Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Better For The Environment?



Are you curious if bamboo toilet paper better for the environment? With more people making an effort to live sustainably. It’s important to think about the way everyday products can impact the environment. Bamboo toilet paper is becoming increasingly popular due to its eco-friendly credentials. But does it genuinely beat other conventional options when it comes to reducing our impact on the planet?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of using bamboo toilet paper so that you can draw an informed conclusion on whether it’s right for you.

What Is Bamboo Toilet Paper and How Is It Made?

Bamboo toilet paper is a type of tissue paper made from sustainably-harvested bamboo plants. It has a softer texture than regular toilet paper and is considered more environmentally friendly than other types of tissue paper. It is due to its sustainable harvesting process and lack of chemicals used in production. 

How Is It Made? 

The process of making bamboo toilet paper begins with the harvesting of the bamboo plant. The stalks are then cut into small pieces and boiled in a solution to soften them up for processing. Once softened, the pieces are spun into thin fibers which are then dried, and bleached (using non-toxic hydrogen peroxide). And then turned into sheets using an embossing machine. Finally, the sheets are cut into rolls and packaged for sale. 

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Better for the Environment?

With increasing pressure to reduce our impact on the planet, many of us are looking for ways that we can make a difference. So let’s take a look at why bamboo toilet paper might be a good choice. 

Bamboo vs Traditional Toilet Paper 

The truth is that traditional toilet paper has a much larger environmental impact than most people realize. According to Shelley Vinyard, director of sustainability at Georgia-Pacific LLC, “Tissue products made with 100 percent virgin forest fiber produce roughly 4 times more greenhouse gas emissions than those made with recycled fiber content.” This means that traditional toilet paper companies are contributing significantly to global warming and other environmental problems. 

On the other hand, bamboo tissue products produce 30 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than tissue products made from 100 percent virgin forest fiber. That’s because bamboo is a renewable resource; it grows quickly and can be harvested without damaging the environment like cutting down trees does. Plus, some companies use eco-friendly manufacturing processes to ensure their toilet paper has an as little environmental impact as possible.

The Pros and Cons of Bamboo Toilet Paper

Let’s dive in and explore why so many people are opting for this type of tissue over traditional wood pulp-based products. 

✔️Lower Emissions 

Bamboo toilet paper has a significantly lower carbon footprint than standard wood pulp-based products. This is because bamboo grows much faster than trees, which means less energy is used in the harvesting process. Additionally, bamboo does not require any fertilizer or pesticides during the growing process, which means that fewer emissions are released into the atmosphere as well. As an added bonus, bamboo plantations absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than traditional tree farms do! 

✔️Renewable Resource 

Another great benefit of bamboo toilet paper is that it is made from a renewable resource. Unlike trees, which can take up to 30 years to reach maturity, bamboo grows incredibly fast – up to four feet a day! This makes it an ideal source for producing tissue on a sustainable basis without depleting resources or damaging ecosystems. In addition to being renewable, bamboo also requires far less water to cultivate than trees do – making it an even more eco-friendly option. 


In addition to its environmental benefits, bamboo toilet paper provides a softer feel than wood pulp-based products do. The fibers are finer and smoother so they provide a gentle feeling on your skin while still being strong enough for use in bathrooms and other areas where tissue is needed. Plus, bamboo toilet paper often has natural oils that help moisturize your skin while using it – giving you an extra level of comfort as well as helping reduce irritation caused by dryness.  

Costs More 

The only downside to using bamboo toilet paper is that it tends to cost more than traditional wood pulp products due to its higher production cost and the fact that there isn’t as much supply available yet (as demand increases more companies will likely enter the market). However, if you consider all of the environmental benefits associated with this type of tissue then it could be worth spending slightly more money on it. 

Overall, bamboo toilet paper is a great option for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint without compromising on comfort or strength.

How to Find Truly Organic Bamboo Toilet Paper Solutions 

If you’re looking for a truly organic solution for your toilet paper needs, many people are turning to bamboo paper products. But the truth is, not all bamboo toilet paper is created equal. Here is an overview of what you should consider when choosing a truly organic bamboo toilet paper option. 

Sustainability and Manufacturing Practices 

Instead of relying on misleading labels, shoppers should pay close attention to the materials used and the sustainable manufacturing practices of a company. Organic bamboo is an excellent material, as it breaks down quickly in soils or composts after being flushed and is biodegradable.

Furthermore, it’s vital to consider where the materials are sourced from and how they are processed into innovative products like toilet paper. When researching manufacturers, look for those that use renewable energy sources, recycle resources, and strive to have zero emissions from production processes. These aspects create a healthier environment for everyone and ensure that our planet is respected every time someone decides to go green with toilet paper solutions.

Organic Certification 

This certification helps customers be sure that they are purchasing an entirely organic product. The important thing to remember is to read labels carefully and make sure you’re buying from a company with certification from an accredited body such as the USDA Organic, FSC Certification or Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Doing your research beforehand will help you find organic bamboo toilet paper solutions without compromise.

Eco-Friendly Packaging 

Step beyond what conventional labels give you and look instead for items that are packaged with eco-friendly materials such as recycled or recyclable paperboard, post-consumer rags, and air cushion wrap. When you find products that come in these materials, you can be sure that the company has taken steps towards sustaining our planet by utilizing sustainable practices like the reuse of materials.

Not only will this result in a more ethical solution to your search for organic bamboo toilet paper, but it also ensures that your product is arriving in the most responsible way possible.

Pricing Variation 

As with any product, there can be significant variations in pricing when it comes to bamboo toilet paper. Generally speaking, the price will depend on the size of the roll (which can range from single rolls to jumbo rolls). As well as the quality of the product (some bamboo toilet paper brand use more sustainable materials than others). On average, however, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2-$5 per roll depending on these factors. 

Be sure to read customer reviews before making a purchase. In order to know what other people think about the product before committing to it. Additionally, some brands may offer promotional discounts or free shipping codes so be sure to keep an eye out for those as well. 

By taking the time to research and choose an organic bamboo eco-friendly toilet paper solution, you can rest assured that you’re doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint. Not only will you be making a conscious effort to help protect the environment but you’ll also be using a product that is soft and gentle on your skin.

Where Can You Buy Bamboo Toilet Paper? 

The easiest way to purchase bamboo toilet paper is through online retailers. Many stores such as Amazon offer a wide selection of brands and prices to choose from. So you can find the right product for your needs.

Alternatively, you may be able to find bamboo tissue at local health food stores or specialty boutiques that carry green products. Be sure to read customer reviews before making your purchase. So you can ensure you’re getting the best quality product available at the lowest price possible. Here are some of the best bamboo toiler papers you can find on Amazon.

REEL Bamboo Toilet Paper ( Premium ) 

REEL Bamboo Toilet Paper ( Premium ) is one of the top options available. It is also among the best environmentally friendly options out there. This premium bamboo product is tree-free and sustainably made. Meaning your carbon footprint is reduced. Not to mention that it is made from bamboo.

It’s ultra-strong and 3ply so you get more for fewer rolls spent. Shop smart and rest assured knowing you’ve chosen one of the highest quality eco-friendly solutions on the market.

Cloud Paper Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper 

Check Price on Amazon

This soft, strong, and dust-free two-ply toilet paper is made of pure bamboo pulp and comes in a convenient 24 double rolls pack. Not only is it biodegradable and septic tank safe, but it’s also free of chlorine and dyes. So your family can rest assured they’re not exposed to harsh chemicals or irritants.

Furthermore, it’s made and packaged in the USA from sustainably-sourced bamboo fibers. It is perfect for eco-minded shoppers looking to reduce their environmental footprint. If you tend to buy toilet paper in bulk regularly, this product offers stock-up and save options at great prices. Truly ticking all the boxes when it comes to convenience and sustainability.

Bamboo Story Unbleached Premium 100%

Bamboo Story Unbleached Premium 100% stands out from the crowd because it is certified FSC unbleached, tree-free, blanket wrapped, and 100% plastic-free. This means that not only are you saving trees and contributing to a greener planet without sacrificing any quality or luxury in your bathroom experience.

It is made with chlorine-free technology and uses 100% of bamboo plants. As a result, you get 3X more sheets per roll than most traditional alternatives. Meaning fewer trips to the store and less overall impact on your wallet. You can enjoy soft, strong toilet paper without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

These bamboo products are just a few of the many available on the market today. Be sure to research and compare all of your options before making a purchase.

Tips When Using Bamboo Toilet Paper 

Buy in BulkBuying bamboo toilet paper in bulk will save money in the long run and reduce packaging waste. Look for brands that offer large rolls so that you can reduce packaging even further. 

1.Look for Recycled Packaging

When choosing a brand of bamboo toilet paper, look for ones that use recycled and plastic-free packaging.

2.Switch Out All Household Toilet Paper

If you’re serious about reducing your carbon footprint, consider switching out all the toilet paper in your home to bamboo toilet paper. It will make a noticeable difference when it comes to reducing your environmental impact.

3.Properly Store Your Rolls

Keep your rolls stored properly by keeping them away from moisture and direct sunlight to prevent mildew growth or discoloration of the paper itself or its packaging material. 

4.Choose Softness Carefully

Some brands offer different levels of softness when it comes to their bamboo toilet paper products, so be sure to read up on reviews and product descriptions before making your purchase so that you find a product with just the right amount of softness for your needs. 

5.Flush Responsibly

Although bamboo toilet paper is biodegradable and safe for septic systems, it’s still important to use it responsibly by flushing no more than two bamboo sheets at a time to avoid clogs in plumbing lines or septic tanks caused by excess buildup over time. 

6.Avoid Fragrances

If possible, choose fragrance-free options as fragrances may contain chemicals that could irritate sensitive skin or cause allergic reactions in some people who use them frequently over time. 

7.Choose Unbleached Options

Unbleached bamboo toilet papers are generally better for the environment because they don’t use harsh bleaching solutions during production which could lead to toxic runoff into nearby bodies of water if not treated properly. 

8.Use It For Other Household Needs

You can use bamboo toilet papers as napkins when eating dinner or as wipes for cleaning windows, counters, and other surfaces around your home without worrying about any harsh chemical residue left behind from conventional wipes.  

9.Reuse The Wrapper For Crafts 

Don’t throw away its wrapper! Instead, reuse it as gift wrap or use it as part of craft projects like making jewelry boxes or envelopes. Moreover, if you have access to a compost pile, feel free to add used bamboo toilet paper to it. They will break down naturally over time without leaving behind any harmful residues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Better To Buy Recycled Or Bamboo Toilet Paper? 

There isn’t a single answer to this question as it depends on your individual preferences and needs. Recycled toilet paper is often cheaper and can be easier to find in stores. But bamboo toilet paper is much more environmentally friendly. Bamboo grows quickly and requires no pesticides or fertilizers, making it a great eco-friendly option. Plus, it’s just as soft as recycled toilet paper while being more durable and absorbent. 

How Long Does It Take For Bamboo Toilet Paper To Decompose? 

Bamboo toilet paper decomposes much faster than regular toilet paper. Most brands of bamboo toilet paper can break down within 2-4 weeks. This makes it a great option if you want to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills or water sources. Regular recycled toilet paper usually takes several months or even years to decompose fully. 

Is Bamboo More Eco-Friendly Than Paper? 

Yes! Not only does bamboo require no pesticides or fertilizers during its growth process, but it also produces 35% more oxygen than trees do. Plus, bamboo grows quickly (upwards of 3 feet per day!). It’s among the most sustainable and renewable resources available. This makes bamboo an incredibly eco-friendly choice when compared to traditional trees used for making recycled paper products.  

Which Is More Environmentally Friendly Toilet Paper Or Bidet? 

A bidet uses significantly less water than regular flushing toilets – some estimates suggest up to 75% less water per flush. Which makes them a great environmental choice if you have access to one. However, if you don’t have access to a bidet then using bamboo toilet paper would be the next best choice. As it breaks down faster than regular recycled tissue paper while still providing the same level of cleanliness and comfort.  

Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Clog Toilets? 

No – in fact, many people prefer using bamboo over regular recycled tissue because it breaks down faster in water which means fewer clogs. This makes it a great alternative for those who live in areas with older plumbing systems or hard water issues as well as for households with septic tanks where clogs can be especially problematic.  

Final Words

So, is bamboo toilet paper better for the environment? Absolutely! Not only is it more sustainable than regular paper but it also breaks down faster and produces less waste. Plus, because of its soft texture, bamboo toilet paper still provides the same level of cleanliness and comfort as traditional tissue paper. So why not make the switch to bamboo today? It’s an easy way to reduce your environmental impact and help protect the planet for generations to come. 



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