mixture, and you’ll have a supply of silica-rich wash or scented lights.

You can also send such soaps and candles as gifts to your friends and families. Nothing compares to a personalized item with your favorite scent in it.

Also, if you don’t have a diffuser, candles are a great way to burn the oil and release its scent.

What to look for when buying bamboo oil

Are you looking for some bamboo oil? We recommend checking the following points first before you put your money on a bottle:

-The scent

The first thing you have to check is the scent of the bamboo oil you’re getting. Most variants of this oil are blended with various fragrances to suit the preference of the users. Some have a deep woody scent while you can find one with a more floral whiff.

-Usage and application

Next, check how bamboo oil should be used. Most of the bamboo oils in the market nowadays are for topical use on the hair and skin. Some are for blending in candles, soaps, slime, and aromatherapy products.

Always match your needs with the type of bamboo oil you’re going to get. That way, you won’t be left with a useless bottle.

-Organic and pure sources

We always recommend that you purchase bamboo oil that has been extracted from organic sources. This way, you’ll get pure oils without any synthetic chemicals.

Sure, you can also try bamboo oil mixed with carrier oils, but make sure that the latter has an organic source, too.


This one is very important. Always check if the bamboo oil has phthalates and other toxic substances. We also recommend a cruelty-free choice and one that’s free of gluten and completely vegan. Nevertheless, it all boils down to your personal choice.

A premium grade bamboo oil that costs more is much better than a substandard one that saves you some bucks. In the end, a few more dollars will make a big difference.

-Decent container

Bamboo oils usually come in an amber bottle with a dropper. This is easier to use, and you wouldn’t have to deal with the mess of pouring the oil out of the bottle.


Lastly, check how much you’re willing to spend for a bottle of bamboo oil. Remember that premium oils will cost a little more, but it will surely provide the best value.

You should also compare the price with the quality of the oil. The right balance between these two should give a bottle of bamboo oil that works.

Top 3 Bamboo Oil Options


P&J Trading Bamboo Fragrance Oil

If you’re looking for a bamboo fragrance oil, we recommend the P&J Trading Bamboo Fragrance Oil. It’s available in a 3.3-ounce bottle with a dropper inset on the cap. You can use this oil for your home and car diffuser, candle, soap, and other DIY products you want to create. However, it’s not recommended for lip balm making and internal use.

P&J is a master perfumer with certification from the IFRA. Take note that this bamboo oil is a mere fragrance substance with no therapeutic benefits.

This oil has a flashpoint of 200 and is gluten-free and cruelty-free. This is also vegan for a guilt-free choice.

Overall, this oil has a clean and fresh scent of bamboo. Many users describe it as forest clean with the authentic woodsy smell of the oil.


  • ✔️Excellent scent
  • ✔️Can be used for a variety of products
  • ✔️Made by an IFRA-certified company


  • ❌Creates soot when used on candles

Bamboo Smooth & Kendi Treatment Oil

If you want a blend of bamboo extracts and soothing oil, you should consider the Bamboo Smooth & Kendi Treatment Oil. This has kendi oil that absorbs instantly and bamboo extracts that nourish your hair. Overall, this oil and extract blend is a powerhouse regimen for your tresses.

This suits coarse and thick hair and does well in controlling frizz. Aside from that, this product is free of phthalates, parabens, sulfates, and synthetic coloring.

With regular use, you can regain the shine of your hair while breaking free from frizz. Take note that you should only use this product once or twice a week. Leave the oil on your hair for 10 minutes before rinsing.

Aside from pure bamboo extracts and kendi oil, this bottle is also infused with carrot root extracts, jojoba oil, olive oil, and fennel seed extracts.


  • ✔️Makes your hair thick and fresh
  • ✔️Packed with natural ingredients
  • ✔️Color-kind hair product


  • ❌Can’t be used on making other products

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does bamboo essential oil smell like?

A: Many describe it as refreshing, very green, and light. It’s a tropical scent with a very light hint of floras. It adds a nice scent at home or to anyone who uses it. The good thing with bamboo oil is it’s not overpowering as long as you choose the right mix.

Q: Can I ingest bamboo oil?

A: It highly depends on the quality of the oil you’re getting. If it says food-grade, then it’s safe for oral consumption. Otherwise, it’s best to stick on topical and external use for your safety.

Q: Does bamboo have a fragrance?

A: Bamboo doesn’t really have much scent to it. Some species may have a scent, but it remains mild in nature. This is the same reason why bamboo oils are often mixed with other oils to boost its scent. Overall, bamboo has a wood-like, leafy scent to it.

Q: Is bamboo oil a good source of silica?

A: Yes, bamboo oils contain high levels of silica that’s good for the skin, hair, and body in general. Just take note that each product varies in the application. Always read the label first before using any of it.

Q: Can I diffuse all bamboo oils?

A: Most bamboo oils available in the market can be diffused, but we still recommend reading the label first. Some might be reserved for topical use or mixing with other substances.

Final words

There are many benefits of green bamboo essential oil that you can enjoy. By getting the right product and being creative, you can use bamboo oils in different ways. You can create soaps, lip balms, candles, and other items. But if you don’t want the fuss, you can simply diffuse it while you relax in a nice bath.

Overall, bamboo oils are versatile products that you can use daily. Have you tried it before? How did you use your bamboo oil? Let us know in the comment section below!



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