Royal Egyptian Bamboo Sheets‏ Review: All You Need To Know

Royal Egyptian Bamboo Sheets


Royal Egyptian Bamboo Sheets‏ ‏ are made by a company that also produces sheets made from Egyptian cotton. Consequently, if you’re looking to change your bedding from cotton to bamboo, you might want to stick with a company that understands and produces both types of bedding. Royal Egyptian bamboo sheets are 100% organic, exquisite to look at, and are so thick and soft that they almost resemble a blanket. ‏

‏Benefits‏ of Royal Egyptian Bamboo Sheets

‏Royal Egyptian Bamboo Bedding is made from 100% viscose bamboo. It is derived from the cellulose from the bamboo’s wood pulp. The resulting fibers are used to make luxurious bedding, specifically sheets, that are proven to be softer than standard cotton sheets, and are arguably softer than Egyptian cotton sheets. ‏

‏These sheets promise and have proven that they become even softer the longer you have them and care for them. Bamboo viscose sheets become softer overtime mainly because of how the ends of the threads are firmly in place along the borders of the sheets. Fibers of bamboo can loosen over time, but the way that the ends of the threads stay in place prevents thread loss from occurring, as well as damage to the sheet. ‏

‏Royal Egyptian Bedding presents itself as a trusting, worthwhile company that cares about the quality of what they have the offer. According to the company’s website, the owners firmly believe they are responsible for providing customers with the “best sheets in the world.” They proclaim that they can do this by adhering to in-house manufacturing and acquiring materials directly. ‏

‏Other bamboo sheet brands promise to offer hypoallergenic and thermoregulated sheets, and Royal Egyptian Bedding is no exception. Additionally, this brand provides sheets that are odor-resistant, so you won’t have to wash your sheets repeatedly trying to eliminate a tough odor. ‏

‏These sheets also offer long-lasting color protection. Royal Egyptian’s bold colors can maintain their vibrancy no matter how many times you wash them without the slightest fade. You can purchase Royal Egyptian bamboo viscose sheets in red, white, taupe, sage, ivory, gray, gold, blue, and beige. ‏

‏Like other brands, Royal Egyptian’s bamboo fitted sheets also have a deep pocket and offer all of the standard bed sizes, so you don’t have to worry about your sheets falling off and having to go through the annoying task of constantly putting your fitted sheet back on. ‏

‏These sheets are environmentally friendly and repel dust mites, a notoriously common allergen that bothers adults and children alike. Using bamboo to make linens is also more environmentally friendly than cotton, as bamboo can grow freely without the addition of harmful pesticides. ‏

‏That being said, Royal Egyptian Bedding is also a company that produces sheets made with Egyptian cotton. If you’re passionate about abiding by a green lifestyle, it may satisfy you to know that Royal Egyptian Bedding claims to source their Egyptian cotton ethically. They do this by “cutting out the middleman,” according to their website, and by sourcing cotton from Egyptian farmers directly. ‏

‏Additionally, Royal Egyptian Bedding takes care of weaving and spinning the cotton they procure from these farmers. The focus on intimate, hard work by the company employees themselves allows them to sell their products at a higher price. We know this review is about bamboo sheets, but we thought it was important to mention the elephant in the room, that even though this company does not just make organic, bamboo viscose sheets, they do pride themselves in producing their cotton products as ethically as possible. ‏

‏Key Features‏ of Royal Egyptian Bamboo Sheets

● ‏Made with 100% Bamboo‏ ‏: Royal Egyptian Bedding’s bamboo sheets are made with 100% bamboo viscose and do not include any other materials. Some brands that market themselves as 100% bamboo actually incorporate other materials to make up for the lack of bamboo in their blend. If you want the full experience of bamboo bedding, you can try this brand. ‏

‏Size options:‏ ‏ California king, King, Queen‏

● ‏Thread count: ‏ ‏Unknown ‏

● ‏Environmentally friendly: ‏ ‏These sheets are ethically produced and environmentally conscious. You can enjoy sheets that feel like silk or cashmere without abandoning your green lifestyle. ‏

● ‏Included: ‏ ‏A sheet set includes 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, and 2 pillow cases. ‏

‏Price: ‏ ‏A set of these luxurious sheets can cost up to $400. When they are on sale, that price can be slashed in half, or even go down to as low as $170. Depending on your budget, the quality and the means of production can make the price worthwhile. ‏

● ‏Colors:‏ ‏ Red, white, taupe, sage, ivory, gray, gold, blue, and beige. ‏

● ‏Return policy:‏ ‏ If you return before 30 days, you can enjoy a full refund. ‏

● ‏Machine washable: ‏ ‏You can wash these sheets in the washer and put them in the dryer, on a lower setting. Mild, eco-friendly detergent is preferred. Due to the consistency and strength threads made from bamboo fiber, the more you wash these sheets, the softer they become. ‏


  • Offers other bamboo linen products, such as duvet covers. ‏
  • ‏Hypoallergenic.‏
  • Wrinkle-resistant.‏
  • ‏Odor-resistant.‏
  • Stain-resistant.‏
  • Fade-resistant.‏
  • ‏Incredibly soft‏
  • Become softer over time. ‏
  • Numerous color options are available ‏
  • Sheets look thick and plush, almost like a thin blanket. ‏
  • ‏Sheets are absorbent and thermoregulated. They keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. ‏


  • ‏Some size options, specifically twin and full, are currently missing from their website. ‏
  • Does not offer some popular color options, such as black. ‏
  • ‏Expensive. ‏
  • Not just a bamboo linens company, they also make products with cotton. Although they claim to make their cotton products with integrity. ‏

‏Royal Egyptian Bamboo Sheets Frequently Asked Questions‏

‏Why do bamboo sheets become softer over time?‏

‏Bamboo sheets become softer over time because of the consistency of bamboo fiber and the durability of the thread used. The threads are fastened more securely than cotton alternatives, which can loosen and affect the softness of a sheet when you wash them.

With bamboo sheets, the threads are fastened in such a way that repeated washing doesn’t affect their softness, instead, it reinforces it.‏ Bamboo sheets are able to maintain their fullness and plushness with little effort, aside from washing. The durability of the threading in bamboo sheets is one of the main reasons why people choose them over cotton. ‏

Are these sheets worth the extra money? ‏

‏This is an understandable question, and we think that there are definite bonuses to spending a lot of money on comfortable bedding. We strongly believe that your hard-earned money should go towards high-quality products, like sheets made with 100% bamboo.‏

‏Buying a higher quality product once always ends up making more financial sense than having to consistently replace lower quality products, and the same can be said for your bedding! Since these sheets provide a good night’s sleep, we also think it’s worth the money if you’re an insomniac who is making an effort towards getting enough sleep. ‏

‏While these bamboo sheets are more expensive, it’s worth it in the long run. The cost of replacing sheets over the years will eventually add up to be much higher than purchasing Royal Egyptian’s bamboo sheets just once. They can last for years, and the numerous benefits that come with them will make you feel confident in your purchase. ‏

‏That being said, we don’t expect someone who is on a tight budget to splurge on sheets. There are plenty of more affordable options for bamboo bedding and we won’t begrudge anyone who is hesitant to spend extravagantly. ‏

‏Are sheets made with bamboo pet-friendly? Will my pets’ fur stick to them?‏

Bamboo viscose sheets are a great choice for pet owners for several reasons. First, Royal Egyptian bamboo shoots are odor-resistant and will repel any odors coming from your pets. Bamboo sheets are also tightly woven, so your pet won’t be able to damage or tear them with their teeth or claws. ‏

‏If your pet is shedding, you don’t have to worry too much. Pet fur doesn’t cling to bamboo linens in the same way that it clings to polyester microfiber. For these reasons, it’s not the end of the world if your furry friends get in bed with you when they aren’t supposed to. ‏

‏Are other bamboo viscose bedding products available to me? ‏

‏Yep. If you go with Royal Egyptian Bedding you can completely overhaul your bedding with other bamboo viscose products. Royal Egyptian Bedding offers organic bamboo duvet covers that have the same desirable softness your sheets have, while still being stylish and providing comfortable protection for your duvet. ‏

‏One of the coolest things about Royal Egyptian Bedding is their 8 piece bed in a bag offer. It includes luxurious bamboo bedding essentials and goose feather duvet for around $500, or $400 when on sale. This is a decent deal when you think about what it has to offer. ‏

‏The bed in a bag offer includes a duvet, bamboo duvet cover, 2 decorative bamboo pillow shams, 2 pillow cases, 1 fitted sheet, and 1 flat sheet. As far as we can tell, all of these products are made with bamboo viscose, excluding the duvet which is made with an Egyptian cotton shell and goose feather. You may want to call them to confirm the bed in a bag mainly consists of bamboo linens. ‏

These bamboo sheets are expensive, what do customers have to say so I know I’m making the right decision?‏

‏Royal Egyptian Bedding’s website contains plenty of raving customer reviews. Most reviews note how soft and luxurious these bed sheets are. They also mention how good of a night’s sleep they have after switching to these sheets. ‏

‏If you struggle to sleep through the night, reading these reviews may inspire you to give this brand a chance. What’s more, some users wish they bought more than one set. Many reviews also rave about the deep pockets the fitted sheets have. ‏

‏If you’re going back and forth about whether you want to spend money on these sheets, the customer reviews might give you that extra nudge. ‏

Does Royal Egyptian Bedding have any special offers or a mailing list?‏

‏Yes. You can add yourself to their mailing list and receive emails about exclusive offers and sales. It would be great if you could snag these sheet sets while they’re on sale. ‏


‏These sheets are for people who are comfortable with spending money on their quality of life. Adding to that, they are perfect for home decor enthusiasts who prefer buying the best of the best. There’s nothing wrong with that, and your hard-earned money should go towards whatever you think will improve the comfort of you and your family. ‏

‏If you’re looking to splurge on something that will last a lifetime, this is the brand of bedding you may want to try. While it can feel too expensive to purchase, in the long run, you will appreciate the long-lasting quality, comfort and softness. Hey, you and the family may be set for life and never have to worry about buying sheets ever again!‏



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