How To Cook Canned Bamboo Shoots [Recipe & Tips]



Do you want to incorporate canned bamboo shoots into your regular diet but are slightly confused about the cooking process? Then stay with the entire article to learn how to cook canned bamboo shoots with a straightforward procedure. Canned bamboo shoots are a ready-to-cook item that doesn’t require peeling off. Just open up the container, rinse thoroughly and cut the stem into slices.

Then add some favorite spices and vegetables to get a better taste. Finally, cook for 20 minutes and enjoy the food. It does not end here. Read the article carefully to learn the recipe for canned bamboo shoots, additional cooking tips, and more details. Hopefully, you will get some wholly new and necessary information on how to cook canned bamboo shoots.

How To Cook Canned Bamboo Shoots? In 8 Simple Steps

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Different Bamboo shoots recipes are popular as appetizers, snacks, or main courses. But while buying the canned one, it is more suitable to make a curry. So without any delay, here I’m sharing an easy way of cooking canned bamboo shoots, which are healthy and tasty.

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Step 1: Prepare The Bamboo Shoots

First of all, open the can and take out the bamboo shoots. Rinse them several times to eliminate the bitterness and smell of preservatives. Then cut into small pieces or long or thin in any shape according to requirement.

Step 2: Cut Some Additional Vegetables

Bamboo shoots curry becomes tastier with some other vegetables. You can add potato, carrot, capsicum, peach, or anything you prefer. It is time to wash them off and cut them properly. Read Here: How To Prepare Bamboo Shoots?

Step 3: Arrange The Spices

Some ingredients are needed to cook the curry. Take three to four medium size onions and chop them finely. Then grind one garlic and a small piece of ginger with water. The spices are ready.

Step 4: Start Cooking

Put The saucepan on the stove on medium heat. Pour ⅓ cup of coconut or sesame oil and let it hot. Now add some cumin seeds to it. Then saute the onions and mix the garlic and ginger paste. Add a generous amount of salt and stir for three to four minutes.

Step 5: Add Some Spices

This recipe requires spices like ½ teaspoon of red chili powder and black paper, one teaspoon of cumin powder, etc. Add a little water while mixing the spices; otherwise, it may burn.

Step 6: Make The Gravy

Now prepare the gravy. Pour two cups of water into the saucepan and stir. Leave it for five minutes with a pan cover. Wait for the perfect consistency.

Step 7: Add The Bamboo Shoots And Vegetables

Finally, add the bamboo shoots and vegetables and mix all of them. Add a little bit of water if needed, and cover the pan. Now cook for fifteen minutes on medium to low heat. Wait for the bamboo and vegetables to cook correctly.

Step 8: Serve With Tomato Slices

At the end of cooking, take some tomatoes and green chilies, cut them into slices, and spread them over the curry. At this moment, remember to check the taste of salt. Again cover the pan for two minutes and stop the gas oven. Read Here: How to Roll Sushi With A Bamboo Mat [Step-by-Step Guide]

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4 Tips To Increase The Taste Of Canned Bamboo Shoots

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Cooking is artistry; anyone can do the job according to their preference. I’m passionate about cooking and have a better experience cooking bamboo shoots. Here I’m sharing some additional tips according to my knowledge. Check them below to get a more tasty recipe.

Tip 1: Avoid Over Cooking

Never overcook these vegetables because they can lose their natural smell and nutrients. Just boil the bamboo shoots properly for a healthy and tasty curry. Besides, always cook it on medium to low heat to preserve the taste, vitamins, and consistency.

Tip 2: Add A Little Bit of Sour Ingredients

This trick is a game changer for canned bamboo shoots cooking. A few sour ingredients can balance the taste, like tomato to one teaspoon of lemon juice. Also, it can reduce the bitterness of canned bamboo shoots.

Tip 3: Don’t Add Too Much Water.

Consistency is vital for making any curry. Try to keep the item juicy enough but not runny. Add water to boil it properly but avoid extra. If you need clarification about the quantity of water, add it gradually.

Tip 4: Keep The Recipe Simple

Using too many ingredients can eliminate the actual taste of bamboo shoots. Try to use minimal spices in this recipe. Regular common ingredients and spices are enough to cook it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Can You Use Canned Bamboo Shoots?

Canned bamboo shoots are ready to cook and perfect for making fried items to curry. The canned ones are peeled off and sliced. So, just open up, rinse thoroughly and make any dishes as preference. For snacks or meals, these vegetables are incredible in taste and nutrients(2). Most vegans and vegetarians prefer this food item as a quick meal

How Long Should You Cook Canned Bamboo Shoots?

Canned bamboo shoots need approximately fifteen to twenty minutes to cook properly. But twenty minutes is enough to boil. While using some other spices, the cooking time becomes reduced.

The canned product requires less time to cook than raw bamboo shoots. If you add extra water, then let it on low heat for more times.

Are Canned Bamboo Shoots Healthy?

Canned bamboo shoots are easy to use and healthy too. But make sure to rinse several times before cooking because there may be added sugar or salt for processing or preservation. With proper wash-off, the extra salt and sugar become reduced (1), and the food will be safer to consume.

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Final Thought:

The cooking of canned bamboo shoots is more convenient and time-saving. Besides, the recipe is quite effortless, and the food contains vitamins and minerals. Consumers already have enough ideas and knowledge to cook canned bamboo shoots. Why so late? Add this vegetable to your regular diet to stay healthy. But don’t forget to try my recipe.


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