7 Clothes Made Out of Bamboo Every Lady Should Have

clothes made out of bamboo


Are you planning a big change to your wardrobe for 2020? If you’re looking forward to shopping for new pieces, clothes made out of bamboo are good choices. It’s breathable, durable, and made from natural fibers. Aside from that, bamboo fabric is very comfortable and stylish. So for the ladies and ladies at heart, we picked 7 of the best bamboo clothes that you can get at a very affordable price. Check which one you find chic!

Why choose clothes made out of bamboo

Bamboo clothes are starting to become a trend. Aside from its stylish look, it’s also durable and very comfy to the skin. Still, some are skeptic about the quality of this apparel. To help you decide, the following are some of the reasons why bamboo clothes stand out among the rest:

*Bamboo is softer than cotton

Depending on the thread count, bamboo fabric can be far softer than cotton. This is why it’s a top choice of those who have sensitive skin.

*Added UV protection

Are you basking in the sun this summer? If so, wear bamboo clothes for added protection! Bamboo fabric is found to cut up to 98% of harmful UV rays. This makes the fabric an ideal choice for outdoor wear and holiday outfits.

*Controls temperature

The best thing about bamboo clothes is it’s very comfy to wear across all seasons. It’s warm during winter and breathable during summer. Aside from that, it also helps manage the moisture to keep your skin dry. So if you always have sweaty underarms, bamboo clothes will suit you well.


If you have sensitive skin that gets irritated on stiff fabric, you can try clothes made out of bamboo. It’s excellent in reducing allergy due to chemical-rich clothes. Aside from that, it has anti-static and anti-microbial characteristics that do well on your skin.

*Environment-friendly too!

Bamboo can live and grow with rain as the only source of water. In fact, it only uses a third of the water that cotton requires. The best thing here is that bamboo doesn’t need a lot of pesticides to grow well. Most of all, bamboo produces the same amount of fiber as with cotton. However, it does only for 10% of the land area needed by the latter.

Benefits of bamboo clothing

Bamboo fabric has been lauded for its comfy and eco-friendly goodness. If you’re also wondering about its benefits, the following are some of the perks you will enjoy if you switch to this fabric:

*Less shrinking

As long as you dry it in low heat, bamboo clothes will not shrink or go baggy over time. This means that you can enjoy your favorite piece longer than other clothes. Aside from that, bamboo clothes keep its shape nicely even after numerous washes.

*Doesn’t pill or unravel easily

Even though you’re going to wear it for rough activities, bamboo shirts won’t pill or unravel quickly. It’s a hard-wearing fabric that will good as new even after months of use.

*Fight body odor

Bamboo clothes help air your sweaty areas to prevent odor build-up. We have to thank the natural anti-bacterial properties of bamboo for this amazing benefit.

*Long-lasting color

Bamboo has a nice looking, natural color with an impressive colorfastness. It holds up pretty long without the need for excessive dyes. With that, you don’t have to worry about the color of your bamboo clothes bleeding on the wash.

What to look for bamboo clothing

Are you shopping for clothes made out of bamboo? If so, you should consider the following points first. This is a general guide for all types of clothing: from shirt, shorts, underwear, dresses, and more.

*Thread count

While thread count is usually popular for bamboo sheets, some clothing geeks will also look at this aspect. The lower the thread count is, the softer the fabric becomes. But if you’re looking for thicker and firmer wear, opt for a higher thread count.

Usually, bamboo fabrics can have between 200 and 1,000 thread counts.

*Fabric blends

Many times, bamboo clothes will be blended with polyester, spandex, cotton, and other fabrics. This is a great way to achieve a certain level of softness. Aside from that, it gives the bamboo fabric a bit of a stretchy characteristic that makes it easier to wear.

*Stitch quality

This is very crucial. There’s no use to a durable fabric if the stitching of the clothing isn’t durable enough. Always check for snags and seams that could unravel easily. We also recommend looking for thick and double stitching, if possible. Edging is also necessary to prevent the edges of the fabric from fraying.


Aside from the quality and construction of the piece of clothing, you should also check the design of your chosen bamboo clothes. Look for chic prints or colors that match your style. You can find bamboo shirts, dresses, nightgowns, shaper bras, and more. Below, we reviewed 7 of the best bamboo clothing items that every lady should have in their closet. Check it out!

*Low to zero artificial chemicals

Make sure that the bamboo clothing you’re purchasing has low to zero chemical contents. This way, you can guarantee the safety and comfort of the clothing piece.

*Authentic bamboo fabric

Always beware of dubious manufacturers who will market their products as made of bamboo fabric even though it’s not. Always shop from reputable sellers or choose from our selections below. We have handpicked a few bamboo clothing pieces for the ladies who are looking for some useful additions to their wardrobe.

*Fit and sizing

Just like purchasing other clothes, always check the fit of the bamboo clothing you’re getting. Take note that each manufacturer will have its own sizing chart. Always refer to this and the feedback of other buyers to ensure that each piece is true to size.

When is the best time to wear bamboo clothes?

You can wear bamboo clothes anytime! Bamboo fabric is very versatile that it conforms to the temperature. Its breathability comes handy during the sweltering summer months. Meanwhile, it’s soft and snug feel is ideal when layering up for the winter season.

Moreover, some bamboo fabric like lyocell has an insulation property that traps body heat. This keeps you cozy during colder months.

How to wash bamboo clothes

Bamboo clothes require specific washing steps to ensure that it will retain its quality. If you’re new to this type of clothing fabric, the following are the simple washing tips you need to know:

Step 1. Check the manufacturer’s instructions

Bamboo clothes can be a blend of various fabric or pure viscose. This is why you should always check the washing instructions on the tag first. Such instructions will always supersede these tips.

Step 2. Wash it separately

The only gripe we have about bamboo clothes is you can’t wash it together with other fabrics. You have to run it on the wash manually to prevent lint from attaching to the bamboo fabric.

Step 3. Wash in cold water

The golden rule about bamboo fabric is this: always wash in cold water not higher than 30C. This will prevent shrinkage and bleeding of the fabric color. Aside from that, it will keep the bamboo fibers intact.

Step 4. No need for softeners

Bamboo clothes are naturally soft, so there’s really no need for softeners. Using fabric softeners may only affect the absorption level of the fabric.

Step 5. Air-dry it

As much as possible, air dry your bamboo clothes. Machine drying may cause shrinkage and fiber damage.

Top 7 Clothes Made Out Of Bamboo


Renee C. Bamboo Long Sleeve Cardigan

If you’re just looking for casual and every-day-wear, consider getting the Renee C. Bamboo Long Sleeve Cardigan. It’s made of 96% bamboo fabric and 4% spandex for the right blend of breathability and a mild stretch.

This is ideal for users with sensitive skin as the bamboo fabric feels really soft and gentle. And since it’s made of high-quality bamboo, this cardigan will surely become your daily favorite. It suits as an office, school, and home attire.

Moreover, it has a draped and open front look as well as extra sleeves for a scrunched look. So even if you’re a tall person, this cardigan will definitely suit you well. This is available in small to 3XL sizes to fit a variety of users.

Another thing that we love about this Renee C. cardigan is its availability in dozens of colors. You can opt for the ivory white, dust blue, mustard yellow, eggplant violet, rose, and so on.

Aside from being a chic cardigan, this clothing also gives an insulating effect. It’s a stylish way to shield your body from the cold.


  • ✔️Available in 20+ colors
  • ✔️Perfect for tall users
  • ✔️Ideal for everyday use


Beryris Luxury Bamboo Bath Robe

Looking for a new bathrobe? Look no further with the Beryris Luxury Bath Robe. It’s made of 60% bamboo viscose and 40% cotton terry for utmost comfort. This has a knit fabric that will last long, even after years of use.

The best thing about this bamboo fabric robe is it keeps you odor-free and fresh. It has hypoallergenic properties, too, so rest assured that your skin is in good hands. This has a puffy and warm feel that will keep you feeling refreshed after each bath. Still, it’s not as bulky as pure cotton.

Unlike synthetic fabrics, this bamboo robe doesn’t trap odor. Still, you’d have to wash it with cold water to remove the accumulated dirt over time.

This robe absorbs moisture straight from the shower. What we also love is that it dries out quick as well.

If you’re looking for a gift for yourself or a loved one for the holidays, the Beryris Bamboo Bath Robe is a great choice. It’s currently available in aquamarine green, old rose, and classic white colors. Also, you can pick the right size from small to extra large.


  • ✔️Lightweight than cotton robes
  • ✔️Absorbs and dries fast
  • ✔️Hypoallergenic

Amorbella Button-Down Bamboo Night Gown

For those who want more comfortable nights, the Amorbella Button-Down Night Gown is the one to get. It’s made of 95% bamboo viscose and 5% spandex for the right stretch for a nightgown. And since the bamboo fabric is very breathable, this will surely give you a comfy sleep. This is a must-have for hot sleepers out there!

We love the leafy and floral design of this nightgown. Still, it’s available in a variety of colors and prints to suit your style.

Upon wearing, this nightgown feels soft and comfy, thanks to its moisture-wicking properties. Aside from that, it has a mid-thigh length ideal for summer nights. Anyway, it suits all seasons if paired with a pajama during winter.

 The best thing about the Amorbella Night Gown is it looks good for teens, adults, and older adults. With this nightgown, you can now sleep and wake up in style. It looks sexy too!

As for the size, some recommend getting a size up for the best fit. Even if you get a larger one, it’s still comfy to wear.


  • ✔️Extra soft
  • ✔️Perfect for hot sleepers
  • ✔️Gives a warm feeling


  • ❌A bit see-through (wear a bra and shorts if the family is around!)

GYS Bamboo Viscose Night Gown

If you’re looking for a nightgown that runs longer than Amorbella’s, consider getting the GYS Bamboo Viscose Nightgown. This is a sleeveless nightgown with a V-neck structure made from 95% bamboo viscose and 5% spandex.

Moreover, this is the ideal sleepwear if you experience hot flushes and intense sweating at night. Aside from the breathable properties of bamboo, it also wicks moisture to keep you fresh and not sticky at night. It’s also super soft, which will keep you comfy all night long.

Also, this has a knee-length design that you can also wear as an underdress. Aside from that, this nightgown is available in 11 colors, including taro purple, black, emerald green, sky blue, raspberry pink, and more!

Currently, this is available in small to 4XL US sizes with bust inches between 35 and 54. Take note that this is a stretchy nightgown, so large sizes may feel a little baggy for those who are used to tight-fitting dresses.

Another thing that we love about this bamboo nightgown is its no static cling and easy-to-wash nature. It also has a silky feel to it with added breathability. Also, it has a double material on the breast area for support.


  • ✔️Super soft
  • ✔️No static cling
  • ✔️Double material on the breast area

Fishers Finery Ecofabric V-Neck Tee

If you’re looking for trusty sweatshirts for your workout and daily chores, the Fishers Finery Ecofabric V-Neck Tee is your best bet. It’s made of 70% bamboo viscose, 25% organic cotton, and 5% spandex. It’s comfy and very soft to wear all day long. And since it wicks moisture, this shirt is an excellent choice for busy ladies out there.

This has a relaxed fit that looks good for casual wearing. And since it has a V-neck style, it looks chic than typical round neck shirts.

Also, the fabric of this shirt has a four-way stretch and low reactive dyes to keep its color intact. Most of all, it’s made without any harmful chemicals. It’s also lead-free for your peace of mind.

For those who are always outdoors, the Fishers Finery shirt has a UPF 50+ protection. This is a big plus which other shirts don’t have.

Moreover, this shirt is super comfy and it fits the mid-riff area. It also fits the shoulder well and it doesn’t look sloppy even if the fabric is ultra-soft.


  • ✔️Organically made
  • ✔️Moisture-wicking
  • ✔️No harmful chemicals


  • ❌You have to be careful while washing

Boody Body Ecowear Bamboo Shaper Bra

Are you looking for a shaper bra? The Boody Body Ecowear Bamboo Shaper Bra might be the right choice for you. It’s made of 80% bamboo viscose, 13% nylon, and 7% spandex. It’s a stretchy bra that also shares the breathability of bamboo fabric.

This seam-free bralette boosts your bosom well without the squeezing or uncomfortable feeling. Also, this bra doesn’t have any padding, fasteners, underwire, or clasps. It allows you to move without any stiff object getting in the way.

Aside from being a great shaper bra, it’s also good for the skin. You can wear this all day long without having any bad odor or developing rashes. Its thermo-regulating feature is warm during winter and cool during summer. Aside from that, this bra has a non-static feature, so it doesn’t feel too clingy.


  • ✔️Anti-static
  • ✔️No stiff add-ons
  • ✔️Thermo-regulating


  • ❌Not for ladies with very big breasts

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do bamboo clothes shrink?

A: Take note that drying bamboo clothes in very high temperatures can cause shrinking. Also, ironing the clothes in equally high heat settings will damage the fibers, which causes a shrink-like appearance on the surface. So if you are to dry or iron bamboo clothes, make sure that you do so at the gentlest heat possible.

Q: How do they make bamboo clothing?

A: Mechanically, the bamboo plant will be crushed and juiced out. Using natural enzymes, the bamboo mush will be combed and spun to create yarns. Such fibers will be used to create the fabric that will be sewn as clothing articles.

Q: Can you tumble dry bamboo towels?

A: Yes, as long as you do so separately. Avoid drying bamboo towels with other towels or clothing as it tends to attract lint. If ever you see snags on your bamboo towels, cut it gently with a pair of scissors. Pulling it out will cause the whole fiber strand to be removed from the fabric. This will lead to wrinkling and obvious damages.

Q: Is bamboo really eco-friendly?

A: As long as the bamboo is mechanically spun, it should be eco-friendly. Unlike other fabrics, mechanically spun bamboo fabric isn’t packed with harmful chemicals that may harm you and the environment.

Q: How long do bamboo clothes last?

A: It depends on the extent of use. With average washing and usage, a bamboo shirt can last for about 3 to 5 years before starting to tear apart. For heavy use, bamboo clothes can last just as long as typical shirts.

Final words

These clothes made out of bamboo are just some of the comfy finds you can get. Each one is excellent and will surely become a great addition to your wardrobe. So if you’re looking for a combination of comfort and durability, the pieces we reviewed here are for the money. All of them look good, as well.

What is your favorite among these bamboo clothes? Let us know below!



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