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Feng shui makes use of a wide variety of different symbols for luck. These symbols entice energy, or chi, to come into your home. And when it comes, it brings you luck and good fortune. There are so many different symbols that people use in order to entice chi into their spaces. They can use symbols on top of arranging their furniture a certain way – but today, we’ll be talking about one of the most popular choices that people love.  One of the most popular picks, it seems, is the Lucky Bamboo. But do you know where to put lucky bamboo in home settings in order to draw chi and good fortune into your home?

In today’s article, we’ll be talking about – you guessed it! – lucky bamboo. We’ll be discussing everything that there is to know about this beautiful plant and why so many people love this symbol of fortune. The meaning of this plant will be discussed, and of course, we’ll tell you where to put lucky bamboo in home spaces.

Are you ready to learn more about this symbol of luck and fortune? Let’s get started!

What Exactly is the Lucky Bamboo Plant?

Photo from: TheSpruce.com

This plant has been known as “lucky bamboo” for hundreds upon hundreds of years. But what exactly is it? Well, the lucky bamboo is a plant originating from the tropics. It’s known as Dracaena Sanderiana, and it is a member of the family of plants of the lily. The plant is tough and resilient, making it ideal for indoor use. And since it’s a tropical plant, it is most common in rain forests in Southeast Asia, Africa, and in Cameroon.

Lucky bamboo has long been used in feng shui. You see, it is an incredibly popular feng shui “cure”. This is because it activates energy that has gone stagnant. Furthermore, it enhances the flowing of good or positive energy, also known as auspicious chi. And so, you see exactly why people love using lucky bamboo in their homes or even in their workplaces.

Know that if you intend to use lucky bamboo in your home, you must make sure you take good care of it. This is for the reason that in order for this plant to be effective, it must be healthy and lively.

The Symbolism of Lucky Bamboo in Feng Shui

If you’re wondering as to the exact symbolism of this plant in feng shui, we’ve got your back. This plant, as we have mentioned, is a powerful symbol of luck. Lucky bamboo is a signifier of good fortune, along with prosperity and good health. All things you’d want for yourself and for your family!

To use this plant in feng shui, one plant will usually have a combo of all 5 elements. And so you’ll see a lucky bamboo set up a particular way:

  • The element of wood is basically the bamboo plant.
  • Stones or pebbles in the container (or vase) will fulfill the element of earth.
  • For the element of metal, the container in itself should be metal. However, glass will also be considered effective for this purpose. If you choose to use glass and you feel as though you still want a metal element, you can put a small coin in the container, or attach it on the exterior.
  • Water is, well, pretty self explanatory!
  • Fire, on the other hand – not so much. You can’t very well use fire on your plant – it’d die and you’d burn your house down. And so, to symbolize fire, a red ribbon is used instead. This is why you’ll see a lot of photos of a lucky bamboo plant with red ribbons tied onto it all over.

Number of Stalks Meaning

Lucky bamboo has specific meanings depending on how many stalks are on it. Because of this, you can use this plant to specifically address certain parts of your life that you want to boost when it comes to your good fortune. You can use specific numbers of stalks to help areas of your life such as academics, career, marriage, and so on and so forth.

You may also find that plants may have curled stalks – this is merely a visual element. Lucky bamboo typically has straight stalks, but the stalks can be trained. By that, we mean that you can get them to grow in waves, spirals, curls, and so on. There are special techniques that growers use in order to train the straight stalks so that they grow in patterns.

Caring for Your Plant

If you’re worried about the plant dying on you, rejoice. You see, lucky bamboo is really easy to care for. It is really low-maintenance, and they’re also quite easy to grow. They require little attention and care, and are typically grown using hydroponics.

To take proper care of your lucky bamboo plant, you must put it in a spot that does not get direct sunlight. Instead of soil, use pebbles or even small stones. And of course, you’ll have to feed your plant – with plant food diluted into a solution, that is.

As you figure out where to put lucky bamboo in home spaces, you must always remember to take into account how much sunlight a spot gets!

Where to Put Lucky Bamboo in Home Spaces

Now that we’ve talked about the lucky bamboo plant at length, it’s time to discuss where to put lucky bamboo in home settings. This will allow you to maximize the influx of chi, while simultaneously improving its flow all throughout your home. Remember that you can put more than one plant in your home, but always remember never to put them in direct sunlight!

Let’s get right to it and talk about where you can put your lucky bamboo plant, shall we?

Put it on your Living Room Table to Move Chi

Usually, lucky bamboo plants are placed in the east or southeast corner of your living room. This is always an immediate answer to the question of where to put lucky bamboo in home. However, you are not limited to these two spots. In fact, you can place this plant around the south of your living room. This is because the lucky bamboo, the wood element, will feed your south sector’s fire element.

  • Put the lucky bamboo on your coffee table. This will help to prevent chi from accumulating – and instead it will keep flowing. You see, square or even rectangular coffee tables can become a block or an obstacle. It prevents chi from flowing freely around your living room. The plant in your living room will put a stop to this.
  • Another suggestion as to where to put lucky bamboo in home is on the sofa table or the end table.

The Dining Room is a Good Spot too!

If you put your lucky bamboo on your dining table, not only does it become a centerpiece, but it also serves a purpose. Your dining room will help double the energy attracted. This is important, because after all your dining room is your family’s seat of abundance. And so, when asked where to put lucky bamboo in home spaces, we’ll always suggest the dining room, where it is a welcome addition.

To further improve your luck and double the energy even more, place a mirror in the dining room. By reflecting the dining table, you can double the energy and the abundance that you then welcome into your home.

Put One in the Office!

When it comes to your office, a six-stalk lucky bamboo plant is ideal. You see, six stalks will bring both prosperity and wealth to your home and your career. The office is always great for where to put lucky bamboo in home. And if you’re interested in putting a plant in yours, here are some of the things you need to know and the guidelines you should follow:

  • To ensure continuing health for yourself, place your lucky bamboo plant in the room’s east corner. Doing this will also help to boost the health of your career. If you have a business, a lucky bamboo in your office will also truly help.
  • Learn something important: your personal kua number. Knowing this can be incredibly helpful in knowing where to place your plant. Once you are aware of your number, you should then put the lucky bamboo in 1 of your actual best directions. This will further attract chi or energy.
  • If you would rather have the plant on your desk, that is fine too. It will work similarly to how a plant helps the chi in the living room. However, you must put the plant on your desk’s southeast or east corner.
  • Sometimes, you might feel as though you need some extra fuel for your fame or recognition luck. If this is the case, then you should put the plant on your desk’s south section.

Your Kitchen is Fantastic for a Lucky Bamboo Plant

Another suggestion for where to put lucky bamboo in home spaces is the kitchen. You see, putting this plant in the kitchen boosts your happiness. It draws in a lot of energy to improve your family’s happiness overall.

If your kitchen is in the east or southeast sector, even better! However, if your kitchen is not in those sectors, you should then do this. Determine the kitchen’s southeast or east corners. You can then put the plant in either corner.

However, you are not limited to those areas. In fact, here are some other places you can put your lucky bamboo in the kitchen:

  • Look at your kitchen. Notice any spaces or areas where chi may be stagnating or pooling. These are areas like on top of your fridge, or above some cabinets. Place a plant here to grow your family’s happiness.
  • If you have a dining table in your kitchen, put the plant there as a centerpiece. Even better if the table is in the southeast or east corner in the kitchen.
  • Use a three-stalk plant. 3 stalks work best in the kitchen. This is because 3 stalks signify long life, happiness, and wealth as well.
  • If you would rather boost health, use a five or seven stalk arrangement. This is because both symbolize health!

Your Bathroom to Neutralize Sha Chi

In the bathroom, there is a lot of wastewater flowing through. This generates bad chi, also known as sha chi. And so, you can put a plant inside your bathroom. Wood (the bamboo plant) “exhausts” water, and so the negative energy is lessened.

Some places you can put the plant in the bathroom include:

  • An over-toilet shelf. You know, the kind you can drill into the wall. That, or a standalone shelf that you place over the toilet.
  • Put your bamboo arrangement on top of the toilet tank. This is the best possible placement, although if not possible because of the flush button, put it on a shelf.

Instead of a glass or metal vase, you may want to put your plant/arrangement into a clay pot instead. This is because clay pots add even more control on the sha chi. The earth (clay) element destroys the water element.

NOT in the Bedroom

You should not put a lucky bamboo in the bedroom. This is because in feng shui principles, plants have yang energy that is too strong for the bedroom. The bedroom, after all, is a room dedicated to relaxation and rest. Don’t put any plant in the bedroom for this exact reason.

Final Thoughts

A lucky bamboo plant can truly make a difference in the energy of your home. Bring in more happiness, wealth, health, and good fortune by adding one of these plants in certain rooms of your home. We hope that our guide of where to put lucky bamboo in home spaces was helpful to you. As long as you remember not to place a plant in the bedroom, your home should be welcoming better energy sooner than you know it!



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