What Can You Make Out of Bamboo? 10 DIY Projects to Try



Bamboo isn’t just a durable material. It’s also versatile that you can make a lot of things out of it. Some create fabric, houses, furniture, and more. It’s a great choice due to its exotic touch yet very sustainable source. So what can you make out of bamboo? If you’re planning a DIY project, you might as well consider these 10 fun and creative options:

1. Fence and wall planters

Let’s start with the simplest DIY project: planters. If you have tried shopping for some garden supplies, you will be surprised by how expensive simple planters can be. So to save you some money while putting your skills to the test, we’re going to make a DIY version.

For this one, you need some basic woodworking tools like mitt saw, table saw, and a hand drill. Also, you need a thick bamboo timber that’s about 8 inches long.

For a very basic planter, all you have to do is to cut the bamboo timber. Make sure that you have the bottom nodes intact as this will hold the soil.

One you have a cup-like cut, it’s time to drill some holes. Drill one hole on each side of the bamboo near the node. After that, drill another one in the middle of the two previous holes, but this time only an inch away from the open rim.

After that, thread a thick piece of wire into the bottom holes. After that, get another piece to connect this to the upper hole. You should create a somewhat triangular formation of the wires.

Here’s how it should look like:

Photo credits: CraftOrganic.com

2. Garden trellis

If you are planting vines, a bamboo trellis will prove to be useful. For this project, you need thinner bamboo timbers.

Purchase at least 14 poles that are about 4-feet tall. Anyway, you don’t have to measure inch by inch, a ballpark should be fine. Read Here: DIY Build Bamboo Trellis For Vegetables Garden

Next you need, thin nylon ropes to tie each bamboo pole. Start by laying the first 7 poles vertically. After that, place another pole on the top horizontally. You can now start tying each pole in a criss-crossing direction. Tie each vertical bamboo until you have the first layer done. Repeat this process until you have placed all 7 horizontal poles.

If you find nylon ropes to be slippery, you can opt for long zip ties. Use two zip ties for each intersecting point of the bamboo poles for a criss-crossed finish.

You can place this trellis against a nearby foundation to keep it in place. This way, it can also double as a decorative fence where your plants can grow. If you want, you can use thicker bamboo timbers so you can hang your planters on it.

3. Bamboo gate

If you’re more creative, you can come up with a DIY bamboo gate. You can use long poles or scraps from a previous project.

Get varying lengths and color of bamboo timber. Slice it to two equal parts so each one can be laid flat on a surface. Next, on your current gate, you can place these bamboo pieces to create a pattern. It’s up to you how you will design it: it can be a combination of vertical and horizontal placements or sideways for a different look.

This is quite easy to do. You can use long-lasting wood glue if you don’t want to do some hammering. Besides, nailing bamboo into a surface will cause it to crack. It’s something you can’t afford if you have minimal timbers at your disposal.

If you want, you can also create a small Japanese gate. You need more than a dozen bamboo poles, depending on how large the gate is. Next cut the top frame open so you can stack the poles into it. Once you have poles in place, cut an opening on the bottom frame and attach it to lock the poles.

Photo Credits: Master Garden Products

4. Bamboo gutter

If you have a wooden shed that’s in need of a new gutter system, bamboo will also come handy.

First, measure the length of your shed’s roof. This measurement should be the length of the bamboo pole you’re going to buy.

Next, get some poles of giant timber bamboo then split it in the middle, from top to bottom. This way, you’ll have a half circle bamboo. To prevent splintering, wrap a masking tape around the area where you’ll cut the bamboo.

After that, scrape off the nodes that block the flow of water. After that, you may need to attach a cradle for your bamboo gutter. Get a piece of wood and carve an arc that will fit the bamboo in it. After that, you can now attach the cradle into your sheds’ roof and place the bamboo gutter on it.

Aside from that, you can also place another pole to guide the water down to the ground. Also, you can use this to harvest rainwater to have a natural supply to water your plants in the next days.

Photo Credits: Paul Sykes via BambooImport.com

5. Bamboo outdoor lighting

Next up, we have bamboo outdoor lighting. We must admit, this one is a very simple DIY project, but the results blew our minds. It’s a great patio lighting with a very sensual vibe. You can put this on the stairs or around your roses for an elegant look at night

For this, you need large bamboo timbers. You have to cut the top portion in a diagonal manner. With that, one side is higher and the other side is lower.

As for the length, 6 inches will be fine from the bottom to the lowest rim of the pole. After that, create two more small bamboo containers, but this time smaller than the first one.

Moreover, you need small yellow bulbs. Place each bulb inside the bamboo containers. The yellow light mimics a candle and creates a slight shadow that really looks good at night.

Anyway, you can use actual candles, but for larger bamboo poles only. This is to prevent the candle from burning the bamboo. Also, place a candle-lit outdoor lighting on top of a fancy basin filled with water.

Photo credits by HomeMyDesign.com

6. Garden bench

If you’re planning to create something useful, a bamboo bench will be a good choice.

For this project, you need one-meter long bamboo poles. Thinner poles are ideal here so you can tie it snugly with each other. Also, you need a thicker set of poles for the feet and frame of the bench. Aside from that, you need a few meters of steel wire. You can also use strong nylon ropes.

First, lay all the thin poles and start weaving it with the steel wire. This way, it will stick together and become the sitting surface for the bench. It’s best to plan these thinner poles with two larger poles on each side. However, make sure that all the poles are flat and nothing is protruding higher than the other.

After that, create the feet of the bench by connecting two shorter poles of the same length to both ends of another pole. After that, connect the horizontal portion of the feet into the bench surface you made earlier. You can also add additional support at the bottom to make the bench more stable.

Photo Credits: Luxberra.com

7. Cascading bamboo fountain

If you want to add the element of water on your garden, you can make a cascading water fountain out of bamboo. The first step is to make some troughs by splitting bamboo poles in half. Also, you may want to add tiny bamboo poles that will look like faucets.

You can place each bamboo trough in a stair-like order to let the water flow steadily. Also, you can stick to a simple three-tiered bamboo feature or design a more complicated system.

Take note that creating a large bamboo fountain can be a long-term project. Also, you need a lot of tools, screws, pipes, wiring, drills, and so on. Most of all, you have to purchase a pump that bears the right power for the size of your fountain.

 For beginners, this can be a trial and error project. You’d have to check if the configuration of the troughs is proper for water to flow.

Always use potable water for your bamboo fountain. If you have pets, they may drink from here too.

Photo Credits: wilai.de

8. Side fence

Bamboo fences give a rustic appeal to your landscape. Aside from being a unique option, bamboo also has a natural beauty. It also ages well over time, much so if sealed with a type of varnish.

For a simple bamboo fence, you can start with a simple picket or a full panel.

What you need for this project are 5-ft. bamboo poles and another set of 3-ft. pieces. Also, prepare nylon twine as well as a baling needle.

Start by laying down three horizontal poles which will serve as the frame and then multiple vertical poles as the surface of the fence panel. Tie these poles with the nylon twine, ensuring that each piece is held tightly in place.

It’s like creating a bamboo raft, but with different length dimensions. You can also use the same method as you did with creating a bamboo bench. Once you have a panel, you can mount it to a cedar fence frame.

If you want to make things simple, create a cedar frame and fill it up vertically with long bamboo poles.

Photo Credits: Landscaping Gallery

9. Garden swing

If you have kids who love playing outdoors, a bamboo swing will surely become a highlight of your yard.

For this project, you need to prepare bamboo poles, a durable cord, and metal washers. The bamboo poles should be cut into four equal lengths. Around one and half feet each.

After that, get two thicker bamboo poles with the length that can fit the four bamboo poles into its chamber. Always allow an inch or two of space allowance.

Next, bore holes into the two vertical bamboo poles to fit the four horizontal poles tightly. Once you’re done on the four large holes, turn the bamboo on the other side. Here, drill two small holes on each end where the outer horizontal bamboo poles are tucked. The hole should be large enough to fit the rope you have.

Do the same on the other vertical bamboo pole that will hold the other four poles.

Once done, thread your rope on the holes. Here’s how you should do it:

10. Bamboo wind chimes

If you love making DIY decorations for your home, a bamboo wind chime will be a good project.

For this, you need about 6 to 12 bamboo stocks in varying lengths. If you’re making a bigger bamboo chime, you can use up to 16 stocks.

Aside from that, you need a durable yarn as well as a glue gun, wood beads, glue sticks, cross stitch hoop, scissors, and a finishing needle.

Start by wrapping the cross stitch hoop with the yarn. You can choose the color that you like. Next, attach wood beads at the top of each bamboo stock.

After that, thread the yarn into the hole of the wood beads, ensuring that each one gets the same yarn length. After that, tie each threaded bamboo stock into the cross stitch hoop by order of length. To finish, braid three long yards and use it as the attachment for the chime.

Photo Credits: Bo Peep’s Bonnets

Final words

So what can you make out of bamboo? With these 10 amazing projects, you will surely have a lot to get busy at during weekends. With a few tools and a lot of patience, you can create bamboo crafts that will add aesthetic value to your home.

 What do you think of these DIY bamboo projects? Which one are you planning to do? Let us know below!



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