How To Clean Bamboo Furniture?



Do you worry about cleaning bamboo furniture? These traditional furnishings may become untidy because of carelessness. That’s why I’m here to tell you how to clean bamboo furniture with minimum time and energy.

Home bamboo furniture doesn’t require high-end commercial products or hard and fast rules for clean-up. Take a soft fabric with diluted detergent, rub on all over the bamboo furniture and wash it off with a wet sponge. Then dry it properly, and the basic cleaning is complete.

In today’s article, I’ll share the most effective and efficient ways to clean bamboo furniture, the mistakes of this task, and answers to significant quarries in a descriptive manner. So, stay with me to overcome all your confusion.

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How To Clean Bamboo Furniture Safely And Quickly

There are many popular ways to clean bamboo furniture with commercial or home ingredients. I’m presenting the safest and most effective cleaning methods with complete descriptions to make the task effortless. Let’s check them below.

Way 1: Wipe Off For Regular Cleaning

The primary method of cleaning bamboo furniture is regular dusting. All the dirt accumulation on the top layer makes the furnishings old and worn. If you wipe it regularly, the longevity of the furniture increases. It stays like new for longer. Also, additional stains and scars don’t appear.

Cleaning Process:

  • Take a soft rag cloth or Painting brush.
  • Wipe off all over the area carefully and enjoy the tidiness.

Way 2: Wash With Surfactant For Stubborn Dirt

Try a cleanup with mild surfactant when the furniture gets a layer of dirt that is tough to remove with just wiping. This way of cleaning allows very satisfying results within a few moments. But remember, never use harsh surfactants, and don’t try this method regularly. Read Here: Cleaning a Bamboo Cutting Board: Everything You Need to Know

Cleaning Process:

  • Choose a Liquid soap, dishwasher, handwash, or even mild detergent as a preference.
  • Mix with an equal quantity of water.
  • Take a microfiber cloth and damp it into the solution.
  • Rub on the surface until the dirt is eliminated.
  • Then wash off with plain water and a sponge.
  • Wipe off the excess water immediately.
  • Let it dry properly.

Way 3: Mild Scrub To Remove Stain

Home furniture is prone to get stained because of regular use. Scrubbing could be a way of cleaning. But never do it with harsh components. Try the following method.

Cleaning Process:

  • Take some salt or baking soda.
  • Mix with water to make a paste.
  • Apply on the targeted area and rub gently. Also, you can use a soft bristle brush to get quick results.
  • Then wipe it off with a wet sponge.

Way 4: Oil Polish For Brand New Look

Want to transform your old bamboo furniture into a new one? Try this traditional way of oil polishing which leaves a clean and shiny appearance of years-old furniture. Different natural or mineral oils can be an excellent choice to get a repairing finish. Read Here: The Best 4 Bamboo Bluetooth Speakers for Outdoors

Cleaning Process:

  • Pour some mineral oil into a bowl.
  • Dip a painting brush into it and apply the overall surface evenly.
  • Wait for some time to get absorbed.
  • Now take a soft cloth and rub it on there.
  • Don’t forget to wipe off the extra residue.

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Mistakes You Should Avoid While Cleaning Bamboo Furniture

Randomly doing the cleaning or using the wrong ingredients can cause suffering. It can ruin the natural beauty of bamboo furniture and minimize its lifespan. So, don’t forget to check the mistakes I’m describing below.

●     Skipping Proper Dusting:

Dry dusting is the primary step in cleaning bamboo furniture. It eliminates surface-level dirt and dust. The process is considered regular care. Try this out, and then go for washing. Frequent washing is not suitable for bamboo furniture.

●     Wiping With Textured Fabric:

Textured material can be abrasive on bamboo surfaces and leave subtle scars that are harmful. The idea needs to be corrected to use any fabric for wiping bamboo furniture surfaces. Here the soft microfiber cloth is mandatory to get a clean finish. Read Here: Steaming Dumplings In Bamboo Steamer: Why You Should Do It

●     Stripping Natural Color Of Bamboo:

The color of bamboo holds the traditional appearance and beauty of this plant. Cleaning in such an abrasive way can destroy the natural color of bamboo, which is admirable. Refrain from cleaning robustly so that the shine and color of the surface become lost.

●     Abrasive Scrubbing Ingredients:

People may think the more they scrub, the more satisfying results will come. But the truth is, harsh scrub can destroy the barriers of the layer of bamboo. For this, the furniture will not look shiny at all. Besides, the surface becomes full of scratches, scars, or scuffs. Always try to use gentle beads of scrub on just the critical area.

●     Using Highly Acidic Products:

Acidic ingredients are harmful to bamboo furniture. It makes the surfaces dehydrated and decreases glossiness. Also, too many acidic products can damage the protective barrier of the bamboo. Choose a mild acid for cleaning, such as white vinegar.

●     Drying Under Excessive Sunlight:

The UV ray ruins the bamboo’s brightness and texture(1). Keep them under a shade where soft sunlight comes. Don’t keep it under the hot sun after washing off the bamboo furniture.

●     Allowing Extra Coat Of Oil:

People may allow enough oil on the bamboo furniture. An extra layer of oil grabs more dust from the air and accelerates the untidiness. Apply a generous amount for polishing and wipe off the extra.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bamboo Furniture Need To Be Oiled?

Oil polishing is the most suitable treatment for bamboo furniture to retain its natural shine and stay protected from environmental damage. Oiling can gradually cleanse the bamboo surface and repair unwanted scratches and scuffs. It absorbs deeply and adds nutrients to older bamboo. Besides, only the oiling can give back the furniture’s lost brightness and texture.

Can You Wash Bamboo Furniture?

Wash your bamboo furniture to remove stubborn dirt and stains within a minimum time. When the table accumulates years of land, a water cleansing is necessary. Take any mild detergent or soapy water,  rub it with a soft cloth, or brush over the area. Then wash off with clean water and a sponge. Finally, wipe it off with a dry cloth and let it dry.

How Do You Make Bamboo Furniture Shine?

Besides, there are other options too. Using furniture oil like linseed oil and an excellent polish (2)with a microfiber cloth can leave an immediate shine on bamboo furniture. Apply varnish to get additional glossiness. However, regular maintenance is evident. Oil polishing gradually can protect the surface from scratches, stains, and scuffs. Even so, it protects natural beauty.

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Final Thought:

Cleaning bamboo furniture will be fun if you know the exact procedure. In this guide, the overall process of how to clean bamboo furniture effortlessly has been discussed. Maintain regularity, choose the practical solution, and meet a happy cleaning. I’ve described the safe essay process and consideration of this context. Start your action, but don’t forget my suggestions.


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