5 Best Bamboo Viscose Baby Clothes

KYTE BABY Soft Bamboo Rayon Footies


Several fabrics such as bamboo viscose and organic cotton gives a soft touch feeling which is crucial for babies. When taking care of a baby, you want to give the best for him/her. You want to look for the softest baby clothes to keep them comfortable all day long especially if they have sensitive skin. If you are looking for the best clothing material for your baby that is silky soft, then bamboo viscose is probably one of your options. In this article, we will provide you with our review of the 5 best bamboo viscose baby clothes. Aside from that, we will also walk you through the important details about bamboo viscose material.

Bamboo Viscose Baby Clothes: What is a bamboo viscose fabric?

Bamboo viscose is also known as bamboo rayon. It is a material that came from the fibers of a bamboo plant, spun, and combed, until the yarn is created. In addition to that, manufacturers also all this material as regenerated bamboo because it is the first generation of bamboo fabric. Next to this are the modal and lyocell.

If you are going to compare the price of bamboo viscose to other cellulose fabric, it is more expensive. However, you get what you pay for because it is extremely soft and breathable to the skin. Also, if you are going to purchase an item that is made from bamboo, carefully check the label because some products are labeled as “made from bamboo viscose” just to sell them at a much higher price.

Pros of Bamboo Viscose

✔️ It has anti-bacterial properties

One of the amazing benefits of bamboo viscose is its anti-bacterial properties. This makes the item made from the material odor-free. Also, this is the perfect choice for individuals who are struggling with body odor. When you use bed sheets and pillow cases made from bamboo viscose, it will smell fresh for at most one week.

✔️ Hypoallergenic

There are studies showing that bamboo has hypoallergenic properties. There are people who are allergic to cotton because of the chemical used during the process of producing such material. That being said, the bamboo fabric is a great alternative, provided that it is made naturally. It has less harmful chemicals and minimal off-gassing.

✔️ Moisture-wicking

Are you the type of person who is always sweaty? Then maybe you must be wearing clothes that are made from bamboo. Compared to cotton, bamboo is 4 to 5 times more absorbent which is why it has higher moisture-wicking abilities. Because of this trait of bamboo, it will absorb plenty of water and feel heavy whenever you put it on the clothesline after washing. On the other hand, it still dries up pretty fast so it will not be an issue.

✔️ Thermo-regulating Attribute

One of the primary reasons why bamboo viscose is popular is because it is more breathable to the skin. This makes bamboo viscose clothes beneficial during summer. Best of wall, bamboo viscose is warm to the skin during winter. Also, you get to choose from different thread count that will suit your needs and preferences.

Cons of Bamboo Viscose

Before we move on to the best bamboo viscose baby clothes, it is important to know the disadvantages of using bamboo viscose.

✘ Comes in expensive price tags

Because of the above-mentioned features of bamboo viscose, it is usually more expensive compared to its fabric counterparts. In addition to that, because of the strict process, the price is understandable. People who prefer comfort are very much willing to pay the price especially if they will get what they pay for.

✘ High-Maintenance

Because bamboo viscose is a natural material. it should be properly taken are of. That being said, if you are planning to use clothe, pillows, and bed sheets that are made from bamboo-viscose, you must know it need extra attention and care from you especially when it comes to washing them.

First, take note that bamboo fabrics must not be washed with other textiles so as to keep the lint from attaching to the fibers of the bamboo viscose. Aside from that, makes sure to wash the the item using cold water only. If you happen to use hot water, it will shrink. To prevent damage, air dry the clothes after washing.

Other Uses of Bamboo Viscose


The use of bamboo viscose for clothing is becoming more and more popular each day. Some of the reasons for this is its cooling feature and unique designs. Aside from that, it can also be used in creating bathrobes, tees, dresses, to name a few. Bamboo clothes also last longer.

*Sanitary items

A lot of people do not know this, but bamboo viscose can also be used in making medical and sanitary items. Some of these items are surgical wear, gauze, towels, and absorbent pads. The primary reason for this is the anti-microbial properties of bamboo viscose.

*Sheets and covers

Aside from apparels sanitary supplies, bamboo viscose is also used to make bed sheets and pillowcases. Your pillowcase will smell fresh for at most 1 week if it is made with bamboo viscose.

Aside from sheets and covers, other items that can be made from bamboo viscose are bath sheet, shower curtain, rugs, shower cap, towel, and other similar items.

*Non-woven fabric

Bamboo viscose can also be used in other important items such as food packaging. These products make use of the viscosity of the fiber before the process of transforming it into thread.

The Best Bamboo Viscose Baby Clothes – Our Top 5 Picks!

MORI Zip-Up Bamboo Viscose Baby Clothes

Product description:

The brand MORI is also known to make baby clothes that are made from cotton and natural bamboo. This Mori bamboo viscose baby clothes is made from 30% organic cotton and 70% bamboo viscose. In addition to that, it is also available from newborn up to 9 months. One of its design is available from 12-18 months.

You baby will surely love this sleep and play one-piece because it is extremely durable and soft. Furthermore, it is also concealed, has nylon zipper fastening for easy opening and closing. As for babies who are under 6m with feet, you should just have to fold over mitts and you are good to go. Caring for this bamboo viscose baby clothes is very easy as it is machine washable at 30 degrees celsius.

Aside from that, the MORI’s Zip-Up Sleep & Play One Piece is designed to keep your young one comfortable all night long. Also, you will be able to instantly improve your baby’s sleeping quality with this one piece. MORI crafted their zip openings onesies from their signature bamboo viscose and organic cotton, making them very cozy and soft to wear. You do not need to worry about your young one feeling uncomfortable. This one-piece is breathable and warm throughout all seasons.

These bamboo viscose baby clothes from Mori is suitable for babies with the most delicate skin. It will not irritate their skin as it is made with high quality and natural materials.


  • Made from 70% bamboo viscose
  • Suitable for babies with delicate skin
  • Nylon zipper fastening for easy opening
  • Eay care – Washable


  • Only available for up to 18 months

KYTE Bamboo Viscose Baby Clothes

Product description:

This Kyte Baby Unisex Soft Bamboo footies is made from 97% bamboo and 3% spandex. If your young one has sensitive, this clothing is safe for him to wear as it is made from all natural, hypoallergenic, and silky smooth bamboo ray.

Another great thing about this baby clothing is that it is stretchable. You also get to choose from wide array of modern colors and prints. If you are planning to buy this product as a gift and you still do not know the gender of the baby, it will not be a problem as this baby clothing is unisex.

Aside from that, it is also easy to wash. You just have to make sure that you will use cold water and natural detergent. Do not use bleach when washing this product and allow to hang dry to keep it extremely soft.

This so silky soft and snuggly footsies are made from bamboo and comes in different bright solid colors and print. The best thing about this clothing is it comes in all sizes, from new born up to 2 years of age. The stretchable feature allows you to choose between a looser or a snug fit.


  • 97% Bamboo
  • Stretchy material
  • Comes in different colors and print


  • Slightly difficult to wash

ANFIRISH Bamboo Viscose Baby Clothes

Product description

If you are looking for bamboo viscose baby clothes for summer, this sleeping sack with 2-way zipper is one of your best options. It is made from 70% bamboo viscose and 30% cotton. With its sleeveless design, it is more comfortable to wear. Furthermore, it also reduces overheating.

Another great thing about this sleeping bag is that it is made uniquely selected pre-washed muslin. Also, the outer material that is made from bamboo viscose and cotton is extremely soft to touch. This make it safe even for babies with sensitive skin. Furthermore, the material muslin and softens after every wash.

For simple and easy diaper change, it is equipped with handy 2-way zipper which allows you to unzip it starting from the bottom. Unzipping from the top allows you to easily place the baby on the sack. Best of all, it also has zipper protectors at the back so as to protect your baby’s jaw from and belly from scratches.

In addition to that, sleeping bags are easier to wash in comparison to regular baby clothes. To clean sleeping bags, just place them in the washing machine using your regular mild detergent and dry on the heat. Also, the best thing about using this clothe is it made from natural materials. The bamboo is not harmful to the environment as well to humans. Furthermore, it is a great thermoregulating fabric and gives a different feeling of freshness especially during summer.

The Anfirish 2-piece sleeping pakc is perfect for your baby during sleep time. This is your best solution for your baby to stay warm during cold season because of the two layers of muslin. Even so, it still allows the baby to move freely. Also, the overall design allows a longer time of usage.


  • Made from 70% bamboo viscose fiber
  • Suitable to wear regardless of the season
  • Easy to wash


  • Suitable for babies up to 12 months

KICKEE Pants Print Short Bamboo Viscose Baby Clothes

Product description:

Last on our list of the best viscose baby clothe, but definitely not the least is this KicKee Pants Print Short Sleeve Pajama Set with Shorts. It is made from 95% viscose from bamboo and 5% spandex for added comfort. Give your child a fun and comfortable playing experience and good quality sleep with this pajama set with shorts. It has adorable print designs, comfortable to wear and so soft.

The KicKee pants 2 piece pajama set comes with short and short sleeves. Furthermore, it will definitely keep your child cool and comfy during hot season. Best of all, those pajamas are cuddly and cute as your kid. To make your kid extra safe, these 2 piece pajama sets are made to fit quite snugly. As per federal regulations, all types of sleepwear must not be treated by retardants in order to be snug fitting. You can rest without worrying whether the PJs are flame retardant free or not.


  • Made from 95% viscose from bamboo
  • Flame retardant free
  • Machine washable


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is bamboo viscose safe for babies?

A: There are plenty of reasons why bamboo viscose products are popular among parents and kids. It is proven safe to use even by babies with delicate skin because the fabric is made from bamboo which is hypoallergenic, anti fungal, anti bacterial and has UV protection. In addition to that, this also explains why baby viscose baby clothes are more expensive compared to regular baby clothes.

Q: Is bamboo viscose softer than cotton?

A: Bamboo is softer than cotton. Also, bamboo viscose has been compared to some of the most popular and expensive fabrics such as Egyptian cotton and silk. While these materials are as soft as viscose bamboo, they are more expensive.

Q: Are bamboo sheets betters than microfiber?

A: If you haven’t tried using clothes made from bamboo, we suggest you try one and you will be surprised how silky smooth it feels on the skin. Furthermore, they are much softer and cooler compared to a microfiber. The texture and feel of bamboo are smoother is silkier. On the other hand, microfiber is frequently brushed. This explains why they look more lackluster.

Q: Is bamboo really antibacterial?

A: While there are numerous studies showing that bamboo has antibacterial properties against gram negative and gram positive bacteria, there are studies arguing that such claims are not true and that bamboo just like cotton fabric does not have antimicrobial property.

Q: Why are bamboo fabrics expensive?

A: The majority of bamboo clothes are bamboo cellulose that is chemically transformed into rayon, and it is no more high priced than rayon that is made from standard cellulose. Also, bamboo linen is created by spinning the bamboo fibers in to yarn, and the resulting material is more expensive. But is is more durable and will last for a long time.

Final Words

The above-mentioned products are just some of the best bamboo viscose baby clothes that provides superior comfort. For the best baby clothes made from bamboo viscose, our number one choice is KicKee Pants Print Footie with Zipper. Aside from that, you can also try products from Mori and Anfirish.



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