5 Bamboo Bath Towels You Should Consider For Your Shower Room

bamboo bath towels


Your cotton towel might be soft and fluffy, but you’re about to experience what bamboo bath towels feel like.

Bamboo towels have been making the rounds of shower rooms and hotels due to its natural softness. Paired with antibacterial properties and an eco-friendly touch, it’s a unique choice if you want to spice up your bath.  Bamboo towels might be unfamiliar for some, but it’s a workhorse that can last for years.

Here, we reviewed 7 of the best bamboo bath towels that you can consider for your shower room:

Bamboo vs. cotton towels

While cotton will keep its place in the bathroom, bamboo towels serve as a great alternative. Based on tests, bamboo fabric is more absorbent than cotton. This is quite surprising as the cotton uses more water during propagation than bamboo.

Aside from that, bamboo towels absorb moisture quicker than regular cotton towels. When it comes to drying, the results will vary depending on how thick the towel is.

Usually, thick bamboo towels take time to dry as it absorbs a lot of moisture during washing. And with that, it becomes cumbersome too. Make sure that you use a sturdy clothesline when air-drying this towel.

Take note that some cotton towels are blended with polyester and, therefore, less efficient in absorbing water.

If you don’t want to ditch cotton and still try bamboo, you can look for a bamboo and cotton blend towel. It bears excellent absorbency as well as unbeatable softness.

Advantages of bamboo towels

The first benefit of bamboo towels is its excellent absorbency. It also remains soft and fluffy even after several washings.

Also, this towel resists mold, bacteria, and odor buildup. And if you have sensitive skin, bamboo towels are one of the most hypoallergenic fabrics you can use.

Moreover, bamboo towels are easy to maintain. IT doesn’t wrinkle or pill easily, so you get to enjoy its luxurious softness for long. In fact, it’s so soft you don’t need to use a fabric softener anymore!

Above all, bamboo towels are environment-friendly. The bamboo plants where the fibers came from use less water than cotton and didn’t need pesticides to survive.

The following are more of the benefits of using bamboo bath towels:

*Excellent colorfastness*Sustainable source*Lasts longer than other towels*Versatile fabric

*Kind to the skin

Some downsides

Like other fabrics, bamboo towels have its disadvantages. Some bamboo towels are produced haphazardly, which causes more carbon footprints than cotton. We recommend looking for a high-quality towel produced responsibly by a reliable manufacturer.

Lastly, bamboo towels tend to be more expensive than other options. Still, it’s just a small price to pay, though, considering that the fabric is high in quality.

Bamboo towels can be infused with charcoal

The good thing about bamboo towels is it can be infused with bamboo charcoal. This increases the antibacterial and antiseptic properties of the fabric. However, expect that it will cost more.

The infused charcoal will absorb any pollutant by trapping it within the fibers. Upon washing, this dirt will be removed, and your towel will be fresh as new.

What to look for bamboo bath towels

If you’re looking for the best bamboo towels, you must consider the following points first:

-Right size and weight

The first thing you have to consider is the size of the towel. Going big is usually good if you want a towel that wraps nicely all over your body. Often, bath towels that measure around 30” x 56” would be enough. However, tall people should look for body towels that are around 33” x 70”.

You can also shop for some square washcloths that are made of bamboo. Just take note that the bigger the towel gets, the heavier it becomes. This is relative to the GSM of the towel you got.

-GSM levels

GSM stands for grams per square meter, which measures the density of the towel. This metric is also used to measure the density of paper.

The higher the GSM is, the higher the thread count would be. In turn, it would also be heavier. And if you want a high-GSM towel, you must shell out a large amount because it’s more expensive than thinner towels.

Usually, GSMs of bamboo towels range between 300 and 900. GSM of 300 to 400 is the lightest and often found on mid-grade hotel towels. It dries quickly, making it an excellent choice for gym and kitchen use.

Meanwhile, bamboo towels that are between 400 to 620 GSM are medium-weight towels. It has the right level of absorbency and weight ratio.

The thickest are towels that have 620 to 900 GSM. These are high-priced towels that are also quite heavy. Wrapping your body in this towel feels like a snug hug.

So which one should you choose? It depends on how thick you want your towels to be. Usually, we go for mid-GSM ones as it has the right balance of thickness and absorbency.

-Durable stitching

Always look for towels with double stitching. This way, the seams will not unravel, no matter how many times you’ve washed the towel. If possible, buy a towel with a double-turned edge so it will not fray too easily.

Aside from the quality and thickness of the material, the construction matters a lot. This will guarantee that your towels will have years of service in the bathroom.

-Washability and care

Also, you should check if the bamboo bath towel is machine washable. This will save you from the trouble of hand washing the towel. Always read the label first before putting the towel to the wash to prevent damaging the material and color.

-Color and style

This is just a bonus, but you can choose the color and style that you like. Like any other towel, those made with bamboo also come in a variety of colors. Usually, gray bamboo towels are infused with bamboo charcoal, which makes it more antibacterial.

-Value for money

Lastly, always look for the best value on your purchase. Don’t get swayed by the cost quickly. Know what you’re getting and consider if it’s worth your money.

As much as you can find budget picks, you should always check the quality of the material. Sometimes, it’s worth splurging a little bit since it gives the best bang for the buck.

Top 5 Bamboo Bath Towels


Ariv Collection Premium Bamboo & Cotton Blend Towel

If you’re looking for a blend of bamboo fabric and cotton, you should try the Ariv Collection Premium Bath Towel. This towel is made of 30% natural bamboo fibers and 70% cotton. It’s also available in a variety of sizes so you can get one as a bath towel and another as a face towel.

We really like the fact that the bamboo fiber on this towel gave it mold and mildew-resistant property. Unlike typical towels, this one from Ariv doesn’t harbor smell.

Moreover, this bamboo towel has minimal lint and will only leave little to no residue on your body. This is also highly washable and dries quickly.

This towel has natural fibers made stronger to last for long. It also contains an anti-fungal bio-agent called ‘bamboo kun’ which is also found on bamboo fabrics.

Each of these towels measures 30” x 52”. It’s a little smaller than other towels, but it still makes a great bath and wash towel. Just take note that the gray color is much lighter on the actual product.

Cariloha Bamboo & Turkish Cotton Towel

If you want a thick towel, you should consider the Cariloha Bamboo & Turkish Cotton Towel. It’s made of 42% bamboo viscose and 58% Turkish cotton. This is very soft and has the right plushness for a comfortable feel.

Aside from that, this towel has a 600 GSM thickness infused with a special silicone softener. Even without fabric conditioner, this towel remains soft even after many washes.

This three-piece set comes with one bath towel, one wash towel, and one washcloth. It’s an excellent set for your bathroom, especially if you’re expecting guests.

Overall, these bamboo towels are soft and clean. It’s also 3 degrees cooler than cotton. Its ultra-plush feel makes it an irresistible wrap after every bath. You can now pamper your skin with this set that comes at a very competitive price.

Take note that these are heavy towels since it’s thick. It’s also a little slippery, so you need to use some clothespins to keep it in place. This is just a small issue since the towel can last for years with minimal wear and tear.

Mosobam Bamboo and Cotton Bath Towel

Another bamboo fabric and cotton blend that we like is the Mosobam Bath Towel. It’s a combination of 50% bamboo viscose and 50% Aegean Turkish cotton. At 700 GSM, this thick towel will give you a hug-like feel as an after-bath wrap.

We also like that it comes with a two-ply twist yarn and a terry dobby border to prevent the seams from unraveling. This set comes with four bath towels that measure 30” x 58”. By buying the set of four, you’re going to save 31% of the value as compared to buying it individually.

This is hypoallergenic and lab-tested to be free from any chemicals. It’s also thick, ultra-plush, and fluffy. This dries quickly as well, which makes it a bathroom essential.

We also like that this towel is made in an environment-friendly facility that doesn’t harm wildlife. Its’ a great towel set if you want a premium fabric that will last for years. It stays soft even if laundered many times.

Our last pick for this roundup is the JML Bamboo Bath Towels. It’s a two-piece set made of 90% bamboo viscose and 10% cotton blend. At a size of 54” x 27”, this makes us a great towel for your bathroom. This is very soft and is about four times more absorbent than cotton.

This is the perfect towel for those with sensitive skin. This natural fabric is hypoallergenic and will not make your skin itch. It’s also odor-free and stays fresh after each wash.

What we like the most about this towel is it comes with a laundry bag in the package. This will protect the bamboo terry while washing and prevent pilling. Just tumble dry this on low heat, and it will dry fast in a few minutes.

Again, don’t use any bleach, softener, or iron for this towel. It will come out of the wash wrinkle-free and soft. Aside from that, you can choose from four different colors: pink, white, gray, green, and beige.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How absorbent are bamboo towels?

A: Bamboo towels are actually four times more absorbent than regular cotton towels! This makes bamboo towels an excellent option for every shower room. It helps dry your body fast, not to mention that it’s so soft you no longer need a fabric conditioner.

Q: Do bamboo towels smell

A: The good thing about bamboo towels is it bears an antibacterial property that prevents odor buildup. So even if you forgot to wash your towel after using, bamboo towels would not smell too much. Still, you must wash it properly to keep it clean.

Q: Can I wash my bamboo towel on the dryer?

A: It depends on the washing instructions indicated on the tag of the towel. Most bamboo towels are machine washable, but you have to be specific on the temperature and cycle. Usually, the bamboo fabric must be washed on cold and gentle cycle. Also, it can be dried on low heat if air drying isn’t a practical option.

Q: Can I bleach bamboo towels?

A: As much as possible, never bleach bamboo towels as it will damage the fabric and the color of the material. If you need to remove a stain, just use a mixture of water and vinegar on the affected spots.

Q: Do bamboo towels pill easily?

A: If you choose a premium bath towel made of fabric, you can avoid excessive pilling. It all depends on how you care for the towel and the detergent you use. Always follow the washing instructions on the tag to retain the good quality of your towel.

Final words

Bamboo bath towels are a great way to add life to your bathroom. It has excellent softness and durability that will last for years. Just make sure that you get the thickness that you prefer. Even though it costs a little more than the usual towels, it’s worth the splurge if you want a comfy towel after every bath.

Have you tried a bamboo towel before? Let us know below in the comment section!



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