Which Wooden Comb Is Good For Hair? Why Bamboo is the Best Pick!

which wooden comb is good for hair


Which wooden comb is good for hair? Hair combs can be made of plastic and a variety of wood. Over the years, wooden combs have been in-demand as it’s stylish and perceived to be more eco-friendly. Aside from that, it brings a ton of benefits to the hair and scalp. So for this post, we will discuss why bamboo is the best material for wooden combs together with our hand-picked bamboo comb sets that you’ll surely love!

From the traditional plastic combs, the bamboo material has introduced a new style for hair combs and brushes.

Why bamboo?

Bamboo is a very versatile material that can be used in a wide variety of items. For wooden combs, bamboo boasts its anti-bacterial nature as well as a very sustainable source. Unlike sandalwood, beechwood, or peach wood, bamboo requires very little maintenance. In fact, it can grow on its own in the wild with very minimal water needed.

As for the production of the wooden combs, bamboo needs fewer chemicals. It’s a hardy plant that can survive most diseases.

Aside from that, bamboo gives a nice massaging feel on the scalp.

Benefits of using bamboo hair brushes

Bamboo combs have been very popular, with the emergence of various causes that promote sustainable materials. So which wooden comb is good for hair? If you’re contemplating about getting a bamboo comb, here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

*Massaging your scalp

The first benefit you’ll get from bamboo combs is its massaging effect. Unlike plastic combs, bamboo stimulates the circulation on the scalp without the scraping feeling. Also, it doesn’t harbor smell, which makes it very easy to clean.

*Helps condition your hair

Next, bamboo combs help condition your hair. The massaging effect also stimulates the production of natural sebum on your scalp. With this, your hair will look more lustrous and healthy.

Aside from that, bamboo combs are great in applying products on your hair. It helps spread the substance evenly, especially when it comes to oil and hair treatments.

*Detangles knots

Bamboo combs are also great in removing knots and tangles without too much pulling. The bamboo teeth glide smoothly into the hair. This translates to less hair fall and pain in the scalp.

*Prevents formation of static

Another great thing about wooden combs like bamboo is it doesn’t form static. This makes combing easier and it allows you to style without extra effort.

So even your hair is dry, you can keep combing without the hassle of dealing with static.

*Sustainable sources

If you care for the environment, bamboo combs are the way to go. Bamboo can be grown all over the world, plus it grows at a fast pace. Some species can even grow up to 91 centimeters per day. With that, you’ll have peace of mind that your comb came from a sustainable source that will not harm the environment

Wide-tooth or not?

You have the option to get either a wide-tooth comb or one with denser teeth. Both have benefits and suit a specific purpose.

Wide-tooth combs are great for detangling. Also, it’s the best comb if your hair is still damp or wet after showering. Aside from that, it gives excellent massage scalps.

On the other hand, bamboo combs with denser teeth are good for smoothing your hair. It’s also a great choice if you want to get rid of dandruff, lice, and dirt on your hair.

Aside from these, you can also consider a bamboo brush. Unlike cheap brushes, bamboo brushes are purely made of bamboo wood. This includes the handle and the bristles.

Cleaning a bamboo comb

If you noticed that your wooden comb has accumulated dirt, it’s important to wash it properly. That way, you won’t damage the finish and the bamboo wood will not splinter. So to make sure that you’ll enjoy your bamboo comb for long, you might as well follow these tips:

*Don’t soak it in water for too long

Bamboo combs don’t react really well with long periods of exposure to water. The same goes for most wooden combs. So when cleaning, try to wash the bamboo comb in less than 3 minutes.

*Consider oiling it

If you have a premium bamboo comb, consider oiling it to keep its prime condition. Use natural oils like jojoba or coconut oil. Just dip a cotton bud on the oil and apply it thinly all over comb’s teeth.

*Use mild soap

When washing your bamboo comb, soak it in warm water with diluted soap. If there’s debris, use an old toothbrush and give the teeth a mild scrub. After cleaning, wipe the comb with a clean cloth and apply some oil. This will prevent splintering, given that the bamboo material is prone to it.

What to look for when buying bamboo hair brushes

If you’re looking for the best bamboo comb, make sure that you consider the following points first:

-Quality and construction

The first thing you have to check is if the comb is made durable. You can do this by checking the finish of the comb. Does it have obvious splinters? Is it too thin? Are the teeth rough? These little details will help you differentiate a low-quality bamboo comb to a high-quality one.

-Teeth density

When it comes to combs, you have to be specific with the teeth density that you like. Above, we discussed the advantage of wide-tooth and dense comb teeth. Nevertheless, you can find one that has both in just one comb.

-User hair type

Also, you should consider your hair type. If you have coarse or curly hair, it’s best to aim for a wide-tooth comb as this will prevent tugging and pulling. However, if you have thin and straight hair, you’ll do well on denser comb teeth. Anyway, you can still use a wide-tooth comb if you want its massaging effect on the scalp.

-Comb sets

For those who want to experience the difference that bamboo combs can bring, consider getting comb sets. This can be composed of one or more combs and a bamboo brush. The catch here is that the brush has bamboo bristles and not the usual plastic material.

This may cost more, but it’s a handy addition to your grooming kit. So even if you change your hairstyle, you have a trusty comb to use.

-Price and warranty

Bamboo combs are usually affordable, though it’s not bad to splurge from time to time if the set is really high in quality. Also, try looking for one with a decent warranty.



Panda Stuff Bamboo Bristle Hair Brush

If you’re looking for the best pair of comb and brush, consider the Panda Stuff Bamboo Comb Set. These are made of pure bamboo, including the bristles of the round brush. These two premium hairpieces can be secured on a white drawstring bag included in the package.

Also, Panda Stuff only uses recycled paper in producing the packaging of each set. This way, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re purchasing an eco-friendly product.

Aside from that, the comb and brush are vegan and contains non-toxic rubber. It’s also recyclable and compostable.

We also like that this set has thick material, especially on the bristles of the brush. It’s a great tool in applying hair treatments and various oils.


  • ✔️Thick material
  • ✔️The packaging is made of recycled paper
  • ✔️Recyclable and compostable


If you’re only looking for a trusty bamboo comb, the NaughtyKid Bamboo Comb is a budget-friendly option. It’s made of smooth and seamless bamboo that doesn’t cause static or snags.

Also, the teeth of this comb are blunt and will not scrape your scalp. It’s also great for massaging your scalp to ease itchiness and promoting circulation. Overall, this comb feels solid and thick when holding.

This comb works for thin and straight hair as well as damp hair. It’s also a great comb for toddlers. For a small price, you can get your first bamboo comb.


  • ✔️Sturdy and thick
  • ✔️Very affordable
  • ✔️Doesn’t cause static


CARELAX Organic Bamboo Comb Set

Another bamboo brush and comb set that we recommend is the one from CARELAX. It comes with a brush with bamboo bristles as well as a comb with a combo of fine and wide teeth. And if you’re not happy with the set that you got, you can ask for a replacement or a refund.

This combo suits short and long hair as well as curly and coarse locks. We also love how durable the comb and brush are. It’s not slippery either and will last for seasons.

Even if you’re a guy or a girl looking for a trusty bamboo comb, this set from CARELAX is your best find. It’s very affordable that you can get each one at home with their own set.


  • ✔️2-in-1 comb
  • ✔️Suits all hair types
  • ✔️Free replacement/refund


  • ❌The brush is a bit stiff at first

Bass Brushes Bamboo Grooming Comb

If you’re looking for a solid bamboo comb with a combination of wide and dense teeth, the one from Bass Brushes is a great choice. This is made from eco-friendly bamboo with a luxurious finish.

This is great in removing dander and snags on your hair while giving your scalp a nice massage. It suits all hair types, despite its very affordable price.

Overall, this 7” comb is a must-have, especially if you often use hair oils. It’s also great in the shower as long as you don’t soak it for too long.


  • ✔️Very affordable
  • ✔️2-in-1 teeth density
  • ✔️Suits all hair types


  • ❌Finish tends to wear off after a few months

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will bamboo combs help in hair growth?

A: The comb itself will not directly cause hair growth. Still, the massaging effect of bamboo combs on the scalp will stimulate circulation. This will increase nutrient delivery on your hair follicles, thus increased hair growth.

Q: Can you use bamboo combs on wet hair?

A: If your hair is still dripping wet, it’s not advisable to use any type of comb. Once your hair is damp and a little dry, you can start using a wide-tooth comb to remove minor tangles. Still, don’t pull on any snags.

Q: How do I stop static electricity in my hair?

A: Plastic combs are notorious for static. So if you’re getting annoyed, consider switching to bamboo combs instead. These wooden combs don’t form static even if you comb for too long.

Q: Should you use a comb or a brush for your hair?

A: When your hair is damp, comb it using a wide-tooth comb. Once it’s dry, brush it to smooth out snags and tangles. Take note that your hair is fragile when wet so always let it dry first before using the brush.

Final words

So which wooden comb is good for hair? Bamboo is a great option due to its sustainability and durability. Above, we reviewed the best bamboo combs together with some tips that you’ll find useful. What do you think of this post? Let us know below!



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