Can you put a bamboo mat in the shower?



Are you dealing with slippery floors, feeling unsafe and unstable when you go to shower? If so, then we know exactly where you’re coming from. There’s nothing more terrifying and frightening than slipping in the shower. 

As we all know the feeling of being unsafe in the shower is to avoid us from having a glorious shower experience. In fact, it doesn’t give us the to take advantage of taking a hot shower, to calm our mind and relax our muscles. Until now the only way to keep from falling in the shower. Is to keep your muscles tight, your steps small, and step gingerly out of the shower once you were done. 

Luckily, bamboo mats boast a long list of solutions and benefits for your shower and bathroom needs. It makes it easy to retrofit your shower with a durable, comfortable, and safe warm bamboo floor. 
But the question is can you put a bamboo mat in the shower? Well, that’s what you will find out in this article. So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

Reasons Why to Use Bamboo Mats in the Shower 

  1. It gives your bathroom an aesthetic appearance. 
  2. Safe and comfortable shower experience. 
  3. Stands up to mildew, stain, and water. 
  4. It is known for having durability and strength material. 
  5. Mats won’t tear or fade easily. 
  6. Do not absorb water which means it won’t foster the growth of mold. 
  7. It can change the feel and look of your bathroom. 
  8. Keeps away the smell of dreaded wet towels. 
  9. Avoid having a slippery or wet floor. 
  10. It makes your shower easy to retrofit. 

Well as the name suggests, bamboo mats can put in the shower. It does not only give your bathroom aesthetic appeal but also gives you a glorious shower experience. 

It keeps away odor and mold and it is temperature-treated to be waterproof. Its lattice design will allow the water and air to move freely. So, it will not get trap between the planks. 

Nonetheless, bamboo mats prevent us in slipping in the shower. As defined by their functionality, it will give you a place to step on once you’re done in the bath tub or shower.  

Bamboo mats does not absorb water and it dries quickly. Which makes it more convenient to use at it is easy to move around. 

Furthermore, its versatile design makes it perfect for indoor or even outdoor shower mat. A very beautiful decorative piece that you can also use in your backyard or pool area. 

The Pros of Using Bamboo Mat’s 

  • A bamboo mat is versatile and lighter. 
  • Compared with other mats the bamboo mats are inexpensive. 
  • The bamboo mats don’t fade and stain easily. 
  • Bamboo mats are environment-friendly to use. 

The Cons of Using a Bamboo Mats 

  • It is susceptible to moisture inside the shower. Thus, it become mushy and soft with time. 
  • Bamboo mats can tend to get mold easily and quickly. 
  • It requires more maintenance and upkeeping. 

What are the best bamboo mats that can be used in the shower?

Using bamboo mats as your shower bathroom mats will give you a long list of benefits. It dries quickly and it easy to clean. 

Below is our recommended list of the best bamboo mats that you can use in the shower. 

Our Recommendations:


Mosa Bamboo Natural Bath Shower Mat  

This mat is produced using 100% regular bamboo and is strong and in vogue in its plan. It can fill in as both an indoor and outside shower tangle and contains no texture in its plan. Bring a pinch of Zen nature into your bathroom with this top-notch tangle. Since it’s veritable bamboo it should be altogether dried and kept in a very ventilated zone to stay away from mold growth.  


  • Stylish and Sturdy.
  • Pure Bamboo.
  • Can be designed in both indoor and outdoor.


  • It requires drying after each use.

Ecobambu Bamboo Shower Mat

The Ecobambu Bamboo Shower Mat is structured with cuts that are explicitly estimated to decrease drying time. Three layers of varnish make the tangle both waterproof and form safe. It’s safe to use by little children. However, the mat can hold up to 225 lbs. Which makes it ideal for the entire family. It’s additionally got non-slide plugs on the base that will shield you from slipping after a shower or shower.  


  • Smooth to the touch.
  • Well-constructed no-skid design.
  • It’s not slippery, and very durable.


  • It needs regular cleaning to avoid mold growth.

IDesign Formbu Bamboo Floor Mat

In case that you need to purchase a bamboo, shower tangle having all the features giving security and hostile to slip opposition. At that point you have to purchase this bamboo shower mats without intuition further. It can use in practically all the spots in the bathroom due to non-slip structure.  

The non-slide include also secures your carpet, tile and wood floors from damages. The bamboo is normally water-safe and the texture fringe makes it milder and harder to stumble over than a portion of the thicker mats. This tangle is to a greater extent a floor covering so consider it for your greater bathroom or living spaces for bringing a dash of nature and Zen structure. It has an extremely spotless and present-day structure that will coordinate the stylistic layout of your place consummately. Most of clients begin to look all starry eyed at its characteristic style.  


  • With extra coating for longevity.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Great price.


How to pick the best bamboo mats?  

Interesting points while purchasing the bamboo mats referenced beneath:  


Purchase the bamboo shower mats that produced using top-grade material. It is significant that it should make utilizing 100% bamboo that goes on for a long time. 


It is something imperative that you have to consider while picking this item. If you need to utilize it inside for the bathroom, at that point the medium-sized mats are the perfect alternative. 


Almost certainly purchasing a quality bamboo mats for the shower will cost you a few bucks. You need to forfeit your well-deserved cash for having more prominent outcomes.  

Additional items:  

As you will utilize this mat in the bathroom. It is significant that your bamboo mats ought to have features like slip opposition, flawless ventilation, and uncommon usefulness.  

How to clean bamboo mats?  

Bamboo is parasitic safe and requires less upkeep. Bamboo shower mats have that normal mix that would supplement most restroom adornments.  

The elastic cushioning in the bamboo shower mats gives soundness by forestalling any slips and falls in the restroom.  

In any case, use the bathroom and brings about the arrangement of shape and molds. The bamboo can profit a ton that we keep up exacting routine cleanings.  

Bamboo shower mats don’t require a washing machine to keep it clean. Nor would we be able to wash the mats in a dishwasher. However, cleaning a bamboo shower mats is simple, easy, and bother free. Here are some ways on how to clean bamboo mats; 


  1. Start cleaning the mats with dish soap and half water of warm water. 
  1. Rinse or brush thoroughly of its any debris or dirt. 
  1. Wipe the entire mat using dry towel after cleaning. 
  1. Scrub the mat using food grade mineral oil for more effective cleaning. 
  1. Dry it for about 20minutes. 

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Which bamboo finishing products should I use for cleaning bamboo mats? 

Oil is one of the most conventional completions utilized. Oils don’t give as much security as the more present day completes for example varnish. Oil completes but, draw out the common excellence of bamboo sheets and ledges. If you need to recolor your bamboo before oiling it, utilize a water-based stain. Oil-based colors will obstruct the bamboo’s “pores”, preventing the oil finish from absorbing successfully.  

One objection in regards to an oil finish, is that occasionally, when paper is left on a superficial level for some time the oil is drenched into the paper. This can now and then be caused when you have recolored the bamboo surface before applying the mineral oil.  

In these cases, guarantee you utilize a water-based stain. You may also need to allow the oil to absorb for an any longer period. Guarantee you buff the surface well indeed, as this can likewise limit oil drenching into paper. You can include a layer of oil-based beeswax to the surface to forestall this kind of issue. We don’t suggest using vegetable oil as it in the end turns malodorous.  

Mineral oil  

Mineral oil is an incredible food-safe choice, so is extraordinary on the off chance that you intend to get ready food on your bamboo top or bamboo cutting board. The mineral oil will take care of the bamboo and help shield it from drying out and parting or splitting.  


Totally Bamboo Revitalizing Mineral Oil for Bamboo 

Linseed Oil  

Linseed oil completes are extraordinary for indoor applications, particularly more established undertakings requiring restoring. We don’t suggest you don’t utilize it for outside applications.  

Crude linseed oil sets aside a long effort to infiltrate the bamboo or any wood surface (expect 2-3 days for every coat). Bubbled linseed oil will infiltrate a lot faster, while crude linseed oil will give better insurance to the bamboo.  

You should apply various coats to accomplish a good get done with linseed oil.  


Furniture Clinic Boiled Linseed Oil for Wood Furniture & More 

Tung Oil  

Tung oil solidifies (dries) upon presentation to air. Of the considerable number of completions. Tung oil is the simplest and most tough completion.  

The surface completion gave by Tung oil is waterproof, impenetrable to tidy, liquor, CH3)2CO, leafy foods acids. Tung oil doesn’t obscure with age as does linseed oil and wax.  

The Tung oil is adaptable, so can withstand the development of bamboo, without splitting or checking. Tung oil drenches into the pores of the bamboo, fixing the dampness in the bamboo. It additionally gives a decent covering on the outside of the bamboo furniture, giving a delicate sheen finish.  


Pure 100% Tung Oil Finish Wood Stain & Natural Sealer for All Types of Wood 

Teak oil (counting Danish)  

Both teak oil and Danish oil give a more tough completion than linseed oil. These oils can be applied utilizing a delicate material or brush. 

Instead of mineral oil (where one douses the surface with oil), apply a light layer of the oil at a time these oils don’t splash into the bamboo.  

Gently sand between each coat utilizing a fine silicon carbide paper. Four layers of oil ought to give the ideal completion.  


Watco Rust-Oleum A65741 Danish Oil Wood Finish, Quart, Natural 


Wood varnishes give a generally excellent and tough completion that seals in the dampness in your bamboo. The main potential issues you may experience will be splitting or stripping. This can for the most part be stayed away from by great planning of the surface before application and adhering to the makers directions intently.  

Varnishes are accessible in oil based and water-based completions, from silk smooth to sparkly shine wraps up. Varnishes are applied utilizing brushes. We suggest you get greater brushes as uncovering brush hairs can be a genuine agony.  

After each coat has been equally applied, essentially buff it down to set it up for the following coat. It is significant that you apply a similar number of coats to each surface of the bamboo to guarantee even ingestion and loss of dampness as the bamboo “relaxes”. 

Steps on How to Make Bamboo Mats at Home 

Although getting bamboo is not easy. Making bamboo mats is easy as long as you have the equipment’s needed. Here are the simple steps on how to make bamboo mats at home; 

What You Will Need: 

  • 15 Bamboo balusters (inches or thickness depend on you) 
  • Sheet of rubber sluts that cut into equal length 
  • Wood preservative (oil or water based) 
  • Wood stain (oil or water based) 
  • Paintbrush 
  • ¼-inch thick sisal rope 
  • Sander 
  • Epoxy (optional) 
  • Sandpaper 
  • Drill 
  • Clear polythene varnish 
  • Tape 
  • Cutter 


  1. Get a bamboo baluster and mark 1 inch (2½ cm) in from both ends of each. 
  1. Drill a hole on the both sides of bamboo using the drill. (Repeat it 15 times) 
  1. Sand each of ends and any of its rough edges. 
  1. Apply the varnish on to the bamboo and let it dry. 
  1. Line up all the bamboo balusters in a row with holes facing each other. 
  1. Cut two long pieces of rope using the cutter. 
  1. Get the tape and wrap it around the end of the rope to make it easier to thread through the holes. 
  1. Insert it to the hole of the bamboo to tie and thread it up on the outsides and between each one. 
  1. Once you are finish tying or knotting, make sure to remove tape from ends of rope. 
  1. Get the rubber and cut the two long strips of rubber from the sheet. 
  1. Mark the both sides about 3 ½ from edges.  
  1. Prepare the epoxy and place the rubber strips on the first slat on either side on the mark.  
  1. For the next slat place the spacer on either side and glue the next slat. 
  1. Clean your mat and apply the preservative oil using the paintbrush.  


Bamboo mats are durable and versatile. It is perfect to use as shower bath mats as it can makes you comfortable and safe while taking a bath. 

So, if your struggling on uncomfortable floor in your shower. We recommend you to use bamboo mats for your desired relaxing, safe and comfortable environmentally friendly bath for you and for your family. 



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