How to Get Blood Out of Bamboo Sheets



There are several ways that blood could end up on bamboo cloths, including accidents, injuries, and even crimes. Blood discolorations on bedding are unavoidable in accidents such as nosebleeds, wounds, and scratches. Similarly, menstruation can leave blood stains on linens. Blood discolorations on the linens might also result from bites from bedbugs or other pests. Murder, sexual assault, or other serious crimes may cause blood stains on bamboo bedding. So, how to get blood out of bamboo sheets?

If blood gets on your bamboo bedding, clean it up immediately before the stain becomes impossible to remove. Ways how to get blood out of bamboo sheets is a difficult task, but specific solutions can help. You can eliminate blood stains from bamboo bedding if you are patient and persistent. As we go along, check below the procedural guide on getting blood out of bamboo fabric.

The Most Typical Bamboo Bed Sheets Stains

Over time, regular use will cause stains on your bamboo linen bed sheets, just like on any other type of bedding. In addition to the usual wear and tear, bamboo linens can get stained from:


Sweat, including those on bamboo sheets, is the most typical problem for any bedding set. Yellowing can occur on bamboo cloths from sweat stains, and the smell might be challenging to eliminate significantly when left untreated.

✅Oil-based Stain

Body oils, lotion, and hair products are all potential sources of oil-based stains. These stains often create a greasy film that is difficult to clean.

✅Food Stain

This stain usually happens if you eat or drop something in bed while sleeping. If you address these stains right away, they can quickly get out.


Removing makeup stains from bamboo sheets, especially waterproof formulas like foundation, mascara, and lipstick, might be complicated.


Urine stains can be difficult to remove from bamboo sheets and leave behind a pungent stench.

✅Red Wine Spills

It can be especially troublesome to get out of bamboo sheets because of the rich color stain they leave behind.

✅Pen and Marker Ink Stains

This stain can be difficult to remove and might require expert cleaning.


Stains made by blood are notoriously tricky to remove from cloth, especially if dried. Either menstruation or unintentional cuts or injuries can cause it. Removing stains of this type may be difficult, but the good thing is there are various ways of treating or cleaning it.

Bamboo cloths are easily stained, so prompt action is required to prevent the stain from setting in. To avoid irreversible damage, you should treat stains on bamboo sheets immediately. You can get stains out of a sheet by following the care directions on the label and cleaning it the right way using the right products. To get the most remarkable results, it’s also essential to use a stain removal method designed for that particular stain.

How to Get Blood Out of Bamboo Sheets: Take a Look at the Bamboo Fabric Composition

Removing blood discolorations from bamboo cloth can occur in a few different methods. The following are examples of how the kind of bamboo linen may impact the efficacy of the following methods for removing blood discoloration:

1. Absorbency

The efficacy of removing blood discolorations from bamboo linen may vary depending on the type of fabric used. More absorbent materials might be more effective at removing the color from the fibers and keeping them trapped within the fabric. Bamboo cloth is exceptionally absorbent, quickly soaking up even viscous fluids like blood. If the stain is on the material, it may help you remove it.

2. Texture

Another factor that may affect the stain removal property of a bamboo cloth is its texture. Rougher materials might be more effective in scrubbing the stain than smoother ones.

3. Color

The color of the cloth may also affect how to get blood out of bamboo sheets. When removing a stain, it is much simpler to locate the source if the stain is a lighter color.

4. Chemical Treatment

Manufacturers use antibacterial and anti-microbial agents to treat bamboo cloth to prevent the spread of microorganisms. This step in the manufacturing process of bamboo cloth may help remove blood discolorations because blood usually causes odors and stains.

Easy Steps on How to Get Blood Out of Bamboo Sheets

The following are some procedures you can take in attempting how to get blood out of bamboo sheets:

1-Get the Blood-Stained Sheets Ready for Washing

If the stain is contained in a smaller area, removing it will be more straightforward. In any way you can, you should work to contain the spill. If you find blood on your bamboo linen, you should first take them off the bed. Of course, this is after you’ve cared for whatever caused the blood discoloration. Take care of your wounds quickly to avoid further infection and bleeding.

Once you’ve eliminated the bleeding cause, you can carefully remove the bamboo linen. To prevent the blood from spreading, you must not roll the sheet up into a ball or fold it in a way that causes creases. Select the sheet containing the bulk of the stain and place it somewhere else, keeping the other sheets away from the stained area. Use your hands to separate the dirty portion from the clean one.

Keep your stained or dirty bamboo linens separate from other fabrics to avoid spreading the stain. Only think about throwing those bamboo linens into the washing machine once you’ve removed the blood discoloration.

2-Pre-soak in Cold Water

Soaking bamboo sheets in cold water for 24 hours is the best technique to eliminate blood stains. Using hot water may be helpful in other stain removals, but when it comes to eliminating blood discoloration, the job may be difficult.

Instead, hot water results in the hardening of the blood discolorations faster. With that, the pigments become impossible to remove. In contrast, cold water helps break the bonds between the blood discolorations that may wash them off quickly. When washing sheets, aim for water between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius (86 and 104 Fahrenheit).

Rinse the area with cold running water as soon as possible if the blood is still fresh. In most cases, this will altogether remove a new stain. And rinsing dried blood with cold water might not do the trick.

It would be best to soak the affected area of the bamboo linens in cold water for a whole day. Do not soak the entire fabric at once since this may cause the stain to spread. To avoid the color from spreading, it is recommended that you change the water used to soak the sheet frequently.

If the blood is washed away, clean the bamboo linen in the machine or with a mild detergent.

3-Select the Appropriate Wash Cycle

Washing your bamboo linens would be the next step after soaking or rinsing the blood discoloration. Utilizing the correct wash cycle when operating a washing machine is crucial.

Wash them in a moderate detergent and on a gentle cycle. If there are any lingering stains, a mixture of cold water and detergent washed in the machine on a gentle cycle should help eliminate them.

If you wash by hand, wipe the soiled area with a disposable paper towel to remove any remaining blood before soaking and scrubbing.

4-Hang to Dry

Next, you’ll want to dry your bamboo linens after washing them. Hanging them up outside to dry is the best and most convenient option. Avoid exposing the sheets to direct sunlight because that can cause them to shrink. Air drying can lessen the likelihood of wrinkles, snags, and shrinkage.

Tumble-drying the sheets is another option. However, this is only recommended for use in harsh conditions. To avoid creases, remove sheets from the dryer as soon as they are dry and use the lowest possible setting while drying.

5-How to Get Blood Out of Bamboo Sheets – Look for Blood Stain Removers

Some stains, like blood, can be particularly challenging to get rid of. The stain may remain even after soaking and washing the bamboo linens the first time. But don’t worry; other options are available for how to get blood out of bamboo sheets.

Stain cleaners or removers are substances that can help to get rid of blood discolorations. So, we’ll look at everyday household things that you may use to clean bamboo linens of any stain.

✳️Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a gentle bleach that does a remarkable job of removing blood stains. Having blood on white linens is an awful situation. You should check a small, hidden area to ensure this chemical does not decolorize your sheets if they are darker.

Here are the steps for removing blood discoloration on bamboo fibers using peroxide:

Step 1. Get a clean cloth or paper towel and gently blot blood from the sheet. However, avoid rubbing the blood discoloration. Doing so may spread it out and make its removal more challenging.

Step 2. Treat the stained area by placing a small amount of peroxide. Use a clean cloth or pour it on directly.

Step 3. Allow a few minutes for the peroxide to remain in the area. Afterward, blot the stains again using a paper towel or cloth.

Step 4. If the stain remains, do steps 2 to 3 repeatedly until the stain disappears. The pigment can need multiple treatments until it comes out.

Step 5. Wash the area with cold water to eliminate residual hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide has the potential to bleach some materials; therefore, it should be pretested on a small, hidden area before being used on the actual stain.

✳️Meat Tenderizer

A meat tenderizer has uses beyond simply improving the flavor of the meat you’re cooking. Blood proteins are challenging to eliminate, but the unsalted meat tenderizer powder does just that. To remove a stain, sprinkle some powder and then wash it down.

Afterward, make a paste-like consistency from the meat tenderizer powder and water. Place the paste over the stain for 30 minutes. Using cold water, rinse it.

✳️White Vinegar

To use this procedure, you should substitute vinegar for peroxide. Set the white vinegar aside and soak the blood-stained bamboo cloth for 30 minutes. Wash the bamboo linen with cold water afterward.


You should know that bleach is your best bet when getting blood from bamboo linens. Many say that they guarantee that bleach will work in most situations. Dissolve four tablespoons of bleach in one-fourth cup of water. Spray the solution on the stained bamboo cloth and wait 30 to 40 minutes.


Using Coke to remove blood discolorations from bed linens is hard to believe, but it works. It has ingredients like carbonic and phosphoric acids that break down the color, so you may wash it away. Coke does wonders by soaking the affected fabric for a few hours. Then, rinse it in cold water.

✳️Baking Soda

This is another option to get blood out of bamboo linens. Create a paste by mixing one tablespoon of baking soda and cold water. Blot it gently on the blood-stained area. It would be best if you thus hung your bedding outside to dry. After it dries, remove the residue and do it again if necessary.

✳️Lemon Juice

Lemon is one of the natural stain cleaners available. Initially, have the stained bamboo cloth soaked in cold water. After that, dab some lemon juice on the area with blood discoloration. Then, clean it after. Rinse off with cold water once you notice an improvement. Please do it again and again until the desired effect appears.

✳️Enzyme-based Cleaner

An enzyme stain remover can be considered a true workhorse. It is the most effective stain cleaner for protein stains, such as blood, and is often considered the best option. If all else fails, an enzyme-based cleaner may come to the rescue. And, if you want to find out how to get blood out of bamboo linens, enzyme cleaner could be of immense help.

Just spray it over the stained area and let it stay there for 15 minutes. Dip the sponge in the water and dap the stain until it disappears. Repeat the process if necessary and wash it after with cold water. When everything is done, put the bamboo cloth in the washing machine under a regular cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can bamboo cloths be thoroughly cleaned?

A: Bamboo cloths are exceptionally comfortable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly; nevertheless, they need extra maintenance to stay pristine. Here’s a guide on how to deep-clean bamboo linen:

  1. Read the caring instruction to see if there are any specific directions for washing the bamboo cloth.
  2. Pre-treat any colors you see on your bamboo sheets with a remover to prevent stains from spreading during washing. Use it as directed to get the most remarkable results from the stain remover.
  3. Always wash your bamboo cloths in cold water to prevent shrinking and fabric damage. Do the laundry in a gentle cycle with a moderate detergent.
  4. Fabric softeners can coat bamboo fibers, reducing their natural moisture-wicking capabilities. Avoid using them.
  5. You should always dry your bamboo linens by hanging them up after washing them. Don’t dry it in the dryer because the extreme heat could ruin the fabric.
  6. Iron your bamboo cloths in low heat if they have creases. Remember not to apply too much heat to the bamboo sheet, as extreme temperatures may damage the fabric.

With proper care, bamboo linens will maintain their quality for more years.

Q: Do Bamboo Blankets Shrink?

A: Incorrect washing and drying can cause bamboo cloths to shrink. Because of natural fibers, bamboo linens are susceptible to shrinkage when washed or subjected to heat and friction.

Q: Does the use of fabric softener harm bamboo comforters?

A: Softeners shouldn’t be used on bamboo linens because they may shorten their lifespan and harm the bamboo fibers. Bedding made from bamboo fibers can break down over time if treated with softeners, which leave a chemical residue on the fabric and reduce its softness and comfort.

Q: Which laundry detergent works best on bamboo linens?

A: When washing bamboo sheets, it’s crucial to use a mild detergent on the fabric that won’t strip away any of the benefits of bamboo over time. Carefully read the detergent’s label and follow the recommendations to avoid damaging your bamboo linens. You may extend the life of your bamboo clothes by washing them in warm or cool water and drying them in a low-heat setting.

Q: What temperature water do you use to clean bamboo linen?

A: Washing the bamboo mattress in cold water is the standard recommendation. Fibers might weaken and shrink when washed in hot water, lowering the sheets’ longevity and quality. That’s why cold water is advisable in bamboo washing to eliminate bacteria.

Final Thoughts

Stains from blood can affect many types of fabric. Each type has different ways of stain elimination. Remember a few essential things when attempting to get blood from bamboo linens. Blood discolorations can quickly settle on materials like bamboo cloth. Immediately treating the stains as possible is crucial.

Cold water is better for washing or rinsing the blood discoloration. Remember that extreme temperatures may trigger blood discoloration to set firmly on any fabric material. So, avoid ironing the blood-stained bamboo cloth or using hot water to wash the fabric. By keeping these essential things in mind, you can effectively remove blood discolorations from your bamboo linens without damaging the material.



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