The Top Bamboo Fly Rods for a Timeless Fishing Experience



Are you looking for the best bamboo fly rods for a trip with friends for fly fishing? You’ve come to a perfect site. Since they have been around for more than a century, bamboo fly rods are still widely regarded as the best fly fishing gear. These expertly built rods have a special blend of strength, flexibility, and sensitivity, making them perfect for capturing trout and other freshwater fish.

Despite the rise in popularity of more contemporary materials like graphite in recent years, several anglers still choose the performance and feel of a high-quality bamboo fly rod. In this post, we’ll examine some of the top bamboo fly rods available and highlight their features and advantages so you can confidently choose your next fly fishing rod.

What are Bamboo Fly Rods?

Fly rods constructed of bamboo, glue, & metal are referred to as bamboo fly rods or split cane fly rods in the fishing industry. They are widely prized for their exquisite craftsmanship, superior performance, & historical significance by both fishermen and collectors.

Fly rods made of bamboo are sometimes regarded as the best fly fishing rods because of their exceptional blend of strength, flexibility, & sensitivity. The bamboo used to make the rods is meticulously chosen, dried, and hand-shaped to produce a hollow, tapering structure that is both light and durable.

Bamboo fly rods are regarded for more than just their abilities; they are also beautiful. With complex wraps of silk thread and ornate gear like reel seats, ferrules, & guides, bamboo’s inherent beauty is frequently amplified.

Fly rods made of bamboo have a long and illustrious history from the beginning of the nineteenth century. They were initially created in England and immediately became well-liked by fishermen worldwide. Bamboo fly rods are still expertly crafted in tiny workshops today and are highly prized by collectors and fishing enthusiasts.

The Best Bamboo Fly Rods – Our Top Picks

We’ll examine some of the top bamboo fly rods in this section. These rods are perfect for trout fishing and are all offered in the 3 to 6-weight range.

New Split Bamboo Fly Rod


Zhu produces the New Split Bamboo Fly Fish Rod. It has a finish that is both refined and beautiful. You can’t go past the bamboo fly fishing rod’s design structure. In the industry, it is regarded as a high-quality yet extremely inexpensive bamboo fly fishing rod.

When they desire to shift towards a more environmentally responsible side, anglers worldwide are seen employing these bamboo fly fishing rods. Its finest feature is the New Split Bamboo rod’s safety for the environment, people, and marine life.

It is constructed of compostable organic material and dissolves without causing environmental damage. Although bamboo rods are hefty, they possess unfathomable strength. The bamboo fly fish rod is perfect for bringing along if you’re going on a challenging fishing excursion.

The Zhu Bamboo Rod originally was longer than the New Split Bamboo Rod. It features attractive silver ferrules that fit together properly. It features a lock mechanism that emits a faint popping sound when it is secured together.

The product has also never disappointed a customer and has been quite effective in water. Both freshwater and saltwater fish are simple to capture. It is constructed to the highest specifications and standards to satisfy the customer’s requirements.

Zhu New Bamboo Fly Rod


The design of the Zhu New Bamboo Fly Rod features six sides. Unlike other rods, it is built very solidly and is quite durable. Three coats of high-quality varnish are applied to the bamboo fly rod to make it water- and damage-resistant.

It is the Tonkin Cane, a dark-finished product with silver ferrule accents. The rod looks like a bamboo fly rod, thanks to the exquisite silk black tipping mask and red wingdings.

The rod is very simple to build and utilize. It may accompany you on fishing excursions in a river, lake, or ocean. The ferrules on the rod lock together with a pop sound when they are fastened together.

This rod’s lack of obvious glue spots, which may give it an unattractive appearance, is another positive. It is a rod in its entirety and seamlessness. The cork grip is intended to give a stronger grip and has a distinctive Western design. Large fish can be caught with a pole that can throw long, heavy lines. The Zhu New Bamboo rod is hollow on the inside, and it comes with a cleaning cloth and a PVC tube for simple maintenance.

Moonshine Rod


Medium action graphite made with performance and AAA cork grips of the highest quality. The burl reel seats are double-locking, and the cork grips feature burled ends to highlight the excellent wood graining of this rod. With anodized copper hardware and cork grips, this rod is lightweight from the reel seat to the tip. Two-rod tip pieces are included with this model, so you’ll always have a spare on hand.

The fly rod tube for this rod is a strong, robust canvas. This tube bears the Moonshine emblem embroidered and shields your fly rod from various hazards. Thanks to the case’s svelte, portable design, you can fly fish wherever. Drifter Series Moonshine Rods are made for everyone, regardless of your experience level or whether you’re just attempting to land your first catch. The smooth casting capabilities of this cozy medium-action rod allow it to cast large flies while maintaining a delicate presentation.

Redington Trace Fly Rod


Redington’s version of a versatile fly rod is called The Trace. Does it meet those requirements? Mostly. The medium-fast action blank excels when shooting long throws and picking up the lines. The rod heals well, and the enhanced tracking aids in producing precise throws. It has little trouble casting dry flies, nymphs, and streamers. Is it the greatest fly rod for any one of those methods specifically? Nope. However, it’s a decent rod for the money.

The Trace is a stylish rod with a traditional mahogany finish and a wood reel seat. I could cast out to seventy feet easily (which is unusual for me) and occasionally even reached the 80-foot mark. The robust backbone helps while battling fish in the stream and makes it simple to flip over large flies. Although the Trace loses some of its front-end sensitivity because of the power, it is still more than capable of nymphing & throwing dry flies.

On the casting lawn, the rod took a little longer to load than usual, but that was to be expected given the medium-fast action of the rod. We were all thrilled with the Trace and felt it was the perfect rod for someone just starting in fly fishing or trying to advance their skill level. Despite being hefty for a 5-weight, the added power offers you the upper hand in windy circumstances.

Temple Fork Outfitters


I suggested the TFO Blue Ribbon as my roommate’s first fly fishing rod because she recently started. Every time we go out, she catches a ton of fish, thanks to her significant improvement throughout the summer. I don’t know what more to say besides that the Blue Ribbon is a fantastic starter rod.

For novice anglers starting to throw, this medium-fast action is excellent. The easier rod loading made possible by, the slower action gives the angler more time to concentrate on where they’re casting. This rod was comfortable in my hands and simple to throw with. In my post-test efforts using dry flies, double nymph rigs, & streamers, I caught much fish on the Blue Ribbon, demonstrating its adaptability.

The carbon-fiber blank is combined with stainless steel guides & a quality cork grip for excellent longevity. With this stick, I did discover that I could only cast a little. The Blue Ribbon made up for its distance shortcoming with consistency, adaptability, and longevity. It was also the least expensive rod we tested. The lifetime guarantee from TFO makes it one of the greatest buys available.

Kreh Legacy Fly Rod


The TFO LK Legacy performed admirably despite not being exceptional in any one area, and I would recommend it as a reliable trout rod. This is a superb choice for intermediate fishermen because of its quick action and fluid casting abilities. Although it couldn’t compete with higher-end rods, it worked adequately, given its price.

I had trouble getting the LK Legacy to travel far on the casting lawn, but it was precise with short casts. This fly rod is incredibly robust because of its carbon-fiber blank, stainless-steel guides, and fully anodized reel seat. It is perfect for those who want one rod for various fishing approaches. For me, nymphing was where this rod shone. The rod’s ability to roll, cast, repair, and handle line amazed me. Rolling cast after roll cast with my double-nymph setup required little to no work. I am unable to speak for all of the test rods.

The rod could be more balanced, so seasoned fishermen used to using light fly rods could find the LK Legacy challenging at first. Casting dry flies to fish in challenging locations was cumbersome. I don’t know if the weight of the rod and how it was balanced was the cause of this. In any case, I was weary.

This rod’s aesthetics are unremarkable. It features a simple appearance and a typical modern design. It was one of the more affordable rods in our test, and considering the cost, it is tough to top. All TFO rods come with a no-fault lifetime guarantee, so even if something goes wrong, you’ll get a replacement immediately.

Croix Rods


The Imperial was the test rod I was most eager to use out of all the others. My first fly fishing rod was a St. Croix Imperial over 20 years ago—but who’s counting?—when I first started fly fishing. Even though it has been a very long time since I last used an Imperial (I gave my old one to a friend who was starting fishing years ago), it didn’t take me long to get used to casting our test model.

There is no escaping the fact that the Imperial has a quick action, sometimes so fast that it feels fairly rigid. The Imperial had little to offer regarding feel and control compared to a few other inexpensive rods we tested. However, the rod has enough strength and weight to cast continuously without wearing out your arm. This rod is also quite adaptable. It will cast dries, nymphs under an indicator, or tiny streamers on trout waters. On agricultural ponds or creeks, it’s also ideal for catching panfish & small bass.

You won’t be able to find a nicer-looking rod at this price. The copper color of the Imperial’s blank has always been one of my favorites, and the wood inlay on the reel seat is very elegant.

Bamboo Fly Rods Buying Guide

Like ice fishing, fly fishing is a well-known and distinctive kind of fishing. Anyone may enjoy it, whether an expert angler or a beginner, although it takes some getting used to. You need a strong and rigid fishing pole to fly fish. On vacation, you must bring top-notch fishing equipment. An eco-friendly, all-natural, and accurate bamboo fly fishing rod is best. A nice bamboo fly rod is hard to come by since synthetic rods are taking their place.

Compared to fiberglass & graphite rods, a bamboo fly fishing rod’s strength and suppleness are unmatched. Split cane rods are another name for bamboo fly fishing rods.

Environmental Friendly

Over the past ten years, environmental friendliness has grown in importance worldwide. These bamboo rods are the best fly rods to choose from over fiberglass, graphite, or other nonorganic rods. Anglers, both professionals and amateurs, are now choosing organic bamboo rods above others, even though we all know bamboo is a natural fabric.

They constantly extol the virtues and benefits of all-natural rods. Fly fishing rods of bamboo let you feel the action as you cast. They are the most adaptable rods on the market and offer the most attractive presentation.


Because bamboo rods are heavier than most fly rods, so they are ideal for accuracy. For instance, a bamboo pole is highly successful when you want to catch fish on medium-sized streams and lakes with dry flies and nymphs.

However, because of their weight, these bamboo rods are difficult to hold if you intend to fish all day. Thus, switching to a lighter rod would be a good idea.

The nicest and most flawless looks may be found in bamboo rods. It makes it possible for the fisherman to cast slowly and with the greatest degree of accuracy, which is not feasible with a graphite rod. The bamboo rod has a delicate and silky feel. Your ability to deliver your bait and cast your line must be your first concern.


The smallest bamboo fly fishing rods are available in various lengths. These rods are between 6 and 12 feet long. Additionally, you will find bamboo fly rod tapers. These gauge a bamboo fly fishing rod’s length, line weight, and flex.

They are more challenging to manage the longer the rod. Make sure the rods are light enough for you to handle. The flex rate of longer rods is higher than that of shorter ones. A rod with a small length is necessary if you are a novice. You have better control over the rod, thanks to it. Producing high-quality bamboo fly rods considers every customer’s needs and fishing circumstances.


The “bendiness” of a rod’s tip or end is called the “action” of a bamboo fly fishing rod. It calculates how long a rod will take to return to its starting location. A bamboo fly rod is probably to have a moderate action, meaning that when a fish tugs the line, 1/3 of the rod will bend.

It increases the steadiness of the rod when moving slowly and steadily. Press the rod’s tip slightly onto the ground to evaluate the activity. When pressure is applied, the rod should bend slightly so that you can see how flexible it is. The top of the rapid action rod is the only part that bends. A slow-acting rod can bend to the end.


Since much of it relies on your fishing circumstances and locales, paying attention to it while purchasing a bamboo fly rod is crucial. There are various designs, lengths, rod types, and actions. The one that best fits your needs and style should be chosen for purchase.

Bamboo fishing rods are effective because they are strong, trustworthy, and long-lasting. While some anglers would prefer a graphite and fiberglass rod, bamboo is still a fantastic option despite its weight. Its additional weight has several benefits, including remarkable balance and fruitful fishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are fly rods made of bamboo better?

Anglers who love the rod’s slow, highly flexible action should use bamboo fly rods for the subtlest and most delicate presentations. Bamboo fly rods provide a distinctive feel and sensation while battling a fish, just like fiberglass fly rods do. Light tippets are more resistant to breaking due to the fly rods give.

How come bamboo fly rods are good?

Compared to other choices on the market, bamboo rods are heavier. But this also qualifies as one of their better traits. Bamboo fishing rods make anglers slow down their cast and concentrate on their form and fly presentation.

Are bamboo fly rods worth anything?

Yes, vintage bamboo rods are desirable and distinctive components for collections. But you won’t become a billionaire if you have or locate one! About $20,000 was spent on the most expensive bamboo rod to ever be sold at auction.

Final Thoughts

Bamboo fly rods are a superb option for those who respect history and workmanship in their fishing gear. Their distinctive qualities and timeless style have been popular among fishermen for years. The greatest bamboo fly rods are works of art and engineering created by talented craftspeople passionate about what they do. A bamboo fly rod will provide you with an amazing fishing experience, whether an expert or a novice. Therefore, consider purchasing one of the top bamboo fly rods available on the market if you’re seeking a high-quality, dependable fly rod that will last a lifetime. Do you want to know how can bamboo toothbrushes be composted? Click Here!



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