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Bamboo is used to make a wide array of products; from toothbrush and clothes. While these are the most popular types of bamboo products, a lot of people are not aware of the dining utensils such as bamboo toothpicks with knot. These items are perfect for cocktail parties, barbeque snacks, club sandwiches, to name a few.

Considering the number of bamboo toothpicks options available in the market right now, it is understandable that looking for the best bamboo toothpicks with knot can be intimidating. Lucky for you, as you are in the right blog. Included in this blog are the reviews of our top 5 toothpicks. Aside from that, we will also try to understand why bamboo products are in demand and why it is best to use items made with bamboo.

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Best Bamboo Toothpicks with Knots: The amazing benefits of bamboo products

There are plenty of reasons why products made from bamboo are increasingly becoming more popular each day. For instance, bamboo is known to be one of the most abundant natural materials. Also, it is not expensive to grow and harvest this product. Because bamboo is widely used material, we must understand its benefits:

*Sustainable and Natural Material

There is one thing that most people do not know about bamboo. It is actually not a tree but a grass plan. Also, similar to other types of grass plants, it is not very difficult to grow and it instantly grow in just a short span of time.

Did you know that a single bamboo plant is able to grow up to 1 meter a day? Not only that, you will not be able to find other plants that grows faster like a bamboo. Because of that, they are easily found in the nature. Upon cutting the bamboo, it might still grow back in just a short span of time which is why it is nearly impossible to run out of bamboo.

*Environmental Friendly

This is one of the most common reasons why people prefer bamboo over plastic and steel. This material is pest-resistant and does not require plenty of water to grow. Furthermore, you do not even have to use chemicals so as to improve the growth and quality of bamboo. Since no chemicals and pesticides are needed, it is a green material

*It is versatile

You can find bamboo it a lot of things such as dining utensils, clothing, bedding, tablewear, and even skincare products, to name a few.

*It is biodegradable

Because bamboo is 100% natural, it is considered as biodegradable. After you finish using the product made from bamboo,it is safe to assume that it will not bring harm to humans as well as the environment. That being said, it will not have negative effects on the environment. So if you want to lessen the carbon footprint and not leave a trace, you should shift to using eco-friendly materials.

How is Bamboo Processed?

Generally, there are two ways where in bamboo is used to make products:

  • Bamboo fibre: This type of bamboo is used to create bamboo textiles such as beddings, towels, as well as clothing. So as to have bamboo fibre, the hard pieces that are trimmed down from bamboo are further processed using caustic soda.
  • Bamboo hardware: to create bamboo hardware, the sticks are cut down into thin strips. After that, they are glued, pressed, and processed so as to make the final item.

It is important to keep in mind that during the method of producing either bamboo fiber or hardware, certain chemicals such as sodium hydroxide is used. It should be safe as long as the manufacturer knows how to use it properly and moderately.

Our Top Pick:

PREXWARE 6 Bamboo Toothpicks with Knot

Product description:

Next on our list of the best bamboo toothpicks with knot is this 6 inch bamboo knot skewers cocktail toothpicks with twisted ends by Prexware. This product is perfect for serving any type of appetizer. It is made from bamboo which makes it eco-friendly. In addition to that, the package comprises of 100 pieces 6-inch bamboo toothpicks with a knot.

In the event that you are looking for an enjoyable and innovative way to level up your food and beverage over-all presentation, we highly recommend this product. Aside from the fact that they make sure the products are made with high-quality bamboo products, they also make sure that the products will survive wear and tear.

What is great about this bamboo toothpick is that it is made with sharp points for easy piercing. In addition to that, the flat design will keep its content from not spinning while you are eating. This toothpick can be used for holding garnishes in a martini, yakitori, and other kinds of appetizers. Best of all, it is made from natural bamboo and is chemical-free.

With this product, you will not only impress your guests, but you will also ensure their safety and protect the environment.


  • Chemical-free
  • Made from natural bamboo
  • Sharp points for easy piercing

DC-Beautiful 6 Bamboo Toothpicks with Knot

Product description:

Another reputable brand that is known to provide good quality bamboo products is DC-Beautiful. Its 200-pack natural bamboo knot skewers is 6 inch in length and has twisted end which makes it perfect for cocktail pick and appetizer picks for party snacks club sandwiches.

What is great about this brand is that it guarantees the quality of the bamboo toothpicks. These skewers are made with premium bamboo, biodegradable, very safe to use, and most importantly, has not weird smell aside from the authentic bamboo smell. In addition to that, it will also spice up the overall presentation of your appetizer because of it spectacular decoration. With its unique and adorable design, it will make the food look delicious and delicate.

Make your party interesting and memorable with these bamboo toothpicks with know by DC-Beautiful. The high-quality bamboo material used in this product is different with that of plastic toothpicks that are not safe for the environment and sometimes have a weird smell. Bring your food presentation to the next level with these items.

You do not need to worry about running out of toothpicks as this package comes with 200 bamboo toothpicks with knot. This is what make them perfect for party and activities, or even happy time. Furthermore, its proper length is convenient to string the piece of meat or vegetable on the skewer. Also, the loop design will allow you to easily pick up the finger food. Best of all, this brand carefully selects the raw material, ensuring health and safety. They produce it with great craft and provide better products.


  • Consists of 200 pieces bamboo toothpicks
  • Made from premium quality bamboo materials
  • Great decoration
  • Considerate design


BAMWORLD Bamboo Toothpicks with Knot

Product description:

The Bamworld 100% Bamboo Cocktail Picks is 4.7 inch in length and is perfect for fancy drinks. Furthermore, it has looped knot skewers for party and snacks. When doing a catering business, it is very important to achieve a classy presentation. And presentation is not complete without a fancy toothpick. Having a toothpick will not only complete the package, but it will also make it easier for the guests to grab their choice of meat and vegatables.

Your money will never put to waste by buying these bamboo toothpicks with knots as they are not only of great quality but also made of bamboo. While other picks are made with harmful materials such as steels and plastics, these cocktail picks are certainly environmental friendly.

This cocktail pick comes in stylish design and perfect length to enjoy your food. Aside from that, they also have unique loop handle. This makes these bamboo toothpick very easy to handle and to use. You can use these picks for buffets, parties, and cocktails. Aside from these several advantages, another advantage of buying this bamboo products is that it comes with 350 pieces of bamboo picks. In the event that you are catering for a very large event, you need to have plenty of bamboo toohpicks.

The number of toothpick is what makes this brand a better option compared to other brands where they only offer 200-300 pieces of bamboo toothpicks. On the other hand, if the event is not that big, you need not to have plenty of toothpicks. Ideal for holiday parties, birthday parties and social events. Best of all, no required cleaning!They provide a lifetime warranty on their grinders so that they could ensure their clients have a 100% satisfaction and safety. 


  • 100% Bamboo
  • 350 pieces bamboo toothpicks
  • Unique loop handle


  • Only 4.7 inch and may not be able to handle large meat and appetizers

Makerstep Bamboo Toothpicks with Knot

Product description:

Last on our list of the best bamboo toothpicks with the knot is this Makerstep Bamboo 4 inch Cocktail Picks. It consists of 300 pieces toothpicks, has looped know, and disposable. These are premium quality natural bamboo cocktail picks that are perfect for stirring drinks, securely holding sandwiches together, for appetizers, and serving barbeque.

Upon using this product, you will certainly find yourself eager to use it again as it makes your job easier. Since it is disposable, you do not need to wash them, unlike those of plastic and metal straws. No doubt why home cooks and professional chefs prefer to use these kinds of products for amazing drinks and culinary designs.

No high-quality materials can beat the amazing quality of natural bamboo. It is an amazing renewable resource that is grown in almost all parts of the world. In addition to that, it is not difficult to get bamboo materials as they grow faster and stronger, making them a perfect durable material for cocktail picks. Safe to use by friends and family as it is not made with harsh chemicals and impurities.

A lot of people would love to see fancy looped wood knots as it makes everything extra special and classy. Apart from the design, these looped wood knots is also the perfect way to hang on the edge of a glass. Dress up the glasses using these cocktail picks. Also, they look fancy in sandwiches and snack-size shish kabob sticks for grilled foods. It is no wonder why a lot of people keep these beside the bbq grill and most certainly in the kitchen that are usually displayed in a cup or jar.


  • Made with superior quality bamboo
  • Fancy looped ends
  • Will not flavor drinks
  • Comprises of 300 pieces


  • The toothpicks might be too short

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which one should I buy, plastic cocktail picks or bamboo cocktail picks?

A: In the present times, people are more cautious about the types of products they are using, especially the type of materials they are made from. With that, they prefer using products that are made from natural materials as these are safe not only for humans but also for the environment. On the other hand, there are still people who choose plastic cocktail picks as they are more durable and reusable. With that, you do not need to buy a new pack of cocktail picks for your next catering event.

Q: What are the risks of using bamboo toothpicks?

A: Using bamboo toothpicks with knot does not have much of a risk as it aims to provide safety. However, you should be extra careful when it comes to looking for the best brand of bamboo toothpicks. While some brands claim that the item is made from 100% bamboo, it is not always true. Just to be sure, you should invest on reputable brands because they make sure that they use the best quality bamboo. In the event that you end up buying low quality bamboo toothpicks, they will easily get broken.

Apart from that, if you decided to use bamboo toothpicks, you should expect that some products come with a weird smell.

Q: What are cocktail sticks called

A: If you have been to several parties before and you recall seeing a 4-7 inches sharp stick that holds decorations such as cherries, they are called cocktail sticks. They are short cylindrical sticks that are normally made of wood. Furthermore, they are used for serving foods like amuse bouches.

Final Words

Cocktail picks are very important accessory to the overall presentation of any cocktail. It spices up the presentation, making it look more classy. When choosing from a large option of cocktail picks, it is important to consider not only the style and price but also the material it is made from. The above-mentioned bamboo toothpicks with knot are made with superior quality bamboo. They will make your cocktail look fancy while ensuring the safety of friends, family, guests, and the environment.



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