The Best 4 Bamboo Bluetooth Speakers for Outdoors



Bluetooth speakers have been around for years now. People love them for their portability, sound, and many other benefits as we will see later in this guide. Bluetooth speakers use a wireless technology to receive the sound signal from various devices. Your Bluetooth speaker does not have to be boring. Well, boring in the sense that it is made from the same plastic materials as other models. You can now buy the best bamboo Bluetooth speakers in the market to enjoy the best sound and styling.

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Changes in Bluetooth Technology

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Depending on the version of Bluetooth, you are likely to experience varied performance of your speaker. Before you can buy one, you should understand some of the differences between Bluetooth versions.

Most speakers will either have version 4.2 or 5. These two are equally good in terms of sound and many other features. Between the two, version 5 is better and will be superior over a long range.

Version 4.2 will have a range of 50m for an outdoor range and 10m indoors. As for Bluetooth version 5, it delivers an impressive 200m outdoor range and 40m indoor range. As you can see, it would be best if you end up with a newer version of Bluetooth.

Since version 5 has recently been rolled out recently, devices using this type of technology might be slightly expensive. This does not mean you cannot end up with affordable devices. With a bit of research on the market, you can find the best bamboo speakers for the money and still affordable.

Why Choose Bamboo Bluetooth Speakers?

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Wireless capability

This should be the main reason why anyone would want to buy a Bluetooth speaker. You never have to worry about dealing with wires again once you have the Bluetooth speaker. Sometimes the wires can compromise the look of your speaker. Since they lack in such speakers, you should be left to experience the appearance of the speaker.

Considering they are made of bamboo material; the manufacturers can play around with different designs.


Bluetooth speakers are generally small. The aim is to make them portable. It is easy to toss them in your bag and take them anywhere. Once you get to your destination, you simply take it out and continue listening to your music.

Many people who enjoy their leisure time in the park can use this type of speaker. They never have to deal with the wires that might get tangled easily. Even those who would want to attend a gym or listen to music while in the office could still use this type of speaker.

Save power

Anyone who has used Bluetooth speakers knows that they can play music for hours without worrying about the battery. For most of them, the battery would last from 6 to 12 hours of continuous music play. Even if you have to recharge the speaker, you do not have to spend a lot of energy charging it up to full charge.

Ease of use

The speakers are easy to use in terms of connecting to various devices. For many, there is no need to install any special software. Once each device is turned on, simply connect via Bluetooth and you are good to go.

Newer models might have an app for smartphones to control the speakers. Even for such speakers, the connectivity is still simple. From the app, it is easy to manipulate the speaker to make it sound just as you want.

Good sound quality

In the past, Bluetooth sound quality was not the best. However, that has changed a lot over the years. Right now, all new Bluetooth speakers have some of the best sound quality you would ever want. There is no doubt you would enjoy your music each time when using one.


As compared to other speakers in the market, you should find that they can be quite affordable. As much as there are high-end Bluetooth speakers that cost a lot more, majority are affordable. It might surprise you just how easy it is to get an affordable speaker that still produces the best sound quality.

What to Look For When Buying Bamboo Bluetooth Speakers

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Compact and Lightweight

Let us say you plan a getaway with your friends. In such a case, having a compact and lightweight bamboo Bluetooth speaker should be ideal. No one wants to be walking around with a huge speaker.

Luckily, many companies now make ultra-light and compact Bluetooth speakers. Even for their small stature, these speakers would still have an amazing sound quality.

Compare the various sizes available before making up your mind. It is advisable to keep the size within 15cm if you want something portable.

The sound quality

The sound quality is something important for anyone who wants the best performance Bluetooth speaker. So, how would you know that a speaker is good in terms of sound without even listening to the speaker? There are several parameters you should look at to determine sound quality.

One of the parameters is the speaker output power. The output power is measured in terms of Watts. Since most of these speakers are small, do not expect them to develop too much power. Most would have an output of 15 to 20 watts with a level of 80dB. This volume is enough for you to listen to your music, even in an outdoor environment.

Another parameter is the range of frequencies. An audible spectrum for the human ear will range from 20Hz to 20KHz. For a speaker not able to work within these frequencies, then the sound would be ideal for you to enjoy.

Other things you should consider looking at regarding sound include the impedance and number of channels.

Battery life

Considering that you would be carrying your speaker around, the battery life is important. The last thing you want is to start listening to your favorite jams and suddenly the battery goes flat.

The battery life will vary a lot from one model to another. It is up to you to find a good model that comes with the best battery life. Anything from 6 hours of battery life should be ideal for anyone who needs a Bluetooth speaker.

Connectivity options

Since we are talking about Bluetooth speakers, then Bluetooth connection is out of the question under considerations. However, you would feel comfortable knowing that there are additional connectivity options. One of the common options would be using NFC or a 3.5mm auxiliary input.

Having a 3.5mm auxiliary input is great for those who need to connect to their old devices that do not have Bluetooth connectivity.


The next time you need to buy a great Bluetooth device, look at its compatibility with the devices using the older Bluetooth versions. Most speakers right now have the Bluetooth version 4 and 5. What if you have a device with an older Bluetooth? Will it still work?

This compatibility information will be listed in the product description on a device. Some might require that you install additional updates of the device software to avoid any compatibility issues.

Multiple speaker connectivity

This capability is called daisy chaining. Although it is a new feature, it seems like many more companies are making their Bluetooth speakers with the feature. With daisy chaining, you can connect several speakers to work as one large speaker with a better sound output. They can still be configured to deliver a better surround sound.

Overall design

With no wires present, a manufacturer has the option of becoming creative with the design of the Bluetooth speaker. Considering it is bamboo, we can always expect better styling. It does not have to be bamboo material alone. Some manufacturers combine bamboo with fabric, creating a nice style and design.

You can benefit from comparing various speakers to see which one looks the best. For something you would be going around with listening to music, you should consider something that looks great.

Top 4 Bamboo Bluetooth Speakers

Runner’s Up

Reveal Solar Speaker Bluetooth Bamboo Speaker

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Let us say you are headed to a camp, but still want to listen to your favorite tracks. This model is preferred as it has the option of charging its batteries by using solar energy. The use of a bamboo faceplate makes it eco-friendly in addition to recharging the batteries with solar panels. The unit allows for ease of pairing with other devices. You should have an easy time using it with any Bluetooth enabled device.

The speaker can still work as a charging station for your mobile devices. When listening to music, it is easy to drain your phone battery. That is no problem when you can charge your phone with this speaker.

Symphonized NXT Premium Genuine One-Piece Solid Hand Carved Bamboo Speaker

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For anyone who is looking for the best design and functionality, then this is a nice option to consider. It is made from a solid piece of bamboo. The result is that you end up with crystal clear acoustics and a deep bass. That is the best part of using bamboo material for sound reproduction.

As for connectivity, it is still easy for many users. With a few steps, you should have the device working great. As for the battery life, the unit comes with 6 hours of playtime. 6 hours should be enough for most users.

COMISO Bluetooth Speakers Super Bass Stereo Sound

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This unit comes with a better design in addition to the superior sound quality and rich full bass. You should enjoy yourself when it comes to using the unit today. Even the clarity of the acoustics is better as compared to some expensive models. If you love the bamboo material, then you should love the faceplate of this unit.

The battery will last you up to 12 hours. There is no doubt you would want to own this type of Bluetooth speaker as it will last you long outdoors. As for the Bluetooth range, you get up to 100 feet of range. It is better than most models within the same price range.

In Summary

Owning a bamboo Bluetooth speaker should be something that you enjoy. This is because of the many conveniences that come with owning one. Well, not all models can boast of having the best styling. As such, a bit of research is necessary to find yourself the right model. From the list above, you can now buy the best unit in the market.



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