Cleaning a Bamboo Cutting Board: Everything You Need to Know

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Practicing sanity measures in the kitchen will ensure the health and overall well-being of the whole family. One good example is cleaning a bamboo cutting board that you use for vegetables and other raw foods to prepare a meal. Today in this blog post, we’re going to break down the proper way to clean a bamboo cutting board. Make sure to also stick around until the very end as we give you the best bamboo cutting boards in the market.

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Cleaning a Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo cutting boards are more preferred than wooden ones because they’re more resistant and safer. They certainly don’t absorb liquids easily, that’s why they don’t worn down fast. At the same time, they have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that make them the ‘go-to’ cutting boards for the kitchen.

Just as how much helpful and convenient they are in the kitchen, you have to make sure that you observe proper maintenance of them. By doing so, you’re ensured that the utensil is sanitized and will be durable in a long run.

Cleaning a bamboo cutting board is definitely simple and easy. You may impart this too with anyone who manages the kitchen in your house as well as to your kids, so they know the value of sanitation in the kitchen. It absolutely still boils down to the fact that cleanliness in the kitchen translates to the optimum health and overall well-being of the family.

Here are some ways of properly cleaning a bamboo cutting board, according to Healthy Cookware.


Cleaning a bamboo cutting board entails the use of a mild soap and water only. Use a spatula to scrap of all remaining food waste. Always remember to wash it fast that it isn’t that exposed to water.

For this same reason, washing a bamboo cutting board must be done promptly after use, not to stack it with other utensils in the dishwasher.

The heat in the dishwasher will damage the protective oil coating, resulting to warping.

Furthermore, it’s best if you rinse it off with hot running water and dry it well with a clean dishtowel. After washing, let it air dry for a few hours before storing it in place.

Stubborn Stains

In cleaning a bamboo cutting board, you’ll likely come across stains which just seem to pull your brain out of your head with their stubbornness! In dealing with persisting stains, remember to not use chemical cleaning agents. It’s more advisable to utilize either coarse salt or baking soda.

If you choose to use coarse salt, then what you need to do first is cover the stained area with it. Then rub the salt into the stain using either a wet cloth or sponge. You can definitely add more salt and repeat the process until the stain is gone.

On the other hand, if you pick baking soda, you have to sprinkle some of it into the stain. Then rub with a damp cloth. After that, you have to let the baking soda stay there for a few minutes to maximize its cleaning capacity. Once done, rinse it well and then towel it dry before putting the bamboo cutting board back in the drawer.


Deodorizing a bamboo cutting board is essential to remove the smell that lingers upon it. How do you actually do it? Get a lemon and some salt first.

To deodorize a smelly cutting board, you have to sprinkle some salt on it and squeeze half of a lemon while rubbing it across the surface.

Leave the mixture you created on the board for at least 2 hours. By doing so, you’re letting both the lemon and salt to deeply penetrate the bamboo, maximizing their cleaning properties to put off the bad odors. Once done, rinse well and then towel dry the board. The latter is essential to remove any excess moisture. Do so by using either a clean cloth or paper towel. Then let the bamboo cutting board to air dry before storing.


Cleaning a bamboo cutting board also means that you have to disinfect it. You may be wondering now why since we just mentioned that bamboo in itself has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties already.

Well, know that even if that’s the case with bamboos, disinfecting them from time to time is still necessary to ensure total sanitation and prevent contamination. When your bamboo cutting board comes in contact with raw meats, poultry, and seafood, they must be disinfected at once.

You can do this by using white vinegar which is a natural cleaner and disinfectant with solid antimicrobial properties.

What you need to do first is to soak a cloth in a solution of vinegar and water (one to one ratio). Then rub it over the board. At the same time, put some baking soda over it. Next, you have to let the said mixture to stay there for a few minutes. Once done, rinse well and then wipe thoroughly with a dishtowel.

Moreover, you can also opt for a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, which is non-irritant, environmentally friendly, and works well as a surface disinfectant. Just always make sure to separate the vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. They can’t be put in the same bowl or applied to the same towel. Additionally, treat the board with mineral oil after drying.

Restoring Surface

When you’re always using your bamboo cutting board, of course it will worn itself as time pass. However, there’s no need to fret about this. To restore, you can use a sheet of fine sandpaper to re-sand the finish and make the surface smooth again. Just make sure to get off all the dust and wash the board with hot, soapy water.

Then you must let it to dry completely before re-coating the bamboo with mineral oil. Furthermore, you may also find yourself facing another dilemma which is a warped bamboo cutting board. You can do something about this by putting it in warm water for a couple of hours. You have to lay it on a flat surface and place another flat object over it.

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Lastly, the place where you keep your bamboo cutting board matters a lot. Make sure that it’s indeed a cool and dry place where the air can circulate around the board.

Take note that to keep the board away from extreme heat, don’t place it next to the stove or in other hot areas. At the same time, don’t ever do the mistake of placing pans removed from the stove and other hot items on top of it.

Furthermore, store the bamboo cutting board by placing it horizontally in its place. Mold is also a problem, so prevent its growth by not keeping the board in areas with high humidity.

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Top 5 Bamboo Cutting Boards


Colorado Custom Products Bamboo Wood Cutting Board

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Another one of the amazing bamboo cutting boards is Colorado Custom Products’ Bamboo Wood Cutting Board. It’s manufactured in Fort Collins, Colorado, with up to 6 square inches of engraving.

Colorado Custom Products takes pride that this product is great for real estate gifts. They can customize this product according to your own liking in terms of size, material, shape, and engraving/printing. All you have to do is email them for a custom quote to meet your preferences.

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Thick Bamboo Wood Cutting Board

Photo Credit: Amazon

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD’s Thick Bamboo Wood Cutting Board is heavy duty with juice grooves and handles. It’s really a great convenience when you have this product in your kitchen. For carving meat, fish, and chicken, this can certainly be your go-to. At the same time, this serves as a perfect housewarming gift.

Moreover, this bamboo cutting board is a double-sided reversible board that features a thick self-healing end grain structure. It’s also knife-friendly with the smooth bamboo surface, making sure that there will be no marks left. At the same time, the bamboo is antibacterial.

Take note also that this won’t only serve as a good chopping block just to cut the food, but also a good serving tray for steaks, loins, chicken, and even cheese.

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Extra Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove

Photo Credit: Amazon

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD also offers a bamboo cutting board that’s extra large. If that’s what you prefer in a cutting board, then choose this one!

It’s easy on knives, thus allows a smoother and more enjoyable cooking experience for you. Moreover, this product with a beautiful design is convenient and practical with the side handles.

If you choose to avail this, you don’t need to worry since it’s a professional, high quality, durable, and a thick edge grain extra large bamboo cutting board. Furthermore, it’s eco-friendly with the organic material it’s made from with no stains or pesticides. It’s also certainly antibacterial which just makes this more amazing!

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Unique Bamboo Cheese Board, Charcuterie Platter, and Serving Tray

Photo Credit: Amazon

Another amazing one from ROYAL CRAFT WOOD is the Unique Bamboo Cheese Board, Charcuterie Platter, and Serving Tray.

This board is made from 100%-organic thick bamboo wood. It’s completely safe and natural while also being water-resistant and antibacterial. Additionally, it has a smooth surface, making it knife-friendly and durable.

Besides being a cutting board, it contains additional spaces for meat and crackers, making it an amazing wine and cheese serving tray.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is bamboo better than wood for a cutting board?

A: They absorb less liquid than wooden boards, making them have a good durability that stands the test of time.

Q: Is there any drawback to bamboo cutting boards?

A: It’s a little bit harder on knives.

Q: What does mineral oil do to bamboo cutting boards?

A: Applying mineral oil to your bamboo cutting board for once a month prevents it from drying out and cracking. Take note that it’s also used for taking care of other kitchen utensils such as wooden spoons.

Q: Is a plastic cutting board a good substitute for a bamboo cutting board?

A:  A University of Michigan study found that “more bacteria are recovered from a used plastic surface than from a used wood surface.” So even though plastic may seem good because it’s safe to put into the dishwasher, opt as much as possible for a wooden one, or at best, a bamboo one.

Is Bamboo Good for Cutting Boards?

Bamboo is absolutely a good material for cutting boards. They pave the way for a much cleaner, safer, and natural cooking experience. At the same time, you’ll have this joy within you in knowing that you’re using something that’s environment-friendly. And remember, having a good mood while cooking has always been proven to make meals much more delicious! So what are you waiting for? Check out the best bamboo cutting boards and avail yourself of one now! You don’t want to miss such amazing products!



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