Top 5 Best Oil for Bamboo Cutting Board: A Complete Guide



Does your bamboo cutting board become cracked or dehydrated? Need a silky polish on that kitchen utensil? Then you have to stay with us because I’m going to share the top 5 best oils for bamboo cutting boards throughout the market.

Finding a suitable oil to treat bamboo cutting boards is tough. There are so many options. That’s why complete research and experience are mandatory to choose the best one. This article will give a clear concept of the best oil for bamboo cutting boards, their buying consideration, benefits, the application process, and other specifics.

But for busier readers, I first want to suggest a quick fix and innovative solution- Bambüsi Food Grade Mineral Oil. The oil takes care of bamboo grains with vitamins and minerals, and is safe for food and use—no more extra fall out or smell. Just enjoy a shiny and nourished bamboo surface.

Now come to the point. First, read the article thoroughly to eradicate all the information.

Best Oil for Bamboo Cutting Board: Detail Review With Specifics

Now we’ve reached the review section. Here I’ll explain each product’s features, benefits, exceptional quality, and pros and cons. Hopefully, the consumers will get sound knowledge about the best oil for bamboo cutting boards within a short time and effortlessly.

CLARK’s Bamboo Cutting Board Mineral Oil

Have cracked and split bamboo cutting boards in the kitchen? Then shift in this safe solution to rejuvenate the bamboo. Because of the goodness of lemongrass extract and purified oil, the item gives enough protection against cracking and dryness. Besides, the delightful scent changes the ambiance of the kitchen also. Now check some other benefits below.

Features With Benefits:

Deep Penetration:

The oil performs by penetrating a deep layer, so the bamboo gains can get nourished and renewed again despite regular use. Combining lemongrass and mineral oil adds extra nutritional value to repair the damage to bamboo. 

Special Care For Bamboo:

The formulation is perfect for bamboo grain. The mineral leaves a polishing effect that enhances the luster of bamboo and recovers the dryness instantly. Not only that, gradual use of this solution helps to cover up the crack on the chopping board.

Protective Solution:

CLARK’s Bamboo Cutting Board Mineral Oil contains highly protective ingredients to make a barrier on the board to resist cracking. On the other hand, lemongrass extract has antioxidant properties(3) that penetrate deep and protect against damage. 

Food Grade Oil:

Purified oil doesn’t decrease food quality or harm the human body. That is why oil is a safe and effective treatment for bamboo cutting boards. So, you have a chance to renew the kitchen essentials without any contamination.

Easy Application:

No hassle to use the solution on board. Dust off the surface and apply a generous amount of oil. Spread evenly by rubbing and take time to get absorbed completely. Then Reapply if needed.


  • Easy to use;
  • Safe polishing agent;
  • Great for any bamboo-made substance;
  • Colorless and no harsh Scent;
  • Consumer-friendly.


  • Only usable for bamboo, not other wood.

Bambüsi Food Grade Mineral Oil

Find a magical solution to protect and maintain bamboo or wooden kitchen items. This mineral oil-based lacquer can be the most suitable option to revive wooden utensils. Buy this one to serve the bamboo materials with some special care. No more being late. Check the other benefits below.

Features With Benefits:

Safe For Food And Skin:

This oil has no toxic ingredients. The purified mineral oil is completely safe for food and users’ skin. Even after polishing, it does not allow oiliness that may mix with food. The highest penetration ensures a clean surface which offers a better cutting experience.

Unique Formula:

This oil provides some extra with different and advanced formulas. After application, it dries out fast and doesn’t leave an oily residue on the board. Because the mineral oil acts like lacquer, so the surface can remain clean but protected.

Widely Applicable:

Not only does one bamboo cutting board, but this item also works equally great for any wooden materials. The oil can serve both bamboo and wooden furniture. Just apply, and get clean and crack-free bamboo boards.

Preserves Bamboo And Wood:

The combination of vitamin E and mineral oil absorbs deeper layers of bamboo grain and nourishes it properly. As a result, the damage minimizes, and the cutting board stays cracked and split free. 

Protective Packaging:

The packaging is the best to contain such a quick-drying product. Besides, Bambüsi Food Grade Mineral Oil is not hard to open up. It drops down properly and spreads so nicely on the surface.


  • Fast absorption;
  • Easiest application;
  • Quality food-grade mineral oil;
  • No weird smell;
  • Provides brand new look to the surface;
  • Ensures long-term protection.

Premium Italian Cutting Board Oil

Search for a polishing treatment for bamboo and wooden utensils? Trust the natural ingredients-based oil to keep the bamboo board polished, shiny, and clean. It also recovers dryness and old cracks through repeated use. Additionally, the non-toxic formulation helps to provide a healthy life to humans. Some other features are available below.

Features With Benefits:

100% Natural Ingredients:

The oil combines with walnut extract, and there are no mineral oils. The ingredient is harmless and toxin-free for humans and the environment. That means the product performs all the cleaning or protection well without any side effects. 


The natural ingredients-based polishing solution is highly safe for the environment. It doesn’t leave any harmful or rusty elements, which can be responsible for future eco-damage. Also, the use of walnuts inspires to promote natural options. 

Water Protectant:

Bamboo cutting boards remain damp in maximum working time, which is why they are more prone to fungus damage. On the other hand, the fungus can cause severe contamination of food. This product helps to resist water to reduce the chance of fungal attack.

Seals Hydration: 

Premium Italian Cutting Board Oil creates a protective barrier on the surface to lock the hydration, nutrients, and shine. As a result, the chopping board remains beautiful and usable and keeps its luster long.

Improved Package:

The spray bottle is very user-friendly for surface-level application. It spreads fast and effortlessly. Also, the dispenser allows immediate dripping according to the required amount. Hence, no tension about product waste.


  • No harshness;
  • Easy to use and time-saving;
  • All natural recipe;
  • Cleans and rejuvenates the bamboo and wooden surface;
  • Mineral oil free;
  • Effective protectant.


  • The product may come quickly by spraying unconsciously.

Caron & Doucet Finishing Oil

Want to avoid mineral oil for cutting boards? Try this coconut-derived butcher block oil to condition, protect, clean and renew the fibers of bamboo and wooden objects. With easy application, it offers water resistant finish, quick drying, and is entirely safe for cutting foods regularly. Is it interesting? Check below for more.

Features With Benefits:

Plant-Based Formula:

The coconut extract-derived oil is natural, safe, and cheap. This plant-based solution doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals. Additionally, the production of coconut oil is massive all over the world. So, the idea of formulating this product is admirable.

Protects And Conditions:

Caron & Doucet Finishing Oil perfectly nourishes the bamboo and wood gains that eradicate dryness and stress. Besides, it also makes cracks in the board through repeated use.

100% Safe:Additionally, coconut oil has antimicrobial properties(1) that prevent bacteria from growing on cutting boards. That is why the risk of food poisoning decreases, and the food-grade oil does zero harm to health.

Easy Cleaning: 

The essential oils naturally prevent odor, nourish the surface, and cleanse simultaneously. Also, the application is super effortless. Just apply on the board and rub until getting the required finish. 

No More Odor:

This oil absorbs quickly after nice wiping and doesn’t leave any residue or smell. Besides, it helps to eliminate food smell like onion, garlic, or fish to provide the ultimate cleanliness of the cutting board.


  • Budget-friendly;
  • Non-toxic formula;
  • Safe for food and skin;
  • Doesn’t leave any smell or residue;
  • Protective against any damage;
  • Retains a shiny layer.


  • A bit thick in consistency.

Bayes High-Performance Food Grade Mineral Oil

Need a solution to clean, protect and moisturize the bamboo cutting board? Then, rely on this certified product to treat kitchen items with special care. The highest quality food-grade oil is the perfect solution to protect the cutting surface from being cracked or damaged. Scroll down to get more benefits of the product.

Features With Benefits:

Safest And Effective Care:

This oil contains no dangerous chemicals. The purified mineral oil is perfectly safe for food and skin contact. It does not permit oiliness to interact with food even after surface preparation. The greatest insertion ensures a smooth finish, resulting in a better trying-to-cut experience.


The product maintains the responsibility of keeping the environment toxins-free. Their bottles are entirely recyclable, significantly contributing to the environment’s welfare. Also, it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

Retains Natural Aura:

The mineral oil formula helps to keep the natural grains and beauty of wood and bamboo. Firstly, it nourishes the cutting board in a cleaning way and creates a protective barrier to prevent further damage. As a result, bamboo and wood can keep their natural shine.

Broadly Usable:

This item is suitable for any wooden material, not just bamboo cutting boards. It can serve equally with bamboo and wooden furniture. Simply apply, and you will receive clean, crack-free bamboo boards.

Perfect maintenance:

Bayes High-Performance Food Grade Mineral Oil repairs and is effective for maintaining the luster of the bamboo and wooden board. For a damaged surface, use it every day for one week, then use it once a week, and finally, when it completely recovers, apply it once or twice a month.


  • Preserves all wood and bamboo;
  • Reusable plastic bottle;
  • Contains a mild natural smell and essential oils;
  • Harsh chemicals free;
  • Perfect for regular and occasional use.


  • Packaging needs to be stronger.

9 Considerations While Buying Oil for Bamboo Cutting Board

Customers need to consider essential things to get the highest utility from the products. For example, in choosing the best oil for bamboo cutting boards, try to remember the following topics to make buying decisions easier. Read Here: Cleaning a Bamboo Cutting Board: Everything You Need to Know

1) Ingredients:

The first reminder is to be careful about ingredients. Check the leveling of the products and do primary research on them. For the overall care of the cutting board, try a nourishing oil-based product. 

If the requirement is to cover up the cracks, find some thick occlusive ingredients-based oils. Those who prefer natural oils select the required ones by checking the ingredient list of coconut, walnut, or almond oils.

2) Safety:

A bamboo cutting board is a kitchen utensil and food chopping surface. So, it must be safe for food and users. Avoid any toxic or harsh chemicals containing oils to improve your health. Make sure the oil is entirely food-grade. 

3) Formulation:

The formulation is another concern. Nowadays, different brands offer light oil or lacquer products that absorb immediately into the surface and don’t leave an extra residue. Try one of them for a better experience. Even select a thick oil if needed. Read Here: Bamboo Shelf For Bathroom: What To Know

4) Water Resistance:

Bamboo cutting boards are more prone to remain damp after washing. Besides, while cutting juicy fruits, the board absorbs moisture. But the wet surface can cause bacterial or fungal growth over time. That’s why water-resistant oils can be the best choice.

5) Penetration:

If the oil doesn’t penetrate, it can leave a residue on the chopping board, which is not preferable. Also, the oily surface can cause the slip of a knife or other unwanted damage. Therefore, ensure the oil has enough penetration power into the bamboo cutting board.

6) Consistency:

The consistency of oil may depend on the requirement. But the thick consistency of oils can create a better protective layer on the surface and heals the cracks even more quickly. On the other hand, light oil penetrates the deep layer, nourishes the bamboo grains, and improves the texture. Select one accordingly. 

7) Recovering Quality:

Bamboo cutting boards get dehydrated, damaged, and cracked because of regular use. Oil polishing is mandatory to repair the issues and increases the longevity of the utensils. That’s why the oils must have the quality to recover the damages. Try to choose an oil with nutritive elements to soothe the roughness of the bamboo cutting board

8) Fragrance And Extra Residue: 

The poor absorption and harsh fragrances of oils may not be comfortable and healthy in kitchen items. In addition, the oily residue can cause any incident while cutting, and the strong scent can destroy the food value. Try to avoid these features while selecting products.

9) Budget:

Budget is a crucial part of buying decisions. In terms of bamboo cutting boards, there are lots of budget-friendly options in the market. But, check the features first and try to relate them to requirements. If it matches, invests more. Please, never go with cheap products because there is a health issue.

5 Tips For How To Care Of Bamboo Cutting Board

Taking care of a regular kitchen essential like a bamboo cutting board is mandatory to keep it nice and healthy. These care are about maintenance, cleansing, wiping, polishing, etc. But here, I’ve added some extra to it. Check below for pro tips on caring for bamboo cutting boards.

Tip 1: Follow Regular Cleaning Routine

This simple trick will provide a great result. After cutting fruits, vegetables, or other foods, wipe them off with a damp cloth and dry them out. Following this routine, the bamboo chopping board gets less stained and discolored.

Tip 2: Sanitize After Cutting Raw Fish And Meat 

The residue from raw fish, meat, or other smelly spices like onion and garlic may cause a bacterial attack. Also, severe odor carries excellent harm to the human body. Therefore, clean the cutting board with mild detergent after chopping these food ingredients. 

Tip 3: Oil Polish

Oil polish is the ultimate treatment for preventing damage, cracks, and dehydration and restoring the natural shine of bamboo cutting boards. Try some warm oil for better penetration. Rub any food-grade mineral or crude oil every alternative day or at least once a week to get the nourished board.

Tip 4: Say No To Harsh Chemicals.

Never use harsh chemical or fragrance-based products for a bamboo cutting board. It may destroy the texture of bamboo and natural shine of bamboo. Besides, those toxins can contaminate foods.

Tip 5: Always Keep It Dry

Water is the enemy of Bamboo grain. The damp area allows fungus and bacteria to build up quickly. When It needs to be washed, dry the bread as soon as possible. Otherwise, nothing can prevent the damage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Oil Bamboo Cutting Boards?

To do an oil bamboo cutting board, take a generous amount of food-grade natural or mineral oil and old clean cloth. First, wash off the board with soapy water and let it dry. Then apply the oil and rub continuously until the surface gets an excellent finish.

This oiling is a protective care for bamboo cutting boards which gives nourishment, creates a protective barrier, and heals the cracks effectively. As a result, the damaged and dehydrated bamboo boards become renewed instantly for several uses.

How Do You Care For A Bamboo Cutting Board?

To take care of a bamboo cutting board, wash it off with mild soap after finishing the kitchen activity and let it dry properly. Then do a quick rubbing with food-grade mineral oils for nourishment and shine. But make sure to do the job carefully, avoiding keeping any extra residue on the surface.

The care of a bamboo cutting board takes time and effort. It’s regular maintenance. Gradual cleaning and polishing will increase the quality and longevity of the board for long. 

What Mistakes Should You Avoid While Oiling Bamboo Cutting Boards?

Always avoid overheating contact with bamboo cutting boards. It can damage the grains of bamboo and make them crack and warp. In addition, those who use abrasive scrubs and harsh detergent to wash the bamboo cutting boards do serious harm. 

Another thing is to avoid exposure(2). Never keep it near the window where excessive UV rays can come. It can cause discoloration of the bamboo. Also, damp bamboo boards never last only a short time. So dry it immediately after finishing cutting tasks. 

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Here is the end of today’s discussion of the best oil for bamboo cutting board.

I’ve presented my studies organized to assist the consumers. Hopefully, now the buying decision will be easy for them. But in the end, I have a final recommendation.

At the top, I mentioned Bambüsi Food Grade Mineral Oil to protect and maintain bamboo cutting boards. Another recommendation is Caron & Doucet Finishing Oil to serve the old bamboo broads with extra nourishment. Also, the protection barrier helps to reduce potential damage. Try one among them, and you will never be frustrated. It’s time to make a decision. But first, learn more and more, prioritize your own needs and then find the best products. But don’t forget to remind me of my suggestions.


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