8 Bamboo Products to Replace Plastic Items on Your Home

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Plastic pollution isn’t a new story. However, it’s one issue that’s grown over the years. According to National Geographic, we’re currently dealing with 6.9 billion tons of plastic waste. The grim part is that about 6.3 billion tons of these plastic wastes never made it to recycling facilities.  This is why using bamboo products to replace plastic is one of the feasible solutions many people see.

Plastic is a man-made item. Its production boomed in the 1950s. From then on, many people depended on it. True enough, we can see it everywhere: the packaging of the sandwich from the vending machine, the fruits we buy from the market, and the tiny parts of our gadgets. There is plastic everywhere – all bound to waste that will take a thousand years to decompose.

In this ballooning plastic waste issue, we can use bamboo as an alternative. Although it has a lot of limitations, bamboo is starting to gain traction as an alternative to items we usually purchase in plastic versions. Below, we listed some of the items you can buy in its bamboo version to give Mother Nature a big favor.

8 Bamboo Products to Replace Plastic

The following are some of the items you can purchase in bamboo instead of its usual plastic version. By doing so, you’re lessening plastic waste that’s continuously damaging our planet.

1.     Bamboo straws

Bamboo straws have become popular in the past years. It’s an eco-friendly choice since it’s reusable, and it decomposes fast upon disposal. Unlike plastic straws, bamboo straws are non-toxic and all-natural. Take note that even metal straws aren’t always a good choice since it’s being mined and damages the environment in some ways.

With bamboo being a sustainable option, bamboo straws don’t degrade the environment. This is the reason why many food establishments are switching to this environment-friendly choice.

Also, bamboo has a natural antibacterial property that keeps your straws fresh. Still, proper washing is needed to keep the bamboo straws usable.

2.     Bamboo toothbrushes

Another trend that we’ve seen grow is bamboo toothbrush. Instead of the usual plastic body, it’s now available in bamboo wood. True to the characteristics of bamboo, these toothbrushes are naturally antimicrobial and eco-friendly.

Since dentists recommend that you change your toothbrush every month, you can slash your plastic waste when you switch to a bamboo toothbrush.

Aside from that, a bamboo toothbrush is also aesthetic and easy to carry. If you’re worried about the wood rotting, you need not worry because it’s treated with a waterproof base.

3.     Bamboo cutlery

Those who care for the environment are taking drastic steps to cut back on plastic wastes. This is why bamboo cutlery is born. Instead of using a plastic spoon and fork on your on-the-go meals, you can bring with you a set of bamboo cutlery.

Nowadays, you can purchase an affordable set complete with a spoon, fork, knife, straw, and chopsticks. It’s a great alternative to plastic or even metal versions. It’s very lightweight that you can stash it in your bag wherever you go. It’s also easy to wash after each use.

4.     Bamboo bottles/cups

There’s no better way to drink your coffee than to sip it in a bamboo cup. These are made from large bamboo shoots, which are then trimmed, carved, treated, and processed further. A bamboo cup can hold both cold and hot drinks well.

Some versions are bamboo-fiber based and combined with non-toxic substances. This helps reduce plastic wastes while keeping your cups fancy and attractive even for kids.

If you’re always on the go, you can purchase a bamboo tumbler. It’s a stylish option that will surely level up the way you hydrate.

5.     Bamboo chopping boards

You can also bring the change to your kitchen with the use of bamboo chopping boards. Instead of plastic chopping boards, you can get one made of bamboo. It’s more stylish, not to mention that you’ll enjoy its natural antimicrobial characteristics.

Bamboo can make a durable and long-lasting cutting board. It can also resist deep scratches and lasts better than other wood materials. It lets you cut easily without damaging the edge of your knife.

6.     Disposable bamboo plates

Are you planning a party or a gathering? Instead of using plastic or paper plates with a plastic layer, you can purchase disposable bamboo plates. It’s affordable and very easy to dispose of. Every part of a bamboo plate is biodegradable. This will make your party less damaging to the environment. If you have the extra budget, you can also pair it with a bamboo spoon and fork.

Unlike typical paper plates, bamboo plates are far more durable. It can hold wet food and large servings without getting soaked or getting soft.

7.     Bamboo cotton swabs

Cotton swabs are made of a plastic stick with rolled cotton on each end. These small plastic sticks can accumulate over time and can clog drains and pipes. So instead of using plastic versions, you can opt for bamboo cotton swabs. It uses bamboo fibers in place of the usual plastic you can see in the market.

It has a bamboo stem that’s ultra-lightweight but more durable than plastic. It’s also more hygienic, and you’ll be making the planet a big favor of skipping one more plastic waste. Bamboo cotton swabs are safe to use, even for babies.

8.     Bamboo hairbrush

Are you tired of your plastic hairbrush that cracks? You can switch to a bamboo hairbrush. This has a bamboo body that gives an excellent grip. It also lasts longer than plastic hairbrushes.

Another great thing about bamboo hairbrushes is that the pins are also made of bamboo wood. It gives a nice massaging effect on the scalp while enjoying the hypoallergenic benefit. 


Using bamboo products to replace plastic is a great way to reduce your plastic waste. It may seem like a small reduction, but it’s a decrease nonetheless. If done collectively, we can make a big dent in the growing plastic waste on our planet. With every item you swap with eco-friendly alternatives, you’re giving Earth a big favor. 



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