2 Amazing Ways How to Make Bamboo Lamp Shade: Guide 2023



Beautiful and environmentally sustainable lighting solutions like bamboo lamp shades can give any room a sense of rustic beauty. Bamboo lamp shades are aesthetically appealing, and construction is a breeze. We’ll give you a detailed introduction to how to make bamboo lamp shade in this guide.

You may make a unique and customized lamp shade that matches your style and decor by following the directions below using your creativity. So read along with us until the end, prepare all the tools and materials, and be ready to be creative and have fun!

What is Bamboo Lamp Shade?

There are different types of lamp shades, but the most common is the bamboo lamp shade. Because of its strength and durability, bamboo makes an excellent material for lamp shades.

Even though bamboo lamp shades are commonly found in Asian-inspired interiors, they are a versatile and beautiful addition to any home. Bamboo lamp shades are a green and long-lasting alternative to traditional fabric shades.

Various Ways How to Make Bamboo Lamp Shade

A bamboo lamp shade requires some talent to create; numerous procedures are involved. Someone who knows how to work with raw bamboo and how to weave the material onto a frame is needed to make a bamboo lamp shade.

Here are two ways to unleash your creativity on how to make bamboo lamp shade.

Basic Process for Making a Bamboo Lamp Shade

Bamboo has been utilized in a variety of ways for ages all across the world. It has become a popular lampshade material because it’s naturally beautiful and durable.

Continue reading as we walk you through the fundamental procedures we use to make a bamboo lampshade.

1-Remove the Bamboo

Bamboo is a strong and straight material, which is terrific but necessitates cutting it into tiny pieces before weaving. Gathering the proper components is one of the most crucial steps in producing a bamboo lampshade. You must cut the bamboo into tiny pieces to bend and weave the shade.

2-Get the metal frame ready

Most bamboo shades are made from metal frame. The metal frame acts as a foundation for the bamboo shade to retain its shape.

An essential step to make here is you should take when making a bamboo shade is to have a reasonable frame. This metal frame needs to be carefully powder coated to prevent rusting.

Some folks might attempt to construct the frame out of bamboo stuff. We’ve seen this done before. However, we decided against using bamboo because we believe that metal offers a thinner appearance than if we had used bamboo.

Using the metal frame, we can ensure the lampshade is uniform throughout. The frame could occasionally only be made partially when using bamboo for the structure.

3-Finish the frame

We utilize a metal frame for our bamboo lampshades since we prefer to keep the metal from showing through the finished product. This is done because we want the entire lampshade to maintain its all-natural appearance.

Every time, we make an extra effort to cover the entire metal frame in a natural material, like seagrass. Given the added expense of wrapping the edge, you might decide against it since a plain metal frame would be sufficient.

Consider covering the entire metal frame of your bamboo lampshade with natural material to give it a high-end appearance.

4-Fastened the bamboo to the metal frame.

You can attach bamboo strips to your metal frame once it is complete. For this phase, you need some weaving expertise to secure the bamboo to the edge.

This stage demands high competence because the bamboo will not come off the frame once fastened. The bamboo must be wrapped uniformly and precisely around the edge, which requires significant ability.

Securing the bamboo strips to the frame is one of the process’s most challenging and essential parts because this is what most people will notice. Our weavers are skilled at weaving bamboo into the frame because they have been doing so for most of their lives.

5-Spray the bamboo lamp shade with your Desired Hue.

The paint can be sprayed into the bamboo shade if it differs from the natural bamboo tint. Do this after the weaving process. Because a spray will produce a much cleaner finish, we spray the paint rather than brush it on.

You must complete this step if you prefer a bamboo shade other than the natural hue. If you like the shade’s natural coloring, you can omit this step in creating a bamboo lampshade.

6-Spray the shade with the topcoat.

Spray a top coat onto the bamboo lampshade whether the shade already has color or you want it to be a natural hue. You may assist in safeguarding the entire lampshade by applying a top coat.

A matte or semi-glossy topcoat is generally preferable here. If you want the hue to be shining, you can spray it with a glossy top coat.

The bamboo shades look great on the lamps. They would look lovely in anyone’s house. They have a style that is now fashionable.

DIY Way How to Make Bamboo Lamp Shade from Weaved Fan

Another interesting bamboo lamp shade to create is made from bamboo fans. Here’s a guide to doing this project:

1-Collect the materials

To weave your rattan lamp shade, you will need the following:

  • (6) Hand-woven bamboo fans
  • Handsaw with a medium-warm wood stain
  • Nail gun
  • Strain-able metal wire

2-Modify the length of the fan handles

The bamboo fan handles should be shortened with a handsaw so that just about 1 inch (2.5cm) remains. If you don’t have a saw, a serrated knife must suffice. It’s like a tiny saw, only more minor!

Applying hot glue to the chopped handle and waiting for it to cool will prevent the palm weaving from unraveling. Just do it again with the other five supporters.

3-Dye the palm leaf fans

This step is optional. With their airy whiteness, genuine fans may be a better fit for your home’s decor. Apply a medium oak or another warm stain on the fans. Coat every nook and cranny of the weave by using a broad brush. Flip the fan over after one side has dried and coat the opposite side.

4-Wire the bottom together with metal loops.

After the fans have dried, they can be decorated by wrapping the bottoms with gold or brass-colored metal wire (the bending variety made of aluminum). Keep a 4-inch (10-cm) stub hanging from the grip. Put together the DIY woven light cover.

To finish the look, loop the fan’s metal wire over the top of the light socket. Add the fans one at a time by twisting the wire (and trimming it short if required) as you go.

Finally, arrange the fans in a circle around the light, ensuring no overlap, and secure them in place with a few pins made from copper wire or invisible nylon thread. If you do this, your lampshade will be perfectly straight and much more pleasing to the eye.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you make a lamp shade from bamboo?

A: Bamboo lamp shades are usually crafted by cutting and prepping bamboo strips, building a frame, weaving or joining the strips to make the shade, and then completing the lamp with a base and light fixture.

Q: How long can a bamboo lamp shade be crafted?

A: Give a minimum of a few hours to a maximum of a few days to complete the process of making bamboo lamps. It varies on several factors, such as the bamboo lamp shade’s complexity, the crafter’s skill level, and the availability of specific tools.

Q: Can I have a bamboo lamp shade made in a specific style?

A: Absolutely! Making your bamboo lamp shade lets you put your unique spin on the look. Create a one-of-a-kind lamp shade that reflects your style by experimenting with different forms, patterns, and weaving techniques.

Q: Can bulbs of any kind be used in bamboo lamp shades?

A: Pick a light bulb that fits the fixture and gives off the needed light.

Final Thoughts

Making your lampshade from bamboo can be a satisfying and relaxing hobby. The post above shows you how to make a gorgeous, eco-friendly light fixture that brings the outside inside. Use high-quality bamboo sticks and securely glue them to the lamp frame.

Use your imagination to arrange the bamboo sticks to create a unique shade for your lamp. After you’ve finished, you may set your bamboo lampshade on a suitable base and take in the cozy glow it provides. Have fun creating your bamboo lampshade and lighting your home with it.



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