Bringing Nature Indoors: Can Bamboo Plant Be Kept In Bedroom?



I love indoor plants since they add a touch of nature to my home, but I’ve always wondered if a bamboo plant be kept in the bedroom. I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of waking up to a beautiful green plant breathing life into their personal space? Why not? It’s not like we’re dealing with a temperamental orchid or fiddle leaf fig.

Right then, I decided to have bamboos at home. And let me tell you, having a little slice of nature in my sleeping quarters has done wonders for my zen. Not to mention, it adds a touch of greenery to my space that just feels calming. In this blog post, I will share my experience with keeping a bamboo plant in the bedroom and why I think it’s worth trying.

Can Bamboo Plant Be Kept in the Bedroom?

Bedroom decor is all about style and comfort. One of the most important aspects of bedroom decor is the plants in your room. Perhaps you want to add a bamboo plant but are unsure if it suits your bedroom. So can bamboo plant be kept in the bedroom? Yes! And below are some of the benefits of doing so.

✔️Purifying Air Quality

Indoor air quality can be much worse than outside due to the harmful chemicals found in things like paint and cleaning products. Bamboo plants purify the air by removing toxins and producing oxygen. It’s a plant that releases a large quantity of oxygen, making it a great natural air purifier in a room, especially at night, as it increases the flow of oxygen, resulting in better sleep and a healthier environment.

✔️Humidity Levels

Not only do bamboo plants purify the air, but they also help regulate the humidity levels in your room. During the day, bamboo plants absorb moisture from the air through their leaves, acting like an air conditioner. At night when temperatures cool, the plant releases moisture creating a calming effect that helps regulate the room’s humidity. Fluctuations in humidity levels can cause discomfort, allergies, and even respiratory problems. Keeping a houseplant like a bamboo plant in your bedroom is a great way to maintain normal humidity levels and prevent such issues from occurring.

✔️Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Fortunately, simply looking at greenery has been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels. Plants like bamboo can help calm the mind, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, and create a sense of serenity in the bedroom. Adding plants to your space that evoke feelings of calmness and relaxation can turn a bland room into a personal haven for good mental health and a healthy lifestyle.

✔️Prevents Insomnia and Improves Sleep

A bamboo plant in the bedroom can help you get a more restful night’s sleep. Insomnia is a frustrating and unpredictable issue that can negatively affect most aspects of your life. Creating a peaceful environment to wind down at night is key to preventing insomnia. A bamboo plant may be the solution. Bamboo emits negative ions that boost alertness, concentration, and mood while providing calming effects. Keeping a bamboo plant in the bedroom will improve your sleep quality, overall health, and productivity.

✔️Improves Productivity and Creativity

Many people keep plants in their workspaces, hoping to boost their productivity and creativity. Having a bamboo plant in your bedroom is no different. Working or creating from your bedroom becomes easier because it promotes feelings of calm, peace, and relaxation. Keeping a bamboo plant on your nightstand can help create the perfect environment for brainstorming or reading before sleep or upon waking up.

These are the many benefits of keeping a bamboo plant in your bedroom. Plants are natural air purifiers, stress relievers, and mood boosters that help create an environment of peace and relaxation. So if you’re looking for a way to spruce up your personal space while also improving the quality of your sleep, then I highly recommend adding a bamboo plant to your bedroom.

Types of Bamboo Plants Suitable for the Bedroom

Now that you already know the benefits of keeping a bamboo plant in your bedroom, it’s time to decide which type of bamboo plant is right for you. Bamboo is an incredibly diverse plant species with many varieties that have different colors, sizes, and growth habits. Some of the most popular types of bamboo suitable for indoor use are:

1: Lucky Bamboo

It is also known as Dracaena sanderiana, a commonly seen bamboo plant that can provide that Feng Shui look to your bedroom. The lucky bamboo plants are easy to care for and require low to medium light. It is perfect for those looking for a small, versatile plant. According to Feng Shui principles, this plant is suitable for good luck, fortune, and prosperity. It is also known to promote harmony among couples.

2: Heavenly Bamboo

Heavenly bamboo is also known as Nandina domestica. It is a small, shrub-like plant that is perfect for those who are looking for a plant with delicate leaves that will add a touch of elegance to their bedroom. This is a low-maintenance plant, requires low to medium light, and is ideal for cleaning the air. It can also help improve cognitive function and reduce stress levels.

3: Black Bamboo

It is also known as Phyllostachys nigra; it is a unique plant with dark-colored stems that add a touch of mystery to your bedroom. The black bamboo plant requires medium to high light and is perfect for those willing to care for a plant requiring more attention. The black bamboo plant is calming and will help reduce anxiety levels.

4: Golden Bamboo

Golden Bamboo, also known as Phyllostachys aurea, is a bamboo species with yellow-colored stems that add warmth and coziness to your bedroom. It requires medium to high light and is ideal for those who want a plant with a unique appearance. It is known to improve your bedroom’s air quality and promote better sleep.

5. Bamboo Palm

It is also known as Chamaedorea seifrizii, and it is a small palm tree that resembles bamboo. The bamboo palm is ideal for those who want a touch of tropical vibes in their bedroom. It requires medium to high light, but it is important not to expose it to direct sunlight. The bamboo palm is known for its ability to absorb toxins and improve air quality, making it perfect for a relaxing bedroom.

Whichever you choose, give your plant the care it needs and enjoy the calming effects it brings to your sleeping space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to keep lucky bamboo in water or soil?

Well, in my experience, it depends on your living situation. Keeping your bamboo in water can be a great solution if you’re short on space or want to add some plants to your bedroom. It’s low-maintenance and can add a calming, natural element to your space. On the other hand, if you have more room to work with and want to get more creative with your plant setup, the soil may be the way to go. You can experiment with different pots and soil types to create a unique look that suits your personal style.

Do indoor bamboo plants need sunlight?

If you’re like me and have limited access to natural light in your home, the question of whether or not indoor bamboo plants need sunlight may arise. And the good news is, they don’t necessarily need direct sunlight! In fact, they can thrive in lower light conditions, making them the perfect plant to have in your bedroom. All you need to ensure is that they have some access to indirect light throughout the day.

How many times do I water lucky bamboo?

It’s important to keep an eye on your bamboo plants and make sure they’re staying hydrated. Lucky bamboo, in particular, should be watered at least once a week with filtered water. If the soil is dry to the touch or your plant looks wilted, it may be time for an extra watering session. As with all plants, regular watering is essential for proper growth and health.

Final Words

So the answer to the question “can bamboo plants be kept in the bedroom?” is a resounding yes. And let me tell you, it was the best decision ever. Not only does it add a pop of green to the room, but the peaceful energy it emits is unmatched. I find myself sleeping better, feeling more relaxed, and even noticing a difference in the air quality. Taking care of it is a breeze – just a little water and some sunlight. Overall, I highly recommend adding a bamboo plant to your bedroom décor and reaping all the benefits.



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