Are Bamboo Chopsticks Reusable?



Aside from fork and spoon, chopsticks are also a great utensil. 

It can give you more authentic culinary experience while eating. As well as you can prevent on the accident splatters of soy sauce that can ruin your attire. 

But wait is you wandering if bamboo chopsticks are reusable? 

In this article we will find out if bamboo chopsticks are reusable. So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

Bamboo Chopsticks  

Being produced using an exceptionally inexhaustible asset, bamboo chopsticks are an eco-accommodating option in contrast to wood since bamboo develops and spreads rapidly.  

Bamboo chopsticks come in reusable or dispensable models. The two sorts are light and agreeable to hold.  

They are helpful to carry on an outdoors trip, at a café, at your work environment, and furthermore incredible for ordinary use if the dish you are serving is proper for them. 

Are bamboo chopsticks reusable? 

Generally speaking, YES, bamboo chopsticks are REUSABLE. That’s why it would be a great idea if you can Save them!  

According to our research we are using 80 billions of disposable chopsticks each year. And, it takes one to 20 years old tree to produce 4,000 chopsticks.  

In China, 20 million of tree is chopped down for disposable chopsticks. These disposable chopsticks are threatening are forest. 

So, before it’s too late the only solution is to use the reusable chopsticks as it helps to prevent deforestation.  

Although, a lot of resources and time went into making them, even the disposable kind. Just make sure to take care and wash them like other wooden utensils and for sure they will last longer. 

Thus, the quality bamboo chopsticks can last 2 to 3 years. For your health purposes and depending on the frequency of use. It would be advisable to replace your reusable bamboo chopsticks every 3 to 6 months. 

What Are the Best Bamboo Reusable Chopsticks?  

The best reusable styles as we would see it are dishwasher safe models. They are made of a most strong material, for example, metal or plastic, or have extraordinary additional extreme completes that can rise up to water and cleansers.  

Treated steel sets resemble flatware and will keep going for a considerable length of time.  

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OUR Top 3 Bamboo Chopsticks Picks


Totally Bamboo Twist Reusable Bamboo Chopsticks 

Bamboo is both lightweight and solid, making it the ideal material for chopsticks. These chopsticks have a tenderly bent body that is intended to look cool and give clients a superior grasp.  

While bamboo is tough, these chopsticks ought not to be put in the dishwasher or left to absorb the fluid. Rather, give them a fast spotless with cleanser and a wipe and let them air dry.  


  • Reusable and durable.
  • Easy to care and clean.
  • Doesn’t slide or anything.


  • You can see little beads on all of the chopsticks because the finish was poorly applied.

 JapanBargain Bamboo Chopsticks Reusable 3672 

The Japan Bargain Bamboo Chopsticks are the best bamboo chopsticks since they have a pleasant structure and they are sturdy. These chopsticks are around nine inches in length, so they are anything but difficult to use for a great many people.  

You will get five sets of the chopsticks with the goal that you can engage loved ones and each individual can have a couple. They are additionally reusable. Keep them clean by utilizing cleanser, water and wipe. These chopsticks clear off effectively with the goal that you don’t need to invest a ton of energy into cleaning them.  

The bamboo is entirely tough. These chopsticks don’t fragment or break when you use them for expanded timeframes. There is a covering that assists with securing them. Yet, it doesn’t chip off when you are eating with them or cleaning them.  


  • The quality is excellent.
  • You can hold it easily.
  • Ideal for multiple food types.


  • The chopstick has a strong odor at first.

Hiware Premium Quality 10 Pairs Reusable Chopsticks Set 

The tempered steel chopsticks are produced using steel that is of high-grade quality and that has been cleaned and brushed to flawlessness. The top and the base pieces of the steel chopsticks have hostile to dangerous structures with the goal that they can be serenely utilized even by fledglings. These are also sturdy and doesn’t contain any compound or material that may be harmful to your body.  

The bamboo ones are cleaned and are smooth to contact. They are likewise fascinating a result of the structure which has Chinese characters and botanical workmanship at the top part. To abstain from slipping, the top piece of the wooden ones has slight spaces at the top that gives your fingers a decent grasp and command over the chopsticks.  

They are additionally totally safe to be utilized for eating as they contain no BPA, PVC, or phthalates. They can be utilized day by day without any stresses over rusting since they are made of bamboo as it were. The bamboo and the craftsmanship on these ones additionally make a progressively genuine feel while having Asian dishes. 


  • It has a great grip.
  • You can clean it easily.
  • Good deal for price and quantity.


  • It has a very strong chemical smell that is coming from the varnish coating on the bamboo set.

How to Keep up the Chopsticks to Prolong their Life?

While there are various ways to keep up various types of chopsticks. There are a few hints that are the equivalent for all. How about we investigate them:  

Cleaning with Hot Water  

Absorb the chopsticks tepid lathery water for two minutes and clean them completely. Wipe them dry with a delicate cotton material. Envelop them with a material or paper and store them away. In the event that you have wooden chopsticks, absorb them water for just 30 seconds.  

Store in a Dry Area  

Presenting the chopsticks to coordinate daylight can make them stained and twist the outsides. Continuously store the chopsticks in a dim and dry yet all around ventilated spot to keep up the hues.  

The best spot to store them is in an exceptional box made for chopsticks, which has vents to keep the air moving.  

Clean with Baking Soda and Lime Juice 

In case that you ate something slick with the chopsticks, the chopsticks may show up stained. Blend one piece of baking soda and one piece of lime juice with one cup of water.  

Use cotton to rub the blend everywhere throughout the chopsticks. Continuously move toward the grain. You can also include two or three portions of rock salt to the blend to dispose of the stain and hold the first shading.  

Soak it with Vinegar  

Expel scents by cleaning the chopsticks with water. Blend the equivalent drop of vinegar and water and rub the chopsticks with the arrangement along its grain.  

You can include a tablespoon of lemon juice to weaken the vinegar smell. In case that you would prefer not to do that, you should hold up until two or three days to utilize the chopsticks for the vinegar smell to vanish. However, that is just on the off chance that you can’t endure the smell.  

Smoothen with Sandpaper  

On the off chance that you notice your chopsticks are beginning to brace, discard them however on the off chance that you need them you longer, smoothen them out with sandpaper.  

It is a reasonable option in contrast to purchasing new ones. Continuously keep 100, 200, and 400 coarseness sandpapers in your home or eatery for a handy solution.  

While these tips and deceives do broaden the lifetime, you can’t utilize chopsticks always, particularly ones made out of wood or bamboo.  

Storing Your Chopsticks  

In case that you pick reusable chopsticks, you can store them with your different utensils. The one exemption would be in the event that you are utilizing glass chopsticks. This ought to be store independently since they can break in the event that they are blended in with other metal utensils.  

Chopsticks occupy little room. So, you can pick to place them into your utensil coordinator or their own compartment. With glass chopsticks, you should seriously think about getting a case to hold them so that if something falls working on it, the chopsticks won’t support any harm.  

When to Dispose Off the Chopsticks?  

It is important for you to know when it is the ideal time to discard the chopsticks. Utilizing them for a really long time can cause stomach related difficulties in light of support ingestion. In the event that the chopsticks build up a break or the paint gets chipped, the time has come to supplant them.  

Supplant your old chopsticks with new ones at regular intervals to a year, despite the fact that they are in totally acceptable conditions and the surface is smooth. Instead of discarding your reusable chopsticks, you can reuse them.  

You can veneer them up and utilize the chopsticks to prepare your youngsters to eat with chopsticks. Paint the chopsticks and transform them into bookmarks.  

On the off chance that you have a home manure framework and you use chopsticks made out of wood or bamboo, you can arrange them there and spare the earth.  

How to Reuse Bamboo Pairs?  

You can reuse all bamboo chopsticks. It’s better to save them! A great deal of time and assets went into making them, even the expendable kind. Wash and care them like other wooden utensils and they will keep going for a long time.  

Those stamped or sold as “dishwasher safe” can be washed in home dishwashers simply like flatware. Spot them level on the upper rack, across to the rack wires to keep them from tumbling down into the lower spans of the dishwasher.  

Painted sets that aren’t indicated as dishwasher safe should be hand washed with cleanser and water. Never leave painted sticks dousing for any time span or the wood will grow and harm the paint finish. Regular or incomplete sets ought to be treated in comparable design, and every once in a while, wipe on a light layer of cooking oil. Wipe off any overabundance oil.  

At the point when you no longer need to reuse them, repurpose them. They make extraordinary plant stakes, hair sticks, drink stirrers, and can be utilized for a heap of art and workmanship ventures. In the event that they are normal with no painted completion, at that point they can be treated the soil with other yard squander.  

Reason Why Should We Reuse Them?  

It can take a great deal of work and common assets to make a couple of chopsticks. Practically all sets are made in Asia, China or Japan.  

Reusable chopsticks are normally made of bamboo, which is a fast-developing, effectively inexhaustible asset. Anyway, some are made of wood, which in the examination is delayed to regrow, and it is evaluated China chops down 3.8 million trees every year to produce over 5.7 billion sets. They are then bundled in a paper wrapper to keep them clean. See our article on how expendable sets are made.  

Sets ensured with a completion, for example, paint or clear finish, are intended to be kept and reused, ideally for a long time. A common Japanese number one quality completion that is made of five paint layers. Two groundwork layers of sealer, two shadings of layers, and one clear layer of defensive completion. The whole procedure takes up to 45 days 

Plastic and treated steel sets have a more prominent effect on our condition during assembling yet will last far longer than most wood or bamboo sets. These reusable models require oil, synthetic compounds, metals, and vitality to deliver. So, while they may consider as a biological option in view of their solidness. They have a more prominent in advance effect on the earth. 

Ways to Reuse Bamboo Chopsticks 

  • Use them as a barbecue skewer. 
  • Make it as a seedling plant support. 
  • Use it to create a new spot for a stripped screw hole. 
  • Laber your plants using the chopstick. 


Bamboo chopsticks are also great eating utensils and can be also useful tool in the kitchen. 

These items can be used over again and you can wash them easily. 

However, for your health purposes it would be better if you will replace them every 3 to 6 months.  

Additionally, using reusable chopsticks can also help in preventing deforestation. 

So, if using disposable chopsticks make you feel, guilty. Why not use reusable bamboo chopsticks instead? 

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