Bamboo Shelf For Bathroom: What To Know



Bamboo shelves are becoming popular these days, they are durable and great additions to your home, especially in bathrooms. The bamboo shelf is not only stylish it saves room space, but they also help you make better use of your interior vertical space and add an interesting dimension to your home.

Unlike other types of timber, bamboo has a low weight and a solid structure. It is increasing, rendering it a perfect sustainable construction commodity. Find out all about how bamboo helps the world and how to make a bamboo shelf for the bathroom.

Bamboo Shelf For Bathroom: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo furniture is also a kind of furniture, for the present home life, whether you like wood furniture. Maybe home will have this furniture, if you don’t like the vocabulary you do not have in brief, if you have anything to learn, maybe it will be useful, then look at the bamboo wood furniture, see what the features of the bamboo wood furniture are.

At present, the Chinese furniture, bamboo, and wood furniture industry completely embody the low-carbon environmental security of the idea of home life while maintaining the limit of natural decorative bamboo materials. Most of the bamboo is made of traditional frame style and bamboo-glulam, which also separates the bamboo-wood furniture with various types of bamboo.

Compared to solid wood, this kind of furniture resource is very rich in bamboo materials, since it grows very rapidly, and the growth period is very short, efficient. Renewable recycling resources can be part of good planting. When combined with the artist’s beautiful style, bamboo furniture is both functional and environmentally conscious, so using bamboo to produce furniture is a very worthwhile way to support it. 

And the physical properties of bamboo are marginally stronger than solid wood, bamboo has good physical and mechanical properties, corrosion-resistant, not easy to wear, and deformation. Most remarkable is the moisture absorption of high-value bamboo furniture, summertime to use bamboo furniture is very good.

More Information

Bamboo and wood furniture like a bamboo shelf for bathroom is a modern style of furniture. Bamboo furniture producers target a huge number of bamboo furniture on the market and customer awareness, expecting that buyers can understand bamboo furniture to make their contribution to the conservation of the environment.

Advantages Of Bamboo Furniture

1. Green conservation of the environment, ecological.

Bamboo can control indoor humidity, absorb ultraviolet rays, anti-static, beneficial to human health. In particular, the plate, after carbonization depth, which is processed in a permanent color, will improve the adsorption of harmful indoor gases.

2. High-temperature cooking.

Via high-temperature cooking, sterilization, separate from conventional bamboo furniture technology is important to deter insects, hair enzymes. High pressure and water content of strict control, a criss-cross arrangement of scientific technology, ensure that bamboo furniture in the prevention of cracking, deformation beyond the solid wood.

3. New and lovely, noble, and beautiful.

The natural color of bamboo, elastic, moisture-proof, high hardness, and sanding furniture in furniture design has made a daring advance in preserving traditional bamboo furniture to streamline modeling based on Chinese classic furniture components—a natural blend of fashion and environmental conservation.

Bamboo And Wood Furniture Drawback

1. Relatively easy to manufacture worms, mildew, can be impaired by environmental deformation cracking, if bamboo furniture in the process of fair control material moisture content, as well as the surface of the painting process, will practically remove this issue, bamboo wood furniture is still the most robust furniture item.

Bamboo Shelf For Bathroom: How Do I Make A Bamboo Shelf?

Cross the two bamboo towel rails at the top, at the first bar. The width between the two ladders must be 110 cm. Keep them with two spring clips. Then drill the posts at the two intersections and attach them with threaded rods.

Prepare The Trays.

Split three bamboo shelves with a diameter of 40 cm and a length of 30, 70, and 105 cm. Draw circles (diameters 12, 14, and 16 cm) arbitrarily on the shelves, ensuring the bars are not level. Cut the circles out with a jigsaw and then tweak the sandpaper cut.

Hang The Trays.

Screw the shelves at the 1st, 3rd, and 5th bars starting at the bottom. Place your garden pots in one of the previously cut circles.

Bamboo Shelf For Bathroom: Reasons To Pick The Bamboo Furniture

Natural resources are being exhausted, so what makes bamboo furniture a green, eco-friendly furniture choice? Some bamboo species are growing, well, like weeds! They expand rapidly and are known to spread to other areas. Bamboo grows more than ten times faster than other hardwoods, making bamboo furniture a perfect way to furnish your home and help keep forests intact. Apart from the fact that bamboo furniture is sustainable, there are several other reasons why bamboo furniture is a perfect match for your house.

A. Durability

Bamboo furniture can tolerate daily wear. It is much more resistant to damage than typical hardwoods. Bamboo is also used in cutting boards for this reason; it can be used to beat frequent knife use and remain elegant, and bamboo is softer on knife blades than other trees. This comes in handy if you’re looking to make a decent deal of use of a bamboo chair.

B. Resistance Of Swelling 

Bamboo furniture will not swell or shrink due to weather changes. For this purpose, outdoor furniture made of bamboo withstands a transition from humid to dry air and temperature changes.

C. Power

Bamboo’s tensile strength is 28,000 per square inch compared to 23,000 for steel. Bamboo fibers are also used to reinforce composite fabrics. What’s the secret to the power of bamboo? Bamboo grows straight; no other tree grows as straight as bamboo. There are “knuckles,” but these variances are consistent and dense and do not undermine the structure of the bamboo. When laminated, the resilience of the bamboo is improved, and the lamination adds another layer against wear and tear. Bamboo furniture is better than other furniture in your house. Instead of feeling like you’re sitting on furniture for a greater cause, note that you’re getting more resilient furniture when you pick bamboo furniture.

D. Choices

Bamboo home furniture comes in more designs and finishes than ever. Furniture makers use bamboo in creative styles, either in all-bamboo or composite materials. You will find bamboo benches, bamboo tables, bamboo bar stools, bamboo headboards, and bamboo flooring, just to get started. They’re still making bamboo mats.

E. Finishes

Bamboo furniture has a fine grain and is available in various colors and finishes. You don’t need to sacrifice your elegance when adding trendy bamboo furniture and accessories to your house.

Bamboo Shelf For Bathroom: How Sustainable Is Bamboo Wood?

Sustainability represents the degree to which users can use a commodity without drastically undermining the likelihood of rejuvenating the product. The following Bamboo biodiversity details underpin this concept by showing that bamboo is a natural resource and a wood-based substitute to avoid deforestation.

1. Quick Development Avoids Deforestation

Bamboo is rising increasingly in the right conditions. While the world has more than 1,000 species and 45 bamboo genera, one variety has a growth rate of 35 inches per day. Though not all forms are growing as rapidly, bamboo can still rejuvenate forests quickly after harvesting.

After planting, the bamboo forest can grow to maturity in as little as seven years. Compare this to the three to five decades that hardwood forests take. By removing forested lands more rapidly, bamboo decreases deforestation, which is one of the things that makes bamboo a renewable construction material.

2. Plant Renewal Takes Place Rapidly

Technically, bamboo is grass, and as such, several kinds emerge from runners that connect all the plants in the grove. Fresh shoots are emerging from the roots of old growth. Because runners stay underground, there are fewer disruptions in the soil during processing, which avoid erosion and hold nutrients in the soil for the next generation of growth.

3. The Multi-growing Areas

While most commonly associated with Asia, bamboo is well suited to a wide variety of habitats. Hot tropical regions can be a stereotypical bamboo climate, but these plants still find their homes on the frigid mountains. Latitudes from 50 degrees north to 47 degrees south have native bamboo growth.

With so many native areas, bamboo adapts well nearly everywhere farmers add it. While certain climates do not see the same rapid growth as in the native regions, they may still provide almost effortless cultivation. Many growers who plant a running form of bamboo, instead of clumping, find that they need to monitor the plant’s spread through the above and below-ground barriers to prevent it from taking over the field.

4. Grows Without Any Help

Bamboo could become an option for farmers looking for growing crops without paying the prohibitive expense of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Many farmers need limited work to get bamboo to grow rapidly and densely. As roots keep water in the soil and avoid erosion, farmers require less water and soil replenishment to help the crop expand. Without the need for synthetic chemicals or hazardous herbicides, bamboo growing has a decreased environmental impact relative to other plants that rely heavily on additives that may contaminate the local water source.


Viagdo Bamboo Shelf 6 Tier, 64.2 Inches Height Free Standing Bookshelf Plant Flower Stand Rack Bathroom Storage Tower, Multipurpose Utility Organizer Shelf. This 6-Tier shelf makes it possible for you to get extra vertical storage to keep things neat and orderly.

It’s can be used in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, and any corner of your house as different storage. The 6-Tier shelf is made of natural bamboo, which is of high quality. The standing rack with primary color can well match any bathroom style while making your bathroom clean and tidy.


  • The freestanding display shelf is sturdy and has a long service life.
  • This 6-Tier utility shelf provides enough space for storage of daily supplies
  • Each tier can be adjustable
  • All accessories and easy-to-understand instructions are included.


  • It can hold no more than 66lbs.
  • Probably you wouldn’t put very heavy objects on this shelf.

Final Words

Sustainability makes bamboo an outstanding building material, but other considerations make it an environmentally friendly building option. Bamboo trees are also benefiting the earth, having more important environmental advantages than other species. A bamboo shelf for bathroom may be a perfect idea for your house.



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