Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets Review‏



‏Zen Bamboo Luxury Series Bed Sheets‏ ‏ are both luxurious and eco-friendly, providing maximum comfort for any bed size and letting you feel good about using an environmentally friendly product. These sheets are great for a restful, breathable sleep and feel soft to the touch. If you’re interested in switching to bed sheets made with bamboo but would like something affordable, these may be exactly what you’re looking for. ‏

‏Benefits‏ ‏ ‏Of Zen Bamboo Sheets

‏Zen Bamboo Luxury sheets are more comfortable than cheaper alternatives and are even softer than cotton. You may think it’s unlikely for a bamboo bed sheet to be softer than cotton, but you’d be surprised at how light and soft they feel. ‏

‏Sheets made partially from bamboo are also more breathable and help maintain the perfect temperature for the duration of your night’s sleep. There’s nothing more frustrating than waking up uncomfortably hot and feeling like you need to kick all the sheets off the bed. Luckily, with Zen Bamboo Luxury sheets you won’t have to!‏

‏Zen Bamboo Luxury sheets are also long-lasting and do not damage or tear as easily as cheaper sheets. They are also resistant to stains, fades, and wrinkles. Cheaper sheets can wrinkle the second they come out of the dryer, and stains can be notoriously difficult to get out. ‏

‏These sheets are also great if you’re sensitive to allergies, and they’re also made from organic materials that repel moisture. Breathing in moisture while you sleep can make your throat feel scratchy and irritated in the morning when you wake up. Even the slightest amount of moisture can attract allergens like dust mites. ‏

‏We do think it’s important to note that Zen bamboo sheets are made with 40% bamboo and 60% microfiber. The blend includes the perfect amount of both, with the bamboo giving the sheets their softness, while the microfiber polyester blend makes them wrinkle and fade-resistant.‏

‏Zen bamboo sheets are also affordable. They cost around $30 for four sheets, which can be considered a steal compared to competitors. These sheets may be exactly what you’re looking for if you would like to gradually ease into using sheets made with bamboo, while still being affordable and including the benefits of including microfiber polyester. ‏

Key Features‏ Of Zen Bamboo Bed Sheets

● ‏Microfiber and bamboo blend‏ ‏: This blend is what provides you with sheets that are exceptionally soft, breathable, plush, and long-lasting. ‏

● ‏Numerous color options: ‏ ‏You can buy these sheets in practically every color imaginable. Color options include white, cream, olive, black, sky blue, burgundy, taupe, gold, grey, brown, navy blue, and purple! You can be sure you’ll find the perfect color that compliments your bedroom decor. ‏

● ‏Machine washable:‏ ‏ These sheets can be washed in your standard washer and dryer with no hassle. They are wrinkle-resistant and look as good as new when they come out of the dryer. You don’t have to iron them as you do with cotton sheets. ‏

● ‏Allergen-free: ‏ ‏Zen bamboo sheets are breathable and repel moisture, shielding them from pesky allergens like dust mites. They also don’t cause any skin irritation or itchiness. ‏

‏Environmentally friendly‏ ‏: Bamboo is a versatile product that can be used to make linens. It’s an environmentally conscious option that promotes going green. ‏

● ‏Size options: ‏ ‏King, Queen, California King, Full, Twin.‏

‏Included: ‏ ‏A sheet set includes 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases.‏ ‏ ‏

● ‏Return policy:‏ ‏ Return before 30 days for a full refund. ‏

‏Affordability: ‏ ‏You can enjoy bamboo sheets without spending too much money. ‏


  • Variety of color options.‏
  • Affordable.‏
  • ‏Stain-resistant.‏
  • Fade-resistant.‏
  • ‏Wrinkle resistant.‏
  • Hypoallergenic.‏
  • Durable.‏
  • ‏Eco-friendly.‏
  • ‏Full refund if you return after 30 days.‏


  • ‏Unknown thread count.‏
  • ‏Not 100% bamboo.‏
  • Made with 60% polyester microfiber, which can lead to pet fur sticking to the sheets

Zen Bamboo Sheets Frequently Asked Questions‏

These sheets are made with a microfiber blend in addition to bamboo, what does this mean?

‏This means that Zen bamboo sheets are made with 40% organic bamboo, as well as 60%, brushed microfiber polyester. You can still enjoy the hypoallergenic and thermoregulated qualities from 40% bamboo sheets, but of course, you may notice slight differences between Zen bamboo sheets and other options, and it is understandable to prefer the 100% bamboo options. The microfiber polyester offers durability and wrinkle-resistance and utilizing this material does not mean the product is of low quality. ‏

Can I dry these sheets on a clothesline?

‏Yes, absolutely. Many people think that air-drying sheets made entirely or partially from bamboo are the best method. The natural drying method leaves them softer and smoother, and you also get to spend some time outside!‏

What detergent should I use to wash these? ‏

‏The best detergent for these sheets would be a mild, eco-friendly brand. You should also steer clear from fabric softener, the bamboo component in Zen sheets will keep your sheets soft on their own. Sheets made with bamboo are more delicate than cotton sheets, so a generic, strong detergent wouldn’t be a good choice. ‏

Can I iron these sheets?‏

‏While Zen Bamboo sheets are quite wrinkle-resistant, we understand that ironing can perfect the appearance of your sheets. These sheets are only 40% bamboo, so they won’t be as wrinkle-resistant as their competitors, so to give these sheets some extra care you can iron them after washing. ‏

‏While they’re not made entirely of bamboo, the bamboo component in these sheets still means that you should iron them on a lower setting. Similar to choosing a mild detergent, there is a delicacy to these sheets that you need to be aware of when caring for them. ‏

What is “pilling” and will it happen with these sheets?

‏Pilling refers to when fibers in sheets break and tangle. This can lead to small lumps that look like pills on your sheets. Pilling can occur with sheets that you’ve had for a long time, as some general wear and tear is normal and to be expected. ‏

‏Bamboo fibers are much longer than cotton fibers and are less likely to pill. Tiny cotton fibers are usually woven together throughout the entire sheet, leaving more opportunity to break and tangle. One of the main benefits of choosing sheets made with bamboo is how long-lasting and strong they are. ‏

Will these sheets shrink?

‏Yes, these sheets may shrink slightly after multiple washes, although it won’t be too noticeable or affect the fitting too much. Since Zen sheets are only 40% bamboo, you may want to choose sheets that are 100% bamboo to avoid shrinking altogether. Many 100% bamboo sheets are made to be slightly too big, so after the first wash, they slightly shrink and are then the perfect fit! ‏


‏Zen Bamboo Luxury Sheets are great if you would like to try a linen material that isn’t cotton. You can also experience the benefits of partial bamboo without going over your budget. That being said, if your main reason for choosing bamboo sheets is the infamous softness and thermoregulation, you may want to consider searching for a sheet that is made with 100% bamboo.‏

‏While you can experience both softness and thermoregulation with Zen Bamboo sheets, by including microfiber polyester it is possible for them to feel a little scratchy. They also don’t have the same “cooling” effect that you can experience with 100% bamboo. We do enjoy many qualities of the Zen bamboo sheet, so you should still give them a try if you’d like to treat yourself while still sticking to your budget. ‏



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