Top 3 Extra-long Bamboo Shades To Transform Your Home



Window shades not only improve the look of your home, but also remain functional depending on the needs of a homeowner. There are many types of window shades available in the market. It comes down to what you would want to have in your home. It is always good to challenge yourself to check out different shades before making up your mind. Today, we want to look at some of the best extra-long bamboo shades you can get for your home. With the right design, you will largely transform your home with bamboo shades.

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Types of Window Shades

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We want to point out that there are many types of windows to choose from. Here are the top types you will find in the market.

Roman shades

Roman shades have been around for years now. You are likely to find them in most homes and offices. Roman shades will be made from a continuous long piece of fabric. They include horizontal folds along the fabric length. These folds allow for the shade to be raised or lowered to certain points.

Pleated Shades

Just like Roman shades, pleated shades have the same construction. The only difference is that pleated shades do not come with the same drape. They also tend to have more horizontal folds, making them look like slats.

Honeycomb shades

If you want to improve your house’s home energy efficiency, then this could be an ideal way to do so. These shades are made of fabric configured to look like honeycomb cells. This design makes the shade to trap more air between the room and its windows. In winter, these shades help to improve heating while in summer, it gives off more heat to leave the room feeling cooler.

Motorized shades

Such shades would be ideal for an office space. They are designed to open or close by simply using a remote. The shade for the light coming into the room can also be adjusted depending on the needs of the user.

Bamboo shades

Our focus in this guide are the bamboo shades. As the name suggests, they are made from bamboo material. Depending on what you like, they can be molded into various designs. They also tend to be less expensive that some of the other shades mentioned above.

Some of the other types of shades include solar shades, roller shades, natural woven shades, and panel track shades.

Reasons to Choose Bamboo Blinds

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Multiple Configurations

Anyone who owns bamboo shades loves them for being easy to configure to your style. You can still pull them halfway up or down depending on the amount of light that you need. When you need that morning sunshine into the house, you can always open it all the way. Once the sun gets too hot, you have the option of closing it fully to block out the rays.


Users find bamboo shades being great for creating the sense of openness in a room. Even for a small room, the bamboo shades can easily transform it to looking bigger. This is because of the amount of light they can let in depending on the configuration. It will always be a conversation starter when someone looks at your window shades as they good and different.

Multiple size options

As suggested earlier, there is so much you can achieve with bamboo shades in terms of design. Depending on where you want to set it up, you will have the option of playing around with the sizes. The best part is that there are many companies that make these shades. It should make it easy for you to find a shade that is the right size and design.


Bamboo shades still give you the option of going cordless if that is what you want. With the absence of a cord, you never have to worry about your kids hurting themselves. If you desire a corded model, you should be able to get it. It is best to check out various manufacturers to see what each one of them creates and get the right model.

Nice feel and texture

Those who use bamboo shades claim that they give the room a sense of more depth and feel. This is especially if you combine the shades with some awesome colors in the room. The texture of your bamboo shades might get you touching them all the time. Whichever room you decide to put them up, you should find the room looking better than others.

Ease of cleaning

Not many people love cleaning their window shades. Luckily, that is not something you have to worry about when using bamboo shades. Even if they get dusty after a few months, you will find it easy to simply wipe off the dust with a cloth or dusting wand. If you use them daily, not much dust will accumulate on the shades.

Good for light filtering

Another reason you might find bamboo shades being great is that they are good at filtering the light. There no need for a privacy liner when you own a bamboo shade. It is so easy to adjust the shade to provide you with the right amount of light. For additional privacy at night, most people often add privacy liners to keep any light from passing through.

Installation is easy

As for the installation process, you should find that it is easy. With just a few tools, you should have your blind in place. There are many videos online that highlight the whole process. An example is the video below which should help you setup your bamboo shade easily.

Eco-friendly material and affordable

For those who are always looking for an eco-friendly material for their shades, then using bamboo shades should be ideal. Still, bamboo material is generally cheap. You will find it being cheaper than other shade types. The price is likely to be higher if you want custom-made bamboo shades.

Tips for Choosing the Best Bamboo Blinds

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Look at the quality

The quality of your shades is crucial to ensure you get the best value for money. The quality is likely to depend on the type of bamboo material used. Some bamboo species are not the best for handicrafts. Anyone who understands bamboo species can know whether the quality is good or not. Also, manufacturers now use preservatives for bamboo material to help it last longer.

Any good manufacturer would highlight the type of bamboo used in making the shades. From this information, you can learn more about the bamboo material before buying.

Type of Mount

Bamboo shades can be mounted either inside or outside the window frame. There are many things that go into choosing the best mount that you would want. It is great if you opt for a mount that fits your preferences. Most people would prefer the outside mount as it makes the window look larger and taller.

Still, you can opt for the inside mount if that is what makes your windows look better. Some window designs would look better with inside mounts.

Color and Style

Bamboo shades come in thousands of colors and styles. So, which one would be best? Honestly, this is all about personal preference. With too many styles and colors, sometimes you might be confused about which one to choose. You can have a friend around to help determine which style and color would be ideal for your home.

Always consider your existing décor or possible future décor when making up your mind. It is always good to find a great set of bamboo shades that fits your style.

Installation process

The installation process can determine if you can install the shades by yourself or you might have to hire a professional. Luckily, most bamboo shades are generally easy to install for any person good with tools. There is no shame in getting a professional to install the shade in your home.


The price is going to vary a lot depending on the design, bamboo species, and much more. The best part is that bamboo shades are often affordable. You will not have to spend so much to get the best designs available. You can always check out various manufacturers to see what you can get with them before making up your mind in terms of price.


Looking at the reviews of the bamboo shades you are about to buy is also crucial. Some are not well-made and might break after a few months. Learning from the experience of other people through reviews can help you get the best bamboo shades in the market.

Top 3 Extra-long Bamboo Shades

If you are convinced about getting extra-long bamboo shades for your windows, then here are some of the top options you have.


Seta Direct, Brown Bamboo Slat Roll Up Blind

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If you are looking for a different look from the other model mentioned above, then this could be a nice option for you to consider. It is a brown bamboo flat slat blind that should blend in easily with your existing décor.

The blind comes with all the mounting hardware that you will need to set it up. As for the size, you get multiple choices. It comes down to what you have as your window size. The largest size you can get with this model is 95×72 inches. As you can see, the brand has all the possible size you will ever need.

The model is known for efficiently blocking sunlight while at the same time cools the room. It is worth noting that it does not act as a privacy screen.

Passenger Pigeon Bamboo Roller Shades Light Filtering Roll Up Blinds

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These blinds are made from all-natural materials. For those who are always looking for eco-friendly blinds, then these should work great for you. The blinds also come with a 6-inch matching valance making it even more functional.

The blinds are primarily meant for indoor use to filter light gently into your room. Well, you can still use it outdoor but always make sure to install it under a roof to prevent it encountering rainwater. Since it can be used outside, you should find it being a versatile model.

As for the dimensions, this unit has a maximum width of 78 inches and a length of 96 inches. You should find it being great for even the largest possible windows. For those who want to mount inside or outside the window frame, just know they are both possible.


Bamboo shades will bring in a different a look into your room. Any of your friends visiting your home would want to know where they can get similar shades as they always look good. As a result, it is why more people are investing in getting bamboo shades. Bamboo shades are also affordable. You can be sure to get some of the best designs at an affordable price. It is not just about the price, but also the many designs and styles you can get. Go ahead and pick one model from the three mentioned above and enjoy a new room transformation.



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