Top 5 Best Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads

Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads

Have you decided to switch to reusable bamboo makeup remover pads to ensure zero waste? This is a timely decision because bamboo pads have excellent durability and quality. But it can be challenging to choose one from the many options in the market. Therefore, making a narrow list of top reusable bamboo makeup remover pads is wise.

As a conscious person, I found bamboo wipers to be the best for my skin and spent a lot of time searching for the best ones. While researching, I found some sensational options that suit almost all skin types. Here are the top 5 products from various brands that have received rave consumer reviews.

I recommend the Chloven Charcoal Makeup Remover Pads set among all the options because here you get 25 packs set at an affordable price. Moreover, they have high moisture absorption properties. Among the organic alternatives, it is genuinely excellent.

Since the list of the best reusable bamboo makeup remover pads is small, I will inspire you to look at all the reviews. The article will also include other information you need to know.

Top Best Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads: Head-To-Head Comparison

Before going into the detailed discussion of the reusable bamboo makeup remover pads on my list, I encourage readers to get an instant idea. That’s why I’ve prepared a table with a head-to-head comparison. This will give you a quick view of the main features and differences between wipers.

Greenzla Bamboo Makeup Remover PadsCheck Price
ASPACES Organic Reusable Remover PadsCheck Price
Chloven Charcoal Makeup Remover PadsCheck Price
MUEROSA Reusable Makeup Remover PadsCheck Price
MUEROSA All-in-One Facial Cleansing PadsCheck Price

5 Best Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads: In-depth Analysis

After getting a brief idea, you are probably now interested in the details. Now I will discuss these top bamboo makeup pads in particular. This discussion includes their main features, benefits, advantages, and disadvantages. After reading these reviews, it will be easy to make your choice.

Greenzla Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads

Are you expecting a high-quality makeup remover? This product from Greenzla will surely meet your needs, which is why I have placed it at the top of the list.

These wipers are formed of biodegradable/natural bamboo fabric, which is suitable for all skin types. In addition, its flexibility makes it suitable for those with sensitive or arid skin.

Features With Benefits:

Eco-Friendly & Zero Waste:

These are designed with eco-friendly features suitable for years of use. Wasting the wipers frequently is unnecessary as they are washable and reusable. The quality will remain even after washing.

Extra Bonus:

Includes a round box to store reusable wipers properly. Moreover, users will also get a laundry bag as a bonus so that the 20-pack set can be easily carried. Much more convenient for long-distance travel.

Natural Bamboo With Organic Cotton:

The combination of organic cotton and natural bamboo makes the wipers flexible enough. They make skin care and cleansing perfectly. Moreover, since both sides have the same features, one wiper will work for both.

Easy To Maintain:

Greenzla Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads are very easy to maintain. Place them in a cotton drawstring laundry bag and machine wash at 40°C – 60°C. They will look brand new.


  • Attractive storage.
  • Maintain gentility on the skin.
  • Extremely soft.
  • Easy to clean & highly durable.
  • Free bonus laundry bag.


  • According to some users, it works less to remove eye makeup.

ASPACES Organic Reusable Remover Pads

Another excellent addition to the list is this wiper pack. Suitable for all skin types, this product has been appreciated by almost all users. They are safe enough for reuse and are easily cleaned. Moreover, those who want to give something to someone can feel free to choose it.

Features With Benefits:

For All Skin Types:

Natural wipers are suitable for all skin types because they are flexible enough. As long as you use it, it will give smoothness. To remove any skin makeup, wet the wiper with your cleanser of choice and rub in a circular motion until all makeup is removed.


They are naturally eco-friendly. It retains performance even after hundreds of washes and remains equally safe. Moreover, there is no plastic in the package, so it will not harm the environment even if recycled.

Package Includes More:

The package contains 20 pieces of remover pads made of natural ingredients. Users also get a cotton laundry bag. This cloth bag can be used for storing wipers and other purposes as it is better than any disposable bag in the market.

Home & Trip Friendly: Wipers are portable enough to easily fit in a travel bag, gym bag, or luggage. ASPACES Organic Reusable Remover Pads are excellent for birthday gifts, teacher gifts, mom gifts, and other gifts.


  • Soft bamboo valor;
  • Eastern absurd cotton;
  • Used up to 1000 times;
  • Zero waste lifestyle;
  • Perfect for sensitive eye areas.


  • Some users complain that the pads are extra soft and unable to remove makeup.

Chloven Charcoal Makeup Remover Pads

Are you looking for the best non-slip option on a budget? This product from Chloven is undoubtedly the best choice for you. These wipers are convenient and safe for daily use and travel, removing makeup from the delicate areas of the eyes and remaining effective even after repeated use. The package offers a lot at an affordable price.

Features With Benefits:

Offers More In A Package:

The package contains 25 pieces of wipers made of charcoal. They are soft enough and comfortable enough for the skin. Moreover, they are shaped to fit perfectly in the palm. It also has excellent moisture absorption capacity.

Earth Friendly:

It comes with the maximum utility to save user money and reduce waste. Since they are reusable, there is no need to buy new ones quickly. As a result, the garbage will be reduced due to less waste, and a healthy environment will be maintained.

Great Organic Alternative:

These remover wipers are made with organic ingredients, efficiently removing makeup. You can use toner or cleanser with this. Also, both sides of a wiper are usable. After the cleansing process is over, the user gets fresh skin.

Non-Slip Design & Washable:

A pad never slips on the skin even after repeated and long-term use but maintains consistency with the skin. Leave naturally with the clothes; they will dry perfectly. Washing them with other clothes is no problem, as they don’t shed any color.

Wide Application:

Chloven Charcoal Makeup Remover Pads are convenient for wide application. Moreover, it can easily fit into any bag while traveling. If you want to give something valuable to someone, choose this package, it is satisfying.


  • Fits all skin types.
  • Easy to use.
  • Ensures zero waste.
  • No slippery feature.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Manufacturers should improve the product more.

MUEROSA Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Want more with Bamboo pads? The MUEROSA 14 pcs package offers everything, including a laundry bag and a lovely bamboo holder. Although there are fewer wipers than other options, they are well-received as quality skincare aids.

Features With Benefits:

Superior Quality:

There is no comparison to its quality. They come with permanent ‘M’ stitching. Moreover, both sides of each wiper are usable. Easy to store, and anyone can treat his skin with it. Undoubtedly, they are 100% eco-friendly.


These wipers are durable for multi-purpose use. They remain very flexible and durable even after repeated use on the skin. Apart from makeup removal, you can use them to apply cream, toner, or oil on the skin. Don’t worry; they won’t over-absorb expensive products.

Highly Durable:

Wipers have ‘M’ stitched across them. According to the size of M, they are quickly fried. They are durable for a long time as they include convenient usage features. So, one can do something other than bland dishes.

Zero Waste & Amazing Gift:

Rounds remain usable even after thousands of washes. Also, MUEROSA Reusable Makeup Remover Pads are a great gift idea. In addition to saving money, it also reduces waste.


  • Amazing storage box.
  • Outstanding packaging.
  • Ultra absorbent.
  • Naturally antibacterial.
  • Eco-friendly grown.


  • Black surfaces may leave a black residue if not properly developed.

MUEROSA All-in-One Facial Cleansing Pads

Everyone has something more convenient to reduce the fatigue of cleansing skin. I have listed this product of MUEROSA to fulfill that need of users. Although it is at the bottom of the list, it is the most convenient compared to other products.

Features With Benefits:

All In One:

Users can get everything in one package. Essential features for skin cleansing and preservation are included in one package. Moreover, it is most known to one because of its stylish design where small-size wipers are placed inside the box.


The wipers are highly eco-friendly and made of entirely natural bamboo and other materials. They easily remove eyeshadow, foundation, and other cosmetics leaving the skin completely fresh and untouched. Wash and reuse them repeatedly.

High Quality:

It absorbs 40% more moisture than other materials and is more flexible than cotton. It maintains the correct shape even after repeated use and lasts for years. So people don’t need quick investments.

Premium Accessories: MUEROSA All-in-One Facial Cleansing Pads come with a compatible headband that maintains the distance between eyes and hair. It also helps to wash and dry the skin quickly. Only some makeup remover wipers of such premium quality are in the market.


  • Washable up to 1000 times.
  • Stylish adjustable headband.
  • Konjac exfoliating sponge.
  • Luxury face cloth.
  • Easy access in any place.


  • The price is relatively high.

6 Things To Look For Before Buying Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads

Although I have mentioned reviews of some of the best pads above, you can still buy a low-quality product without considering a few things. So, consider some factors that will help you get a quality option while buying them.

1.   Material:

Reusable pads are prepared of materials such as cotton, microfiber, etc. One has to choose one considering the convenience of use. However, bamboo removers are deemed the best choice as they are mixed with cotton and come with a reusable round that is much more durable.

On the contrary, many prefer to use microfiber pads, but it is good to know that it is responsible for microplastic pollution. Therefore, bamboo products should always be considered a convenient and eco-friendly option.

2.   Comfort Feeling:

All removing wipes claim to be skin-friendly, but they should be checked before purchasing. Some products need more quality and feel soft enough to the touch. Harsh ingredients can be uncomfortable for the skin.

It is best if it is checked directly at the time of purchase. I usually give this the utmost importance when choosing wipes because makeup removal is a long process where you need to feel comfortable.

3.   Versatility:

The versatile feature of removing pads is a plus. Some wipers are suitable for use on all skins. Since there are several pads in a package, you should choose an option that the rest of the family can use. A product for one skin type may only be suitable for one person. But you can also meet the needs of other members within the same investment.

4.   Budget:

Budget is one of the most important factors to consider. It is wrong to assume that spending more will always get a quality product. You can get a good quality bamboo wiper within your budget. But don’t decide from the start that you want to go only for the cheapest option.

Always remember that cheaper isn’t always better. Hence, it is essential to consider quality along with the price. If there is compatibility between the quality and your budget, definitely choose that product. Some best options meet the needs of the customer with the required features.

5.   Laundry Bag:

Remover pads are not the last thing to use. It is crucial to keep them properly stored when not in use since they will be reused. Some brands are aware of the user convenience and provide a holder. It allows you to use and carry things easily.

Check whether the seller provides this essential item before purchasing the product. If this helpful bag is not included in the package, you can discard the product as you will probably have to spend again for a holder. Chances are you’ll find a bag of Pads around the same price, so spend some time looking for it.

6.   User Reviews:

Customer reviews are the most crucial consideration in purchasing any product. Reading the pros and cons of any product you choose is necessary. After using a brand of pads, it is essential to check what kind of comments they have and what problems they have expressed.

When there are a lot of negative comments for a remover, they should be deprecated. However, some users may not like the presence of your preferred feature and may post negative comments. In this case, a decision should be made for that product.

Reasons Why Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads Are The Best

Source: Pinterest

Most users recommend Skin makeup reusable makeup remover pads because they work great with micellar water. Other benefits make people choose bamboo alternatives over many wipers. I found the following benefits.

●     Cost-Effective:

Most bamboo wipers come at affordable prices. They cost less than other options but are undoubtedly better in terms of quality. A one-time pad set is cheaper but can be used only once.

You can save a lot of money by using a reusable option. Moreover, you can get many skin solutions for the exact cost, as some offer versatility.

●     Environment-friendly:

Since bamboo is a natural material, users can rest assured that these pads are environment-friendly. It is best to avoid using chemicals to remove skin makeup; otherwise, the skin may be damaged.

One certainly wants to avoid harming the background while doing something as simple as removing makeup. In this case, bamboo options are great. Moreover, they are also harmful to the environment.

●     Softer On Your Skin:

Rough wipers can harm sensitive skin. The pads made of natural bamboo are soft enough for the skin, so the skin does not feel uncomfortable. Moreover, they can be suitable for almost all skin types.

Those with susceptible skin can remove makeup with comfort. Moreover, it does not contain any chemicals that can harm the skin.

●     Relatively Lightweight:

Remover pads come with many pieces at once. As a result, users are sure to take it all together when they carry it anywhere. Hence, they should have lightweight features so they can be quickly brought together. Bamboo wipers are relatively light, so users can easily take multiple pieces in a bag from one place to another.

●     Easy-to-use:

These removable pads are easy to use. With just a few simple steps, you can complete the entire process. Its process is the same as using regular wipers. After preparing a pad for use, gently glide it over the face and continue the process until all makeup is removed.

You may need to replace the wiper occasionally. However, it is not a matter of time. Besides saving money, getting the skin back to its regular look is easy.

●     Easy To Throw In The Laundry:

Wipers need to be adequately cared for to get the most out of them. You can wash them with warm water and soap. However, bamboo alternatives are pretty easy to clean and maintain.

Bamboo wipers are water washable; you can even throw them in the laundry without hesitation. Laundry will keep its quality the same. But after cleaning, dry it well and then store it.


Can You Use Micellar Water On Reusable Pads?

Reusable pads are great for use with micellar water. Micellar is typically used for skin cleansing. Bamboo pads are effective and give better results when combined with micellar water to treat the skin. Moreover, the presence of hydrating compounds in this water keeps the skin free from dehydration.

But there are other liquids, like micellar water, that can be used with wipers. Wipers have enough flexibility, but micellar water is beneficial for sensitive skin. It can even be used with wipers because it contains soothing ingredients like glycerin. However, it offers more flexibility with the Reusable option.

Are Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads Worth It?

Among the reusable pad options, bamboo wipers are undoubtedly worthy. These pads are eco-friendly and skin-friendly as they are made from natural bamboo. Furthermore, they are pretty easy to use and maintain reusability. Moreover, you get a solution for almost all skin cleansing with just one investment.

People with sensitive skin can avoid wasting valuable time as these wipers are specially designed for sensitive skin. The same pad can be used multiple times and maintains its quality every time. A package contains at least 20 pieces of wipers for a small cost. So, they will put the user far away from the following investment if each piece is reusable.

How Do You Clean Reusable Bamboo Pads?

Regular care is essential to extend the lifespan of reusable bamboo pads. With proper care, it will probably last longer. Wipers are easy to clean, but users must take a few tedious steps. Using hot and soapy water to clean them is a good idea. You can also throw them in the laundry; they will not suffer any damage.

Washing machines the only way to extend the replacement time of other reusable cotton pads is to clean them properly and dry them well. But there is no need to take any particular drying method; leave them to dry with other clothes. However, avoid using bleach or fabric softener in washing as they can damage the pads.

How Long Do Reusable Bamboo Pads Last?

With proper care, reusable bamboo pads can last up to 5 years and remove makeup with the same efficiency. Also, they maintain adequate functionality even after repeated use and are likewise safe for the skin. Most bamboo pads can be washed countless times and put in the machine with other clothes.

Since they are washable, regular washing is a must. Once washed and dried, a wiper regains its original appearance. You won’t need to invest in new wipers for 4 to 5 years. One can go for standard affordable options to save more cost.

Final Recommendation:

I have come to the end of a long discussion about the best reusable bamboo makeup remover pads. As I have already mentioned, the products recommended in the article have been selected by me after considering some crucial factors, and users should not have any doubts. Although all are my favorite wipers, I would like to recommend a few in particular.

The versatility of a product can save most of the cost. When looking for a versatile option, consider purchasing MUEROSA Reusable Makeup Remover Pads that include everything in one package. Wipers have both a laundry bag and a round box for proper storage. Also, those on a tight budget should opt for Chloven Charcoal Makeup Remover Pads without hesitation, as it does not compromise quality.

Hopefully, all your confusion in choosing a quality remover pad set is cleared. You can consider the same things when selecting reusable bamboo makeup remover pads and other face-cleansing wipers. Perhaps you are now an experienced shopper who can purchase quality pads. Consider the following buying guides, which help you get a good deal.


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