Miracle Bamboo Pillow (Thing You Never Knew)



Miracle bamboo pillows have gained outstanding popularity when it comes to sleeping comfortably. Do you face trouble sleeping at night? Do you wake up with neck pain due to lack of sleep in the morning? Or, suffering from a lack of comfortable sleep for a long time? Then the Miracle bamboo pillow can give the best solution. Only a soft hug from a Miracle bamboo pillow can take away all the fatigue.

However, the Miracle bamboo pillow is not an ordinary one. The casing and fills provide a luxurious ambiance throughout the whole sleep. Most significantly, you are receiving this long-term comfort at an affordable expense.

But as a new consumer, you may need to learn more about the product. In that case, this article will work as a lifesaver. Here in this review, I will explain the features, benefits, and all details of the Miracle bamboo pillow. Besides, there are total consumer guidelines and tips at the end. So stay tuned throughout the article. Read Here: Top 5 Best Bamboo Pillowcases for Better Sleep

Miracle Bamboo Pillow: Specifications With A Table

After reviewing, I want to provide specific information about the product so that you can get a basic idea and match it with your requirements. Also, this section may act as a first impression for the consumers.

Principles Range
Fill Material Memory Foam
Type Bed Pillow
Product Dimensions 29.53 x 19.69 x 5 inches
Weight Weight 1.5 Kg
Fabric Viscose and Polyester
Pattern Plain
Price Click Here


While seeking the ultimate comfort zone at bedtime, this product can be the best choice. Its material, quality, and functionality ensure a cozy environment in your bed and reduce all tiredness. Want to know more about the magical thing? Check the wonder features below:

The pillow cover combines 40% viscose from bamboo and 60% polyester fabric that is comfortable enough during sleep. Besides, shredded memory foam with medium firmness ensures a perfectly smooth and cozy feeling in bed. So, after a whole day of working, you can rejuvenate with the  Miracle bamboo pillow.

Filing with memory foam is highly adjustable. Just push it to a firm surface and slowly steer to distribute the foam evenly for a smooth shape. Also, the easy molding opportunity with minimal pressure proves its flexibility. Anyone can mold, flatten or get fluffy again according to requirement.

As a fabric, polyester is the most durable. It remains the same after years of usage. And with the combination of viscose from bamboo adds another quality material. On the other hand, memory foam holds the fluffiness for a more extended period.

  • Moisture And Odor Resistant:

There is a concern that the bed pillow tends to get dirty with moisture and odor from the human body. And the moist surface promotes the growth of bacteria(2). But the perfect softness ensures comfort while sleeping, which is why the body doesn’t feel any disturbance. As a result, the temperature-regulating and breathable material resist sweat and odor.

  • Supportive For Neck And Shoulder:

The shredded memory foam can adjust with different sleeping positions. For more firm and lumbar support, make it flat by pushing or unzipping to remove some foam for a flat shape. It will work better for back pain survivors. In addition, the side sleepers feel comfortable with this Miracle bamboo pillow. 


  • Luxurious appearance
  • Moderately smooth
  • High-quality fabric and fill
  • The shape can be customized
  • Easy maintenance
  • Price worthy


  • White color may be prone to get stained

8 Things To Look For Before Buying A Bamboo Pillow

A bed pillow is a daily sleeping essential for a restful night and makes oneself re-energetic for the next day. That is why there is no more compromise with its quality. But choosing a quality product is a crucial part of the buying decision. Keep in mind the following things to buy efficiently:

Fabric covers the whole surface of the bed pillow. A high-quality fabric improves the product’s usage. Bamboo viscose is used to make bamboo fabric. However, the addition of polyester improves the fabric’s durability. As a result, you can select a fabric made of bamboo viscose and polyester.

The fluffiness comes with the shredded memory foam fill. They stay separate from each other and spread evenly all over the pillow. That is the reason behind its beautiful shape and flexibility. Try to choose this for a cozy and smooth sleeping commodity.

The desired shape and perfect size are other purchasing requirements. Avoid the heavy ones because they need to be smoother. And the rectangular shape is the most trendy and standard. However, shape retention is also a concern. In that case, there is no option without using memory foam to protect the shape.

This is the most crucial consideration for buying anything. Durability depends on quality. If the casing and fills materials are suitable in quality, the pillow will last long. Buy the bamboo viscose and mixed polyester casing and memory foam for filling. Maintain it the right way and enjoy it for a more extended period.

Choosing breathable material can ensure the highest comfort and protect against health issues. Sleepers are in close contact with the pillow while sleeping. They may feel unstable if it is not breathable, and the rest will be in vain. Bamboo cloth helps move air. So give priority to this area.

All you are doing is gaining the ultimate comfort. A Bed Pillow is nothing but a commodity of peace and luxury—the things we are discussing to ensure users’ convenience. The dimension, material, and functionality combine pleasure. So, find the zone and check out the moderate firmness and enough support. Then take the product with the perfect match. Read Here: 5 Best Bamboo Pillow Options for Hot Sleepers

Memory foam does not stick in place. They spread evenly everywhere and are very adjustable as well. That reason, the sleeper does not feel discomfort, and sweating becomes controlled. Besides, bamboo fiber has antibacterial properties that prevent odor. And this function is a must-have.

Another buying consideration is to fix the budget according to the product. I always recommend investing in quality products. Then the performance will satisfy you. Before buying, check the features and think how much it is price-worthy. Then purchase according to a decision. Bamboo fiber and memory foam are the two improved ingredients. 

5 Reasons Why A Miracle Bamboo Pillow Should Have In Your Bed

Still, wondering whether to buy a bamboo pillow? Or what’s the point of buying it? Several unique reasons can convince anyone. I will discuss those issues at this stage. Take a quick look below:

1. For Sound Sleep:

The luxurious pillow is the most competent commodity in your bed to provide sound sleep every day. The softness of bamboo fiber and memory foam with medium firmness and enough support ensures deep sleep. It also prevents any discomfort and ensures long-term rest. As a result, all tiredness reduces, and the body rejuvenates.

2. Antibacterial And Hypoallergenic Properties:

Bamboo fiber contains antibacterial benefits. That means it can prevent bacterial attacks and make it less prone to an allergic reaction. On the other hand, memory foam is also hypoallergenic and supportive.

Those features greatly support the human body in surviving so many diseases and infections. Besides, we know bacteria is the cause of making lousy odors. This function can take care of that.

 Provide A Cool And Dry Feeling: 

The bed pillow may become slightly damp for the weather or regular use. Bamboo viscose-made fabric can soak extra moisture and leave it dry. On the other hand, it controls the temperature by air regulation so that the surface remains cool all time. As a result, the cool and dry feeling promotes the sleeping mood.

4. Easy Maintenance: 

The bamboo pillow is easily washable by the machine and is a soap-based cleanser. No worries because it gets softer with regular wash. There is no complexity with air drying or sunlight. Also, the shape allows customizing according to choice and is easy to fatten or puff anytime with simple techniques.

5. Eco-Friendly Fabric:

The bamboo pillow is natural and can absorb the earth without harm. Today, we face severe issues in the environment. Too much plastic and synthetic uses turn our world into destruction. So eco-friendly products should be our priority.


Although the bamboo pillow is very easy to take care of and with little maintenance, the quality remains the same for a long time. But new users may need clarification. Here I am sharing some tips which will be helpful in all.

Tip 1: Avoid Oil Contact To The Pillowcase

It is usual for the pillowcase to come in contact with the scalp oil. But this can leave yellow stains on white covers that are almost impossible to clean. So they use hair oil and can take a shower cap before sleeping.

Tip 2: Don’t Over Cleanse

It is optional to wash the pillow regularly. It’s just a waste of soap and water. Just clean the casing once or twice a month. You can also avoid frequent washing by having multiple cases.

Tip 3: Determine The Water Temperature While Washing

Lukewarm water is the best for bamboo fiber. This water temperature cleans and protects very well. Too much hot or cool water can quickly damage the fiber and decrease its lifespan.

Tip 4: Avoid Harsh chemicals

Always use mild soap or detergent for cleaning. High alkalinity can damage the tissue of the fabric and make it rough. Although bamboo is famous for its softness, try to maintain this.

Tip 5: Dry It Properly

After washing, an essential task is to dry it properly. A damp pillow is not suitable for the human body, or if it doesn’t dry out completely, an odor may create and look flattened or unstable.


What Is Inside A Miracle Bamboo Pillow?

Miracle bamboo pillow is filled with shredded memory foam or polyester microfiber. Sometimes they get mixed to provide moderate firmness and moldability. Besides, bamboo fiber fills are available only in natural ingredients-based products.

As a result of these additions, the bamboo pillow provides the user with support in the neck and shoulder area during sleep. The primary purpose of making this is to ensure adequate comfort.

How Do You Fluff A Miracle Bamboo Pillow?

It is easy to fluff a bamboo pillow with just a hand. To puff this, shake it more to distribute the foam evenly inside and get the soft and fluffy shape in no time.

Shredded memory foams stay individually and don’t stick in one place. That is why it seems smooth and puffy. Also, the shape offers to change by requirements. But remember, solid foam pillows don’t allow you to re-puff.

Can You Wash A Miracle Bamboo Pillow?

Miracle bamboo pillow allows for cleaning up both casing and lining. Users can remove them with lukewarm water, mild detergent, and minimal rubbing. Then air dry or keep it under sunlight to remove all the moisture.

Furthermore, people who like to clean it by machine will be fine. Do not wash the liner regularly. Cleaning the cover once a week is sufficient. It softens with repeated washing.

How Long Can You Keep A Bamboo Pillow?

Generally, a bamboo pillow lasts for two years with complete activity. Then it loses shape and puffiness very quickly. Depending on usage and maintenance, the durability can increase or not.

In these two years of lifespan, the product provides total support and comfort in any sleeping position. It also offers to mold, flatten or puff by the user’s choice. Furthermore, the soft and breathable case gives you heavenly sleep every night.

The review phase is over. I have discussed almost everything about this topic. Now is the time to make a purchase. After a busy day, the Miracle bamboo pillow can give you sound sleep and a calming and soothing feeling. Only the customer understands the importance of this. 

Try out this fantastic sleeping solution. Miracle Bamboo Pillow is unbeatable for easy maintenance and a set of benefits. This is a package of comfort and luxury compared with a regular one. These flexibility, durability, and comfort features may not be available in others. So don’t be late.



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