Bulldog Bamboo Razor Review – Is This Worth Your Money?



Bamboo razor, anyone? The Bulldog Bamboo razor is one of the latest releases in the market. It’s gaining traction in the market due to its eco-friendly design and unique material. Bulldog is known for its skincare products, which now include the famed bamboo razor. In this Bulldog Bamboo Razor review, we will take a look at this product, its features, and if it’s worth your money.

About the Bulldog Bamboo Razor

The Bulldog Skincare brand is known for its skincare products. Recently, they have made their very first razor – one with a bamboo handle. Such a touch makes it stand out among other razors in the market. 

For those who want to spruce up their manscaping, the Bulldog Bamboo Razor is a great choice. It has a smooth bamboo handle that’s both aesthetic and environment-friendly. 

With billions of plastic razors being thrown in the trash each year, switching to a bamboo version is a smart choice. With this, you will become part of the initiative to reduce the plastic waste of the planet.

Aside from that, the Bulldog Bamboo Razor is a presentable option. It’s also a sustainable alternative to metal and plastic options. 

The following are the notable features of the Bulldog Bamboo Razor:

*5-Razor Blade

Even if you’re switching to a new razor, it doesn’t mean you’re going to settle for lesser blades. The Bulldog Bamboo Razor has five blades to give you a precise shave. The blades are made of steel with an edge that stays sharp for long. 

*Recycled bamboo and steel material

Moreover, the Bulldog Bamboo Razor is made of the recycled bamboo handle and recycled steel blade. Despite that, it has a sharp edge that lasts long. Most of all, it has a high-end feel and looks though its price is very affordable – even cheaper than bigger brands.

This makes the Bulldog Bamboo Razor a more fitting choice for environment-conscious individuals. You’ll have peace of mind that the razor you’re using is making Mother Nature a big favor.

*Smooth shave

Who wants a bumpy shave? If you hate cuts and bumps on your chin, it’s time to try the Bulldog Bamboo Razor. It gives a smooth shave that can compete with more expensive and popular brands. 

*Flexible head

With the flexible head of this razor, you can shave with ease. It contours on the curves of your face so you can trim facial hair in only a few passes.

*Lubricating strip with aloe

This razor is equipped with a lubricating strip infused with aloe extracts. This will nourish your skin and prevent itching after each shave. 


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*No razor burn!

The best thing about the Bulldog Bamboo Razor is it doesn’t cause razor burn. Each glide is smooth and pain-free. 

*Better than Gillette

To be honest, many users of this razor claim that this is better than Gillette. For such a well-crafted razor, there’s no harm in switching and trying. Just one piece of this razor will last for months. 

*Long-lasting blade edge 

Another great thing about the Bulldog Bamboo Razor is it has a long-lasting edge. Even after frequent use, this razor remains sharp. In fact, it only requires minimal maintenance. 

*Green option

There’s no doubt that this razor is an eco-friendly choice. It’s made of recycled materials that reduce both plastic and metal waste. Once the razor has reached the end of its lifespan, you can send it to a recycling center. 

*Very affordable 

Above all, the Bulldog Bamboo Razor is extremely cheap. You can get two or more pieces without hurting your pocket. For such quality, this razor is already a steal. 


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Like any razor, there are some downsides to using the Bulldog Bamboo Razor. The first thing that we noticed is that you have to check the tightness of the blades before each use. This way, your razor will not become loose halfway on your shaving.

For those who are used to using a lightweight razor, the Bulldog Bamboo Razor may feel a little clunky at first. Still, it’s not much of a deal-breaker if you’re looking for a high-quality razor to use daily. 

Alternative options:

The Bulldog Bamboo Razor is an eco-friendly choice. But if you’re looking for other options, we recommend these two equally functional razors for you: 

Another bamboo razor that we recommend is the Bambaw Safety Razor. The handle of this razor is made of bamboo while the other parts are made of stainless steel. This gives the razor and clean look.

We also like that this razor is extremely durable. Also, it has a double edge that gives a smooth and close shave without the bumps. This is made to last a lifetime, something that’s worth the purchase for such a small price. 

Once the blade of your Bambaw razor became dull, you can replace it with a new set without the need to purchase another unit. 

Aside from the razor itself, you will also have access to an in-depth and comprehensive digital manual. Here, you’ll learn how to assemble the razor properly as well as how to use it. The guide also includes a recipe for shaving treatments so you can enjoy the razor on every use. 

Another part that we like is it comes in an elegant box with contoured storage. This way, you can send the razor as a gift to a friend or family member. 

The Bambaw razor is heavier than other razors, but this additional weight also helps in the shaving ease. 

Zomchi Bamboo Safety Razor

Lastly, we recommend the Zomchi Bamboo Safety Razor. It’s made for safe shaving, thanks to its double edge design. It can be used on the face, head, legs, and other body parts.

Moreover, this is a unisex razor with a bamboo handle, which is a better alternative to plastic razors. This has a comfy grip so you can shave with ease and precision. You can use this on your delicate skin without worrying about bumps.

Aside from that, the ZOMCHI Bamboo razor has an easy to change blade holder. You can also use typical blades as a replacement. Also, this razor doesn’t clog even if you’re shaving a thick beard, plus it gives a smooth finish. This is made to last long for a very competitive price. 

This is a perfectly balanced razor so it doesn’t feel too heavy without looking cheap. You can also send it as a gift to your special someone or your close friends. 

Aside from the razor, you’ll also get a blade inside the package. Just be careful in unpacking the blade to prevent cuts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I achieve the closest shave?

A: The simplest trick to having the closest shave is by going with the grain of your beard or facial hair. Also, be gentle and glide the razor smoothly to avoid pulling and bumps. You should also use a sharp razor like those we listed in this Bulldog Bamboo Razor review.

Q: Can I use the Bulldog Bamboo Razor for my legs?

A: With its sharp blade, you surely can use this for your legs. However, you should note that the Bulldog Bamboo razor is made for facial use only. If you need to shave your legs, you might as well get one dedicated for your legs and bikini area.

Q: What can I do with my used razor blades?

A: You can send it to a recycling center near you. It’s better if you use bamboo razors since its handle is biodegradable and very easy to recycle. If you are to give out the used razors to a recycling center, make sure that you tape the blades first to prevent accidents. 

Q: Is it safe to flush a used bamboo razor to the toilet?

A: No, you should never flush any used razor in your toilet. This will cause clogging, not to mention that the razor will no flush properly. If you want to get rid of the razor, tape the blade and put it in the trash can. 

Q: Should I throw my razor away once the blades are dull?

A: No! The likes of Bulldog Bamboo Razor have replaceable blades. You can purchase the replacement blades online so you no longer have to buy a new razor. This is more cost-efficient and eco-friendly. It also lets you make the most out of your razor. 


Shaving is a regular part of our grooming process. With this, you must choose the best one to use. As much as you can purchase plastic razors, you can also level up with the bamboo version. 

What do you think of our Bulldog Bamboo Razor review? How about the alternatives we reviewed here as well? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!



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