Top 4 Eco-friendly Bamboo Paper Towels That You Should Consider Buying


Generally, paper towels have multiple uses in our homes, especially in the kitchen. Right now, the market is filled with multiple options in terms of paper towels you can buy. What you need to know is that they are not all the same. If you have always wanted something different, then it is time to consider trying out bamboo paper towels.

The bamboo paper towels are ideal for various applications and better. We will learn more about bamboo paper towels in guide to help you pick them with the right information in your mind.

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Bamboo Paper Towels vs. Conventional Paper Towels

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Let us say you are working on a DIY project with a lot of spills. The chances are that you might have to wipe the spillage all the time. Tearing up multiple paper towels might make you feel guilty. This is because they cannot be recycled.

Is there a greener alternative to using a roll of paper towels?

Yes. That option is using bamboo paper towels. These paper towels are designed to look and feel just like any other normal paper towel you might have used before. They even have the same dimensions so that they can fit on your paper towel holder.

So, what makes them different? Well, bamboo paper towels can be reused repeatedly. The same cannot be said for conventional paper towels.

The bamboo towels are also sturdier and more absorbent than when using a traditional paper towel. This means you get a lot more from a single towel.

It is estimated that you can keep reusing the bamboo towels up to 100 times. As you can see, you would not waste a lot of paper towels, even if it is a messy project.

Reports show that paper towels contribute up to 3000 tons of waste each day. They also need about 50,000 trees to keep up with the supply. As you can see, that is a lot of waste and tree-cutting for a single product.

Anyone who wants to go green, then bamboo towels can be an ideal option for them.

Before you can switch to bamboo paper towels, you still have to consider things such as the cost, brands, and if it is worth the switch.

Benefits of Bamboo Paper Towels

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Anyone who is going to invest in bamboo paper towels would want to know what are its benefits. We have already mentioned that it can be reusable above, but below are more benefits you can expect with them.


For most rolls, you will have up to 30 sheets. These sheets can be reused for up to 100 times in most cases. As you can see, it will several more weeks before you can buy new bamboo paper towels for your home. The same cannot be said for conventional paper towels.

It is estimated that a single roll of bamboo paper towel would replace 429 paper towel rolls. To help you understand how much you would be saving, that is up to $500 for 429 rolls. That is when you switch to one roll of bamboo towels.

In one year, you must see that there is so much you can save whenever you are using the bamboo-based paper towels.

Yes, the bamboo towels might be expensive in terms of initial investment, but over time they are the cheapest to buy and use.

Good durability and absorbency

Whenever you are looking for the best paper towel, you need one with the best absorbency. That is something you never have to worry about when using bamboo paper towels. Even for the stickiest and grossest mess, these paper towels would easily pick them up.

The best part is that they do not tear, shred, or get loose easily. That is something you cannot say about many paper towels in the industry.

They are washable

As part of reusing the bamboo paper towels, you will have to wash them. The best part about washing them is that they are washer and dryer friendly. Once you toss them in your washer, they will come out looking clean and already dry. You can put them back to work as soon as possible.

When you compare a new and washed bamboo paper towel, sometimes you might not even tell them apart. It is because the dirt can come out easily and leave you with a clean paper towel to use for various applications.

Considering they can be reused up to 100 times, you can find yourself with clean paper towels all the time in your home.

Good for the environment

At this point, it is no brainer that using the bamboo paper towels goes a long way to keep the environment from a lot of waste. Considering that people go through 3,000 tons of paper towels each day, you should find this concerning.

The bamboo towels are reusable, meaning that less paper towel waste can be generated. Also, fewer trees would have to be cut to generate the paper towels.

Good business investment opportunity

Many countries are now opting for multiple green solutions and this could be one of them. There are many incentives associated with having a green product. You might find that such countries give you tax cuts.

Also, many people are now environmentally conscious. They would gladly get anything that helps them conserve the environment. For countries that need more eco-friendly products, then you have the chance of reaping big when you get into such a business.

Uses of Bamboo Paper Towels

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Food Uses

Paper towels can be great for keeping herbs and greens fresh. You simply have to wrap them in a paper towel before tossing them into a refrigerator. If you wrap them in a paper towel, you will have better results as compared to when you store them in a plastic storage container.

A paper towel is ideal for cleaning your food such as mushrooms. It will help to remove all the dirt without worrying about water logging your mushrooms and ruining their flavor.

If you want to prepare corn, then using paper towels is a good option to remove the silks from the corn. You should now have an easier time preparing your corn.

Bamboo paper towels can still be great for keeping your frozen bread from getting soggy. The paper towel is good for absorbing the excess moisture and help keep the bread from getting soggy.

You can cook bacon in a microwave when using the paper towels. Place the bacon on two towels and put them in a microwave. After 6 minutes, your bacon should be ready. As much as the paper towels would have a lot of grease, it is easy to wash and reuse the bamboo paper towels.

Kitchen Cleaning Uses

As we had mentioned earlier, it is possible to cook with paper towels in microwaves. The same can prevent messes in your microwave by using them to cover other food types when reheating your food. This helps to prevent spatters.

These paper towels can be great for cleaning and storing cast iron. Before you can store cast iron, it is essential that you remove all the water. Bamboo paper towels can come in handy to absorb all the water on the surface to prevent any rust.

Paper towels can be ideal for keeping your fridge clean. You simply use the paper towels to clean the shelves, drawers, and bins. Anytime you spill something in your fridge, use a paper towel to clean the mess.

Stovetops can easily get dirty when you keep on using it for cooking your food. To clean them without leaving many scratches, then consider using paper towels. The towels will leave the stovetop spotless even when heavy scrubbing is needed.

Other Uses

Let us say you accidentally spill wax on your carpet. The easiest way to remove the wax is apply a hot iron onto the wax with a paper towel between them. The paper towel prevents the wax from sticking to the hot iron and still get it off the carpet.

If you own a sewing machine, then you know it might have greasy spots over time. To wipe these spots, just use paper towels to get rid of the grease.

Top 4 Bamboo Paper Towels

Runner’s Up

Grow Your Pantry Bamboo Paper Towels

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You will love the softness that comes with these towels. They are also strong so that you can keep using them for several applications. All you have to do is wash them and keep on using them. These paper towels are also eco-friendly, making them ideal for the environment. The package also comes with two storage bags. This ensures that you can separate the dirty towels from the clean towels. Once the dirty bag accumulates more towels, simply toss them in the washer.

Over the months, you should notice that you have saved a lot of money by using bamboo paper towels.

Caring Planet – Bamboo Paper Towels

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These paper towels are for those looking to save money on paper towels in the long term. Yes, it might be slightly expensive than a conventional paper towel roll, but this one is reusable. It will last for months as you can wash them and keep using them.

They can still fit on your paper towel holder as they have the same size as conventional paper towel. When it comes to washing, simply use a washer and dryer for each of cleaning them. With their absorption rate, it is easy to see why many people would use them for cleaning grease and grime.

Ksestor Bamboo Towels Reusable Paper Towels

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These bamboo paper towels are for those who need something to help with better cleaning of grime and dirt in their kitchen. They do not just work perfect for the kitchen, but also many other areas with other messes. They are liked for being dense, making them perfect for soaking up as much dirt and spills as possible.

They are also high quality. Even if you keep washing them more often, they would still remain good for cleaning and other applications. Well, some use them as a nice housewarming gift for their friends.


It always feels good when you do something to save the environment. Who thought that changing the type of paper towels that you use could have such a huge impact on trees? By switching to bamboo paper towels it ensures that acres of trees remain untouched. As much as it might take longer to convert people to using bamboo paper towels, it is a nice progress so far. Since they can be washed, then you should still save money instead of buying paper towels more often.


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