‏Hotel Sheets Direct Bamboo Bed Sheets Review‏



‏Made from 100% bamboo, ‏ ‏Hotel Sheets Direct‏ ‏ promises that by using their product you will feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. If you’re strict about buying sheets that do not contain any other materials whatsoever, you may want to opt for Hotel Sheets Direct. You may also want to choose these sheets if you want to experience the benefits of linens made entirely from bamboo for the first time. ‏

Benefits‏ of Hotel Sheets Direct Bamboo Sheets

‏ ‏

‏Hotel Sheets Direct are exceptionally soft to the touch. The bamboo material provides you with a light sheet while still maintaining durability and resistance. Many other sheet brands that advertise themselves as being made from bamboo often only partially include bamboo and use polyester microfiber as well. ‏

‏These sheets are also thermo-regulated and will keep you toasty during the cold months and cool and comfortable when it’s humid outside. You can enjoy uninterrupted sleep and avoid tossing and turning because you either feel too hot or too cold. This is due to the incredibly tiny gaps in the bamboo fiber that give the material a breathable quality that’s unmatched by other linens. ‏

‏These sheets are great if you have a thick mattress. The fitted sheet has incredibly deep pockets and easily slips around the corners of your mattress. Additionally, the fitted sheet can accommodate mattresses up to 15 inches thick. ‏

‏These sheets are arguably the best choice if you’re looking for an anti-pilling sheet, which is when fibers in sheets tangle and break. Pilling can make your sheets uncomfortable and rough looking, making you feel like you have no choice but to get rid of them. You can say goodbye to this problem by switching to 100% bamboo sheets, specifically Hotel Sheets Direct. ‏

‏Another bonus feature with Hotel Sheets Direct is the pillowcase pockets! It’s frustrating when you’re making your bed and the pillows keep falling out of the pillowcases, or when the tags stick out. The pillowcase pockets that come with this sheet set keep your pillows enclosed in the cases without repeatedly falling out. ‏

‏Hotel Sheets Direct is also one of the best choices for bamboo sheets if you want to be as eco-friendly as possible. Bamboo grows exceptionally fast with little time to be attacked by pests, meaning it doesn’t require the use of pesticides. Making linens and other products with bamboo as often as possible reduces the need for harmful pesticides. ‏

‏Like other linens made with bamboo, these sheets are excellent at warding off dust mites and other allergens. Bamboo has bactericidal properties, including a “bioagent” called bamboo kun that protects the bamboo from being vulnerable to pathogenic flora. This property translates to bamboo products as well, and these bamboo sheets, for example, can completely ward off dust mites. ‏

‏Bamboo linens are stronger than cotton alternatives due to the consistency of bamboo fiber. As a result, Hotel Sheets Direct can be washed multiple times without compromising durability and plushness. The strength of the bamboo fiber also protects the sheets’ colors from fading. ‏

‏If you’re all about a high thread count, these are the sheets for you, as Hotel Sheets Direct are made with high-quality fabric and provide a thread count of as high as 1800. As a general rule, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet will become over time. This rule commonly referring to cotton sheets also applies to bamboo sheets. ‏

‏Hotel Sheets Direct are affordable and 4 sheets will cost you under $50, so you may want to consider them for the whole family at around $150 in total. If you have children who have trouble staying asleep or get up multiple times per night, they might appreciate the cooling effect they provide during the hot summer months, and the warmth they provide during winter. Children are also prone to allergies, so by tucking them in with sheets made from bamboo, they can enjoy a good night’s sleep without the threat of dust mites. ‏

‏Hotel Sheets Direct are available in numerous trendy, bold colors. You can order these sheets in black, white, cream, light blue, burgundy, grey, navy blue, tan, purple, light green, sea teal, rose pink, peach puree, dark grey, turquoise, and light pink. There is a color for everyone, depending on preference, and the various colors allow you to effortlessly match your bedding with your other decor. ‏

‏Key Features‏ of Hotel Sheets Direct Bamboo Sheets

● ‏Made with 100% Bamboo‏ ‏: Cheaper alternatives often cut costs by sneaking in other materials, like microfiber polyester. While those sheets still have their benefits, to truly experience the full advantage of bamboo sheets, choosing an option made with 100% bamboo would be the best decision. ‏

‏Size options:‏ ‏ Twin XL, California King, Full, Queen, King, Split King, Twin‏

● ‏Thread count: ‏ ‏1600-1800‏

● ‏Machine washable: ‏ ‏You can wash Hotel Sheets Direct sheets in the washer and put them in the dryer afterward. You can choose to air dry them if you wish. Be sure to use mild products and dry them in a low setting. ‏

● ‏Environmentally friendly: ‏ ‏While bamboo grows there are no harmful pesticides added. The bamboo plant requires little maintenance when growing, which means less man-made influence, like the usage of harmful chemicals. ‏

‏Included: ‏ ‏A sheet set includes 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, 2 pillowcases.‏

‏Value for money: ‏ ‏By purchasing the sheets directly from their website, you can get most sets for under $20. Two sheets and two pillowcases will end up costing around $40. ‏

● ‏Colors:‏ ‏ black, white, cream, light blue, burgundy, grey, navy blue, tan, purple, light green, sea teal, rose pink, peach puree, dark grey, turquoise, and light pink‏

‏Return policy:‏ ‏ Hotel Sheets Direct promises a refund if you are unsatisfied with your night’s sleep after 90 days. They challenge you to give them 90 days to improve the quality of your sleep. If you are not satisfied, you can return them for a full refund. ‏


  • Pillowcases come with a convenient pillow pocket‏
  • ‏The fitted sheet comes with deep pockets for thick mattresses ‏
  • One of the top-rated bamboo products‏
  • Many more color options compared to competitors ‏
  • ‏Made with 100% bamboo‏
  • Thermoregulating‏
  • ‏Hypoallergenic‏
  • ‏Anti-pilling‏
  • Wrinkle-resistant‏
  • ‏Stain-resistant‏
  • ‏Affordable‏
  • ‏OEKO-TEX® certified‏


  • Mixed reviews about the deepness of fitted sheet pockets‏

Hotel Sheets Direct‏ Frequently Asked Questions‏

‏These sheets are very affordable, is there a catch?‏

‏Nope, there’s no catch. Hotel Sheets Direct prides itself in providing a great product without forcing you to choose between quality and cost. ‏

How long can sheets made with bamboo last?‏

‏Bamboo sheets can last from 5-6 years, on average. A common misconception about eco-friendly and organic products is that they don’t last a long time. Keep in mind, you need to take proper care of them.‏

‏Make sure you use mild, eco-friendly detergents and handle your sheets with care. This will allow them to last as long as possible. Your sheets will have a natural softness, so you don’t need to use fabric softener. If you would like to though, you should pick one that doesn’t contain any bleach. ‏

‏How can you make linens with bamboo anyway?

‏Bamboo linens are made with bamboo fiber. Hotel Sheets Direct are made with bamboo rayon, which is made by extracting cellulose and making viscose rayon. The bamboo is used to the fullest extent, incorporating both the softness of the inner trunk and the leaves. ‏

Why is bamboo organic? ‏

‏Hotel Sheets Direct are an organic product made without the use of harmful chemicals. You can feel safe knowing you and your family are enjoying a comfortable night’s sleep while also promoting an organic and environmentally friendly product. ‏

These sheets are OEKO-TEX® certified, what does the OEKO-TEX® certification mean?‏

‏This is a trademark provided by the ‏ ‏International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile and Leather Ecology. It means that your product has been tested for harmful chemicals. It is an achievement to be proud of and another reason to consider Hotel Sheets Direct over other options that may not have this distinction. ‏

What are the main differences between cotton sheets and bamboo sheets?

‏There are several differences and similarities between cotton sheets and bamboo sheets. Like bamboo sheets, cotton sheets can be of lower quality and high quality, yet they do not have the same environmentally friendly characteristics as bamboo sheets. ‏

‏Cotton sheets are made with cotton fibers from the cotton plant. There are several types of cotton sheets, such as Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton, with both being considered strong cotton fibers and products. ‏

‏Most cotton sheets, or “regular” cotton, is considered a lower quality product than luxurious kinds of cotton. It’s less durable but more affordable. Similar to bamboo sheets that use a polyester blend, sheets marketed as “Egyptian cotton” may contain a blend with more affordable cotton. ‏

‏Cotton sheets are not as environmentally friendly as bamboo sheets. When bamboo is growing, it requires much less water than cotton plants, which has a positive effect globally. Bamboo can also grow healthily without spraying pesticides on the plants. ‏

‏Both cotton and bamboo sheets are available in the same varieties. Both can be made with a percale, sateen, or twill weave. Bamboo sheets may be advertised as rayon or 100% bamboo linen. If you want a product made with 100% bamboo, be sure to check how the sheets are made. ‏

‏Cotton sheets are more prone to wrinkles than bamboo sheets. They also do not have the same softness and lightness. Cotton sheets can be strong and high-quality, but they are not known for having a “cooling” effect or the thermoregulation properties that bamboo sheets have. ‏


‏So, are Hotel Sheets Direct the sheets for you? If you’re looking for a sheet that doesn’t steer too far from feeling like Egyptian cotton but has all of the benefits of linens made with bamboo, these may be the sheets for you. If you’re on a budget, you can still enjoy the thermoregulated, allergen-free brand that is Hotel Sheets Direct. ‏

‏Hotel Sheets Direct arguably provides the best value for money. In comparison to other brands that might partially use microfiber in their blend, they are made with 100% bamboo and cost roughly the same as those brands. ‏



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