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Bamboo chews for dogs? This might seem odd, but yes, you can find a dog chew made of bamboo fibers. Like other tough dental chews, these products are made to withstand the daggers of your pet. And since it’s made of bamboo, it’s organic and a sustainable reward for your Fido.

Although entirely new in the market, bamboo chews for canines are already gaining traction among pet owners. One of the rising brands nowadays is Bambones.

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Is bamboo safe for dogs?

If we’re talking about real bamboo and not the Lucky or Heavenly bamboo, then yes, chewing bamboo is safe for canines. Take note that ornamental plants like Lucky or Heavenly Bamboo isn’t really bamboo. Though it shares physical similarities, these decorative plants are actually dracaenas. It’s in the same genus as Dragon Tree, Corn Plant, Ribbon Plant, and Gold Dust. All of which are ornamental plants as well.

As for your dog, chewing real bamboo fibers don’t pose any substantial threat. Unless your dog has sensitivities to a specific substance on bamboo, the wood of this plant will not be toxic.

However, chewing the mature shoots itself isn’t advisable. It has fibers that will hurt the mouth of your pet. Instead, you can get the pooch a commercial bamboo chew, just like the two options we reviewed below.

These products are already processed, and the fibers have been formed into a solid chew treat.

Why give bamboo chews for dogs?

Bamboo chews are a unique treat that will keep your dog busy for weeks. And unlike synthetic chews made of silicone, this one is safer. If your dog ingests the chew in small amounts, and not chunks, it’s unlikely that it will cause GI upset.

Also, bamboo treats are natural and a sustainable option for your doggo. It’s usually available for the same price as other treats in the market.

Some words of caution

Like any other chew treat, you should always supervise your dog when giving them these bamboo treats. As much as the ingestion of the material is relatively safe, you have to consider the chewing level of your dog.

Aggressive chewers can easily rip any chew toy to large chunks. These chunks become a choking hazard if you’re not present to take it away.

Also, always purchase safe and well-made bamboo chews. Steer clear of any shady products that don’t declare the ingredients used on it.

Lastly, always check with the vet to ensure that your dog doesn’t have any sensitivity to bamboo. Each dog has unique reactions to various substances, so it’s best to be sure.

What to look for bamboo chews for dogs

If you’re thinking of getting bamboo chews for dogs, you must consider the following factors first. This will ensure that your doggo is getting high-quality bamboo:

-Natural or organic bamboo

The first thing we have to check is the quality of the bamboo fibers made. Make sure that it’s at least natural and is processed without any harmful chemicals. You must always consider the possibility that your dog may ingest the fibers along the way. With that, you must ensure that the bamboo fibers used are food grade.

-Safe ingredients

Dog chews are always flavored to entice the tastebuds of your dog. This is why you have to make sure that the formula uses safe ingredients. Aim for natural flavors so your dog won’t consume artificial ingredients with no solid nutritional value.

If there are ingredients you find difficult to pronounce, take the time to search it on the web. The ingredient may be synthetic. Still, not all artificial components are harmful; just keep it in a minimum for dogs chews.

-Irresistible flavor

Of course, dog chews are only effective if it tastes good. The purpose of dog chews is to keep your dog chewing to reduce plaque buildup on its teeth. It’s also an excellent way to divert the pooch’s energy into something more productive.

Also, the flavor shouldn’t be superficial. As the bone chew gets shredded, it should stay tasty so your dog won’t just leave it on the corner.

-Proper shape

When it comes to dog chews, the shape is as important as the taste. It should fit in the dog’s mouth but not become a choking hazard. This is why most dog treats are shaped like a letter T or Y, so your pooch won’t shove the entire thing into its throat.

Also, this shape allows your dog to chew without the treat slipping all the time. Somehow, the shape of the bamboo treat keeps it interesting for your dog.

-Dental health benefit

Next, always get a treat that will help reduce the plaque buildup on your dog’s teeth. This way, the chew doubles as a dental care product aside from being a fun diversion for your pet. Take note that the more your dog chews, the better it would be for its teeth.

-High-quality construction

Quality construction is very important, so the chew will not shred too fast. For aggressive chewers, you need a chew treat that can last for a few days or weeks before becoming a shredded pile of fiber.

Below, we reviewed two of the best options that you can give your dog.

-Right size

The size of the treat is crucial. You should always base it on the size of your dog. Dogs with large mouths should have an equally larger bamboo chew. Otherwise, the small chew will be uninteresting, and it will only become a choking hazard.

-Value for money

Last but not least, consider the overall value of the bamboo chew. Cheap doesn’t always mean poor quality, while expensive ones don’t always mean premium. Just look for the right balance between the price and the quality.

And if you don’t want to go through the hassle of scouting for the best products, we’ve picked two of the best options for you below.

Top 1 Pick Bamboo Chews for Dogs

SPOT Bambone Bacon Flavored Wish Bone

If your dog isn’t much of a chewer and is a small breed, you should consider the SPOT Bambone Wish Bone Chew. It’s also made of natural bamboo fibers that will not upset your dog’s stomach.

Aside from that, this chew toy is deliciously flavored with real bacon. It will satisfy your dog’s instinct to chew while giving its teeth a nice brush to prevent plaque buildup.

Unlike the Bambone Plus chew toy, this one isn’t blended with nylon. As long your dog doesn’t rip it in large chunks, you wouldn’t worry about ingestion. Each piece of this bamboo chew can last for months on a small dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I give my dog bamboo shoots?

A: As long as it’s adequately prepared, yes, you can give bamboo shoots to your dog. In fact, bamboo shoots are rich in various vitamins and minerals that will support your dog’s health. Aside from that, it’s also a good source of fiber on your dog’s diet. Still, give it sparingly to avoid any adverse effects.

Q: My dog just ingested bamboo leaves, is it a bad thing?

A: A lot of bamboo plants contain cyanide on its shoots, and sometimes its leaves as well. So if your dog had chewed and swallowed bamboo leaves, you should observe the pet for the next hours. If vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, and other adverse conditions occur, you must rush it to the vet right away.

Q: Can I give bamboo wood to my dog as a toy?

A: As much as bamboo is safe, you have to be careful with the sharp splinters of bamboo wood. Avoid giving any hardwood to teething dogs as it will damage their gums and cause dental problems. Anyway, if your dog isn’t a chewer and prefers playing with some bamboo wood, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Q: How long does a bamboo dog chew last?

A: The likes of Bamboones can last for several weeks to a few months. It depends on the chewing level of your dog and the hours they spend gnawing on these chews. Nevertheless, bamboo chews are great options if you want an affordable yet long-lasting chew for your doggo.

Final words

These bamboo chews for dogs are a great way to keep your dog busy. It’s also packed with sumptuous flavors that dogs can’t resist. Just make sure that you’re giving your pet the right size so they can enjoy every chew. Also, always supervise your dog whenever you’re giving chew toys, bamboo, or not.

Have you tried giving your dog a bamboo chew? Are you considering purchasing one? Let us know your thoughts below!



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