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It is no secret that the environmental situation on Earth is alarming. Changing the things we buy and giving preference to those that are less harmful to the environment is crucial and can highly make a big difference. One simple and straightforward method to help is to switch out your pillow cases standard for the best bamboo pillow cases. Most importantly it will be beneficial to you and the entire planet.

Many people have found that switching to bamboo sheets has helped them get a better night’s rest. Read on to see why the best bamboo pillowcases are beneficial to us and to the environment as well. We’ve included recommendations for the best bamboo pillow sheets and some guidelines on how to choose one. Let’s check it out!

What is Bamboo Pillow Case?

The bamboo bedding pillowcases are a high-end, eco-friendly option for your pillows. These pillowcases, crafted from one hundred percent bamboo viscose, are as luxurious as they are pleasant, allowing you to sleep cool and comfortably. Pillowcases made from bamboo are great for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin due to the material’s hypoallergenic and antibacterial characteristics.

Because bamboo is a naturally renewable resource, using bamboo pillow linens is an eco-friendly option. Since bamboo mattress pillowcases come in a wide range of colors and sizes, it generally suits your personal choice and your bedroom needs.

You can find bamboo pillow cases easily because the bamboo plant reproduces rapidly. Crushing the bamboo into pulp is the first step in creating the fabric. Afterward, extraction of the natural fibers takes place after the sifting of the pulp. The end product is a spanned yard.

The bamboo plant produces a sustainable fabric because t grows up to 36 inches in a single day.

Advantages of the Best Bamboo Pillow Cases

Aside from being a natural material, bamboo products like pillowcases have lots of advantages. It includes the following:

✅Many people say that bamboo is as soft as cashmere or silky soft because of its luxurious texture. It prevents nighttime frizz and tangles because of its silky smoothness.

✅Like silk, bamboo can absorb moisture and prevent the proliferation of dust mites.

✅Fabrics made from bamboo are naturally breathable and cool. With that, it allows you to sleep comfortably on the “cool side of the pillow” all night. The days of oily hair are over.

✅Bamboo has antibacterials and antifungal properties, making it an excellent material of choice for an acne-prone individual. Aside from that, those features also prevent the accumulation of odor n the pillow.

✅Pillowcases made from bamboo have high durability and are always brand-new looking. It is also suitable for machine washing.

The Downside of Using a Pillowcase Made of Bamboo

Just like any other product, natural pillowcases made from bamboo also come with some disadvantages. Although they are soft and luxurious, bamboo pillowcases can’t compare to the feel of real silk. However, many people see that as an advantage because silk pillowcases tend to be too smooth and slide around too much while you sleep.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Bamboo Pillow Cases

Cotton, wool, and silk are all common examples of natural fibers that are widely used because of their desirable properties. Besides other natural materials, bamboo’s popularity is now very common for household items like linens, apparel, and even mattresses. When compared to other sustainable raw material options, bamboo has many advantages. Further, bamboo products like pillowcases are more comfortable and impart better health for you and other members of your family.

But, before jumping into getting a natural product made of bamboo, like the pillowcase, it is advisable to look for the following features of the best bamboo pillow cases:

🍚Hypoallergenic and Antimicrobial Properties

For its part, bamboo has a natural resistance to the formation of bacteria, which allows it to maintain its cleanliness and hygiene. The fact that bamboo plantations can thrive with minimal human intervention and pesticides means the fibers are naturally free of any toxins.


Because of its lightweight, bamboo fabric is perfect for use as clothes and bed linens. Bamboo fibers have inherent anti-static and anti-cling properties.


Pillows made from bamboo cloth are great because they allow air to circulate. This allows heat from the body to dissipate instead of building up during sleeping. The breathable material will keep you cool and comfy all night long. Bamboo pillows are great year-round since they can regulate your body temperature.

🍚Wicks Moisture

The bamboo fabric is not only lightweight and soft, but it also naturally draws away moisture and dries rapidly. Therefore, those who experience night sweats or who simply sleep too warm and sticky will benefit greatly from using a bamboo pillow.

Cotton, which is also moisture-wicking, doesn’t dry as rapidly, so you end up sleeping on a wet pillow. Pillows and pillowcases made from bamboo are great because they dry quickly.


In particular, those with hypersensitivity should be careful while selecting a pillowcase and filling substance. The fact that bamboo can grow without pesticides and that bamboo linen can be created without chemical processing immediately makes it more skin-friendly than many other materials.

Wetness is a common contributor to skin irritation and rashes. Bamboo fabric is naturally moisture-wicking, so it prevents this from happening and is, therefore, the best option for those with skin sensitivity.


One of the features of bamboo is its lesser susceptibility to shrink and wrinkle making it comparable to cotton. If properly cared for, a bamboo pillow can survive for years, but only if you follow the guidelines provided by the maker. In addition to reducing landfill trash, the longevity of the material means that bamboo pillows may last for longer before being replaced.


Bamboo has the ability to thrive in soils, even in poor ones where other plants don’t grow. It grows so fast without the need for pesticides or water making it an amazing plant. Aside from that, it also adopts well to extreme temperatures.

Bamboo also has a greater capacity to take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen than most other tree species. Planting bamboo helps reduce the rate of deforestation and stabilize the soil. Despite its usefulness as a textile, cotton requires a lot of resources to produce. This includes a lot of water, insecticides, and human labor.

Top 7 Best Bamboo Pillow Cases

Now, if you are captivated by the benefits of that bamboo mattress pillowcase, here is the list of this kind of bamboo product.


✶ TILLYOU Bamboo Mattress Pillowcase ✶

Two luxuriously soft and breathable bamboo pillowcases make up this bamboo pillowcase set. These pillowcases are great for warm sleepers since they wick away moisture and regulate body temperature. They shield your hair and skin from damage, leading to smoother skin and shinier hair when you wake up. The sophisticated envelope style of the pillow cover ensures that the pillow won’t shift around within.


  • Refreshing and relaxing
  • Keeps hair and skin safe
  • Sturdy and reliable


  • Not wrinkle-free
  • Unfit to standard-sized pillow


⭐Royal Tradition Pillow Sheet Bamboo-Cotton Mix

The Royal Tradition Bamboo-Cotton Mix Pillow Case Set combines the best of two materials, providing the comfort of bamboo and the resilience of cotton. The pillowcases in the hybrid bamboo set are incredibly soft since they are created from a combination of bamboo (60%) and cotton (40%) fabric. These bamboo-cotton blended pillow sheets are durable and last long.

They have a soft and breathable texture making them a pillow sheet of choice for people with hypersensitivities or allergies. Since they have the ability to regulate body temperature, you can use these blended pillow sheets all season. The measurement of each pillow sheet is 20 inches by 40 inches size pillow. With that, you can use it on king-sized pillows.


  • Long-lasting, lightweight, and fluffy
  • Beneficial for those with hypersensitivity and allergies
  • Possesses temperature-regulating qualities; useful year-round.


  • Wrinkled a little bit
  • Oversize
  • Feels rough for some

⭐Cosy House Collection Bamboo Pillow Sheets Set

Bamboo rayon and microfiber come together to create luxuriously soft, lightweight, and breathable pillow sheets. Compared to Egyptian cotton, these pillow linens are comfortable to use. They are hypoallergenic and have a temperature regulating property, making them capable of use all year round. Besides being resistant to wrinkles, they also repel odors, stains, and fading. The pillow cases set are so confident that they provide a lifetime warranty on their quality.


  • Serenity specialists have created affordable luxury linens.
  • Highly breathable, allergen-free, and temperature-controlling
  • Long-lasting and not easily damaged by the elements or everyday use
  • King size available


  • Flimsy
  • Dry texture
  • Large-sized stitches

⭐Enjoy Life Pillow Sheets Bamboo

The bamboo-rayon used to make the Enjoy Life Bamboo Pillow Linens is both soft and absorbent. Standard pillow sheets have a plush feel, a timeless design, and a branded zipper for extra security. The moisture-absorbent bamboo material is inherently resistant to moisture and odor, and it also allows air to circulate freely through the pillow all night. The two pillow linens are soft on the skin and sturdy, designed to survive many washes without wearing out or tearing.


  • Feels great on the skin; the texture is super soft and pleasant.
  • Natural resistance to moisture and odor
  • Traditional textile design


  • The zipper is too large which can hurt any body area

⭐THREAD SPREAD Bamboo Viscose Pillowcase Set

Extremely breathable, light, and moisture-wicking, this bamboo pillow protector is an excellent choice. The pillow sheets provide a luxurious feel because of the 300 thread count and textured fabric weave used in their construction. They offer the same softness and breathability as the fabric but are cruelty-free, plant-based, and suitable for vegans.

These pillow sheets are more long-lasting than their cotton counterparts since they retain dye for longer. They won’t catch or hold odors and won’t wash out, discolor, or wrinkle. This bedding set is both machine and dryer-safe.


  • Breathable, lightweight, and dries out the moisture
  • They are cruelty-free, natural, and vegan, but they feel just as smooth and refreshing as the original.
  • The bamboo linen for pillows is longer lasting than cotton bedding and is resistant to stains, odors, and wrinkles.


  • Very slick
  • Easily gets wrinkled

⭐Cariloha Classic Bamboo Pillowcase

With its purely organic viscose-from-bamboo material, twill-weave bamboo sheets, and breathable 230TC liners that are extremely soft, resilient, and moisture wicking, this pillow cover provides the softest and most pleasant sleeping experience. Moreover, it resists odor and is good for people with allergies making them have a comfortable sleep in any type of weather. Those with skin sensitivity will appreciate that the pillow sheets have been certified as OEKO-TEX 100, meaning that we used no toxic chemicals in their creation.


  • The coziest and most relaxing feeling possible when sleeping
  • Has moisture-wicking properties, is highly breathable, and is long-lasting
  • Capable for use during hot and cold weather
  • Ideal for use by people with sensitive skin because of its hypoallergenic feature and odor-resistance.


  • Size not accurate
  • Rapid peeling
  • Warm fabric

CozyLux Cooling Bamboo-Rayon Pillow Cover

CozyLux makes bamboo-rayon cooling pillowcases that will keep you cool and comfy all night long. The moisture-wicking, ultra soft blend fabric keeps you at a constant, comfortable temperature all night long. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, this pillow sheet is safe for human use and for the environment. The pillow stays in place with the envelope closure and the design completes the aesthetic of your bed.

This cooling pillow can be washed in the washing machine for your convenience. CozyLux takes pride in providing superior customer service.


  • Cool and dry bamboo-rayon fabric ensures a restful night’s sleep.
  • OEKO-TEX 100 Standard safety-tested, dermatologist-approved, eco-friendly
  • Styled with an envelope clasp, this pillowcase sets off your bed beautifully.
  • Machine-washable and low-maintenance for your comfort
  • Superior support for each and every customer.


Frequently Asked Questions:

q: What is the process of making bamboo linen?

A: The first step is to collect the bamboo. Dissolved the bamboo into a pulp and crushed it into chips. Rinsing the pulp and rolling it into long fibers is the next step. The final step in creating bamboo reels is spinning the fibers and letting them dry.

Q: Is the use of bamboo pillowcases benefit the hair?

A: Yes. Because bamboo is so incredibly smooth and soft, your hair will have less friction with the fabric and will have fewer chances to be frizzy when you wake up in the morning. Second, bamboo prevents excessive drying of the hair because of its inherent moisture-regulating characteristics.

Q: Can you avoid hair loss when you use bamboo pillowcases?

A: Similar to silk, these pillowcases are extremely beneficial to your hair and skin. The silky fiber helps to lessen friction as you sleep. This reduces friction, which can cause hair damage like frizz, split ends, and even hair loss.

Q: How do you wash linens made of bamboo?

A: The easiest approach to extend the life of your bamboo linens is to wash them at 30 degrees. Fabric softeners and bleach should be avoided. Put baking soda on them and let them dry naturally. If you must iron them, use a medium setting.

Q: Is it worth buying a bamboo pillowcase?

Pillowcases made from bamboo are a great investment because of the material’s luxurious softness, which has been compared to that of cashmere and silk. The silky smooth property of bamboo’s surface prevents your hair from getting tangled and frizzy while sleeping. In the same way, as silk does, bamboo prevents the formation of dust mites by wicking away moisture. With that, it makes buying bamboo products worthwhile.

Final Thoughts

Bamboo linens or pillow sheets made of bamboo are really a game-changer. Just like any other bamboo products, bamboo cases for bedding made their name as the product of choice in every household. Because of number of advantages that they may offer, bamboo covers for pillows are worth buying. Good to know that there are lists of excellent pillow protectors made with premium quality and performing at their excellence.

We hope that the list above would be of big help in your purchasing decision. Yet, it is still important to do your own research and be keen on buying a bamboo pillow cover. Aside from the remarkable features that such product may offer, considering your preference, lifestyle, and health will still be the best factor.



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