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Bamboo privacy fences are a great alternative to wood because bamboo is really grass rather than a kind of wood, it takes far less time to mature and then to be replenished. However, I have already spent some time researching a few top choices to help you find the best bamboo for a privacy fence.

So by using bamboo for privacy fence instead of wood you are actually helping to save trees. And the plantations where bamboo is grown help absorb carbon monoxide from the earth’s atmosphere. Naturally, it is challenging to select one among the many other options.

Of all the products I researched, I liked the Jollybower Natural Bamboo Fence Rolls the most. They are large and durable enough to provide long-lasting privacy to any size garden. Apart from this, you must know about other options as it is still determining which one will suit your needs. Pay attention to the discussion below and read all the sections.

5 Best Bamboo For Privacy Fences

As mentioned earlier, I have reviewed some of the best fence options in-depth and listed 5 possibilities. Now learn about them and differentiate between them. You’ll decide on the best bamboo for privacy fence. Read Here: How To Install Bamboo Fence On Chain-link

Forever Bamboo Reed Fencing

I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality option at an affordable price. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Not only for protecting privacy but also works great as part of room decoration.

You can even choose the product as a seat canopy. Many users have appreciated the fence due to its affordable price and versatile usability.

Features With Benefits:

Highly Sustainable: It comes with premium features, making it durable compared to other options. Besides, it is environmentally friendly because it does not emit harmful substances even after prolonged use. So one can safely install and use it indoors or outdoors.

Extremely Natural: The product works great to maintain a natural environment throughout the home. Excellent privacy with a natural tropical feel. Many people choose this option to create a tropical natural theme even in the office. Read Here: 5 Best Books to Learn about Bamboo: An Extensive Guide

Easy Installation: The fence is relatively easy to install. It has a curved surface that allows one to install it quickly. Besides, the surface grips the soil easily. As a result, it can survive in the same place for a long time. But it is easy to remove if necessary.

Offers Versatility: The versatility of Forever Bamboo Reed Fencing has made it even more popular. Provides ample security while protecting privacy. It supports many other functions, including canopies, garden borders, and pool privacy.


  • The fence can last up to 4 years with proper care;
  • Suitable for home or office use;
  • Anywhere welcomes a tropical theme;
  • Comes with affordable price;
  • The lovely natural color is soothing to the eyes.


  • The sticks are pretty empty, so privacy doesn’t seem right;
  • Users have complained about it breaking quickly, so the quality should be better.

Tgzwme Natural Reed Fence Roller Blind

Do you like versatile options? Then choose this natural wall from Tgzwme. In addition to home use, it is widely used commercially, such as in hotels, restaurants, galleries, and anywhere outdoors. Your desired area will be behind a screen that provides true privacy.

Features With Benefits:

Offers More Shade & Privacy: This screen is woven with many natural reeds close together, so the reeds are dense enough. It effectively shields users from prying eyes as it works against sunlight. No one can see the daily activity until the user unlocks the screen.

Multi-Functional Fencing: The screen is entirely eco-friendly. It can earn people’s trust when they want to hide old and unusual objects in the house or outside. It also provides shade to the premises. People also use it as a safety fence to prevent pets from jumping off the balcony because it is pretty strong.

Completely Study Reed: The screen is made from the most natural and robust reed. Moreover, they are closely woven so that none are damaged or torn. Furthermore, the manufacturers give it a waxy coating, so moisture does not quickly rot and lasts for a long time.

Easy-to-install: Tgzwme Natural Reed Fence Roller is straightforward to install; even a homeowner can do the job perfectly. Just place the fence correctly and attach it with cable ties. The user can complete the screen setup without a professional’s help.


  • 100% natural poles;
  • Hides all unattractive areas;
  • Ensures maximum shade;
  • There is no shortage of privacy;
  • Highly sturdy than others;
  • It lasts for years, even getting moisture.


  • No one has given any significant negative comments about the screen.

Jollybower Eco-Friendly Bamboo Fencing

The best curtain in terms of durability is this natural wall from Jollybower. It is eco-friendly as it is made from an all-natural reed weave. Besides, people always prefer to use these walls for outdoor and balcony patios. Even want to give the garden a border? It is best for him too. The screen is 6 feet in height and 8 feet long.

Features With Benefits:

High-quality Screen: The screen is made from the most durable and robust pole. These are usually thrown by the manufacturers first. After they have become powerful, they are placed side by side to form a screen in the weave. Natural pipes are much more effective as an alternative to other construction materials considering environmental safety.

Flexible: To provide maximum flexibility to the screen, users secure it with strong galvanized steel wire. These cables can adapt to all types of weather conditions. It does not rust even when exposed to moisture. Besides, the curved surface can be easily placed on the ground.

Eco-Friendly: This product has always occupied the top spot as an eco-friendly option. It comes with long-lasting properties, yet it does not contain any harmful substances that will make it last longer. Naturally gives users several years of warranty.

Easy-to-install: Prakritik fence is straightforward to install when people compare it to other wall materials. It is easy to deploy and can be rolled and stored as needed. Moreover, being relatively light, it can be carried by almost anyone.

Widely Used: Jollybower Natural Bamboo Fence Rolls have gained a lot of user confidence in terms of security and privacy protection. Apart from making curtains for various places, these curtains are highly demandable materials for home decoration that meet the different needs of the users.


  • Not easy to rust;
  • Highly durable as the poles are dried well;
  • Not easy to mold;
  • Ensure more privacy.


  • Poles are relatively spaced, which does not provide strong privacy.

Backyard X-Scapes Natural Bamboo Fencing

This screen model ranks high on my list in terms of quality. A bit high in price, but in terms of quality, it will easily beat the others. The screen is slightly darker but more robust.  It can add a perfect tropical feel to any space. Users choose it to meet their various essential needs. People take the price issue lightly, considering its benefits, especially those on a budget.

Features With Benefits:

High Quality: The black poles look premium and decorative. Also more vital and more durable than other screen poles. Usually, the screen is made of a commercial-grade pole, differentiating it from other options.

Offers Versatility: Considered by users to be the most effective option to bring a tropical feel to indoor and outdoor decor. In addition, its contribution to the protection of privacy is undeniable. It has been used in many homes as a privacy screen in the garden or balcony.

Easy Installation: The screen is ready to install immediately after purchase. Its curved angle makes it easy to place in the desired place. Moreover, maintenance requires less effort. Users can install and maintain it through a short process.

Sustainable Enough: Backyard X-Scapes Natural Bamboo Fence is more sustainable than many conventional materials. No matter whether users place it inside or outside. It can last for years, wherever it is. Hence, the user is worry-free with the product regarding durability.


  • Best for both indoor and outdoor use;
  • Built to last for years;
  • Completely natural;
  • Provides complete privacy;
  • Commercial grade and lightweight.


  • The price is very high;
  • Natural humidity can change the appearance.

Want something different looking? Make sure to choose the MGP slate screen. Although it is at the bottom of the list, it is equal to other options in terms of importance. This screen can surround an entire house with a natural feel. People prefer it mainly for added beauty and privacy protection.

Features With Benefits:

Unique Look: The screen displays something extraordinary for those attracted to something special. No matter if there is a lot of unused stuff in the backyard. The wall will hide these things very quickly. It is also the best way to hide old infrastructure.

Very Powerful: Natural poles are very powerful. The lines retain strength even when together and are strong separately. So, many people install this wall in their homes and offices as a solid, long-lasting curtain. Moreover, it maintains strength for a long time.

Extremely Flexible: It’s not made of complete bamboo poles, so it’s different from heavier alternatives. The screen is easy to move, and users can install it easily. Moreover, it is not separated easily as robust wires block it.

Environment-friendly: MGP Bamboo Slat Fence is entirely eco-friendly as it is manufactured with all-natural reeds. It is always eco-friendly as no other toxic material is present. Therefore, nothing can be better than this curtain to get a tropical feel.


  • Acts as an attractive curtain for a unique-looking garden;
  • relatively strong bamboo fence;
  • Each segment is blocked with nylon coating;
  • An excellent option to hide unwanted items;
  • Anti-rust material is present.


  • They don’t look that clean;
  • Many users feel that the quality should be better as per the price.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Bamboo For Privacy Fence

You must consider a few things before purchasing a quality bamboo fence. They should be looked at before making a purchase decision. Otherwise, you can’t afford quality bamboo for your privacy fence.

Quality Of Bamboo

Consider this factor first. Since the fence is made of bamboo and is a natural material, one should know how long it will last. In this case, it is essential to check the quality of bamboo.

Bamboos that are adequately processed are not easily damaged. Hence, check the quality before making a purchase decision; it will last longer. Find quality products to avoid spoilage and damage in just a few months.

Easy Installment 

The installation of the fence should be easy. The lower part of the fence must be buried to stand correctly. Outdoor walls are usually sunk into the ground because they have curved sections. On the other hand, some options come with a straight bottom. These types of options are generally easy to set up. 

They are unsuitable for solid privacy because they are more challenging to install and cannot be permanently placed in the ground. People use both types of options. But which one you want is entirely your decision.


Height is significant to consider as privacy and security depend on it. But how much privacy the user wants depends on him. 4- to 6-foot fences can be chosen to restrict boundaries or provide some privacy. 

Tall railings act as a wall that makes it difficult for outsiders to see inside. These types of railings are most effective for balconies or outdoor seating areas. But a higher height railing can be used as per requirement. 

Wide railings are mainly used as canopies, but their contribution to building walls is worth appreciating. The homeowner can increase it up to 20. But can go higher if required.


The length of a railing must meet the needs of the user. It can come in different sizes, but users should consider how much space they want to bring under privacy in advance. Its length should be such that it covers the desired area of the user. Not all brands of railings come in the same size. 

As a result, think about how much space you want to cover before purchasing. A longer fence will be better if the area is medium or small. Also, larger sizes may require several parallel walls. Due to a lack of proper consideration, users often invest more and buy a big railing for small needs.


A bamboo fence is essential to have versatile features. Generally, a good quality bamboo railing will last for a long time. But it is better to find a product that can suit your individual needs for just one investment. If you want to change a railing after a few days as a wall, there is no need to discard the last barrier.

The thin stick railing can be used as a seating canopy. But, thick stick railings cannot be used as a canopy. It could be more versatile. Therefore, choose narrow stick railing for multi-purpose use


Some products may be beautiful, but they are high-quality only if treated well. A quality railing can last for at least 5 to 6 years if properly treated. But untreated fences last 2 years or less. Hence, consider this before purchasing. Be sure of its durability before making a purchase decision. 

Quality railing will last for years despite the damaging touch of various external elements, including wind, bad weather, rain, UV rays, and dust. Poor quality will cause the bamboo to crack over time and perish quickly. In this case, opt for the strongly seasoned option.

Privacy Standard 

People who want to use a bamboo fence primarily for privacy should refrain from purchasing any product. Some of the fence posts are placed quite loosely. The such railing should only be bought with consideration. 

Since one wants to preserve more privacy, there should be no gaps between the narrow sticks. You can even choose thick bamboo fences. But in this case, notice that they are very close. 

Railings with gaps can give a stylish look but cannot protect privacy in most cases. Perhaps people install it to deter animals or strangers. However, be sure to consider the needs and benefits while choosing.

Color & Thickness 

Bamboo fences mostly come in yellow or brown colors, but some variations exist. Yellow or brown-colored bamboo is generally used for fencing. The blue and black bamboo is missing the fence panels, but some manufacturers can make exciting railings with them. 

It is essential to consider thickness as well as color. Choose a wicker railing of at least half an inch in diameter to ensure proper security and privacy. But thinner barriers are better for easy movement and regular use. For example, thin railings are used more for installation in balconies.


The budget is significant to consider. Remember that a bamboo fence concerns your home or office’s privacy, security, and beauty. Consequently, these should not be compromised. When users go for cheaper options, they have to sacrifice privacy and durability while maintaining beauty.

But not all affordable options are low quality. If you’re on a tight budget and need a railing for a small space, find a quality option at a lower price. On the other hand, you can go for a more expensive option if necessary. 

Even if more space requires more substantial railing, definitely go for the more expensive option. But a high price does not mean good, and there is no reason to think that a low cost means the user is buying the wrong product.

User Reviews

Consider user reviews when looking for a quality product. It is undoubtedly an excellent decision to choose the railing for which other users have given primarily favorable comments and appreciated the main features. 

Read other users’ reviews on desired products on trusted platforms. Choose the one that has the most compliments for your desired features. On the other hand, users should avoid those that have negative comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Bamboo Fence A Good Idea?

Bamboo fences are undoubtedly a good idea (2) as they are naturally beautiful and beneficial for the environment. Moreover, it is one of the sustainable options that can last for years.

Besides, installing a bamboo railing is much easier than building a brick or stone wall. Even most homeowners can do this job themselves without paying a professional. Also, cost-effective compared to other strong materials.

How Long Will The Bamboo Fence Last?

How long a bamboo fence will last depends on the type of bamboo. A well-treated railing has a durability of at least 5 to 6 years. But untreated barriers offer the durability of 2 years or less.

Since it is absent in bamboo railings, its durability is slightly less than that of wood. Initially, wooden fences may contain some toxic deposits that act against biodegradation.

Is Bamboo Fencing Cheaper Than Wood?

A bamboo privacy fence is affordable (1) compared to a hardwood railing. The cost is relatively low for this option. Wood is expensive, and its railing installation requires professional help, which is more costly.

On the other hand, the bamboo railing is relatively easy to install, and even an inexperienced person can do it. No professional carpenter is needed in this case.

How Do You Maintain A Bamboo Fence?

To maintain this natural wall, you will find a different solution in the market after soaking the railing, scrubbing it with a brush, and wiping it off using a towel. Apply a weather-protective coating after drying.

Do the same every 1 year. This will make the railing last for years. However, depending on the climate, the maintenance time may come forward.

How Do You Keep Your Bamboo Fence From Rotting?

Bamboo fences are prone to rotting when exposed to excess moisture. To protect the railing from this, always keep it clean. Also, ensure no piles of leaves or dirt are against the barrier. Keep it as dry as possible to extend its life. Using a sealant to protect against weather-related moisture damage is also a good idea. Just clean the bamboo and apply it.

Read More:


Bamboo fences are very effective as a canopy for your balcony, garden, or living area. But in choosing the best bamboo for a privacy fence, I recommend knowing about the top options I have discussed above.

My favorite option for versatility is the Tgzwme Natural Reed Fence Roller which can be used in various areas. Users should consider Backyard X-Scapes Natural Bamboo Fencing for its premium quality.

However, a buying guide and helpful information, along with top recommendations, can be more beneficial in choosing the railing of your choice. These will make people an expert on natural walls.


(1)Ehui, S. (1994). Adapting Social Science to the Changing Focus of International Agricultural. ILRI (aka ILCA and ILRAD).

(2)Gilchrist, P. (2005). The Big Book of Backyard Projects: Walls, Fences, Paths, Patios, Benches, Chairs & More (P. Gilchrist, Ed.). Lark Books.



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