Top 5 Best Bamboo Socks for Women & Men to Keep Your Feet Cool



Socks are quite literally the foundation of your wardrobe — and despite the fact that many people fail to give them the thought they deserve, socks also play a crucial role in your health and comfort. Think about it. Quality socks protect you from friction, offer extra padding that protects you from objects as well as the elements, and they soak up the moisture that causes bacteria and fungi to proliferate.

People often wear socks to warm their feet up, but in hot, humid environments and when you work out, you instead need your socks to keep your feet cool. Bamboo socks are perfect for that, but why should you choose them, and what are the best bamboo socks?



MD Men’s Bamboo Dress Socks: Solid and Patterned Business Crew Socks (Six Pack)

MD’s six-pack of men’s business crew socks are great for men who need stylishly professional socks that can match nearly any business or casual outfit. This set of socks offers an interesting, but not crazy, a mix of designs and color choices.

These lightweight, fine-knit, bamboo socks are mid-calf length and offer a gentle but effective ribbed elastic top to keep them in place no matter what you do. The reinforced heel means these socks will last, while the flat seam ensures that your feet stay comfortable. +MD is, as a company, dedicated to manufacturing socks perfectly suited for people with diabetes, so you only get the best bamboo socks, consisting of 73 percent bamboo, 6 percent nylon, and 3 percent spandex.  Buyers, of course, reap the benefit of the finest bamboo — odor reduction and reduced bacterial and fungal growth, comfortably dry feet, a soft touch, and perfectly breathable fabric.

+MD’s men’s dress socks are manufactured in a single size, which fits men wearing sizes 8 to 12. The downside of that is that one size never truly does fit all, so if you fall outside of this size range, these socks won’t be for you. As they are thin, these socks won’t perform the best in really cold weather, either. The only other con with these socks is that the company places less emphasis on environmental awareness than some other premium bamboo sock companies, so if that is crucial to you, you may need to keep shopping for the best bamboo socks.

Overall, the +MD men’s bamboo dress socks aren’t just handsome, durable, and snug without feeling tight, at this price range (and remember, this is a six-pack), they’re not only some of the best bamboo socks but also among the more affordable ones.

NUDUS Men’s Bamboo Ankle Socks, Black (Five Pack)

Brought to you buy the premium men’s underwear company NUDUS, these men’s bamboo ankle socks have a stylishly slick European design that has the power to make any guy look instantly sophisticated, especially in tennis shoes. NUDUS wants its customers to enjoy the highest possible quality as well as the very best designs, and these bamboo ankle socks deliver on both counts. These very dark black shoes have a distinctly modern feel with their fascinating weave. Thanks to their ultra-thin bamboo fabric, NUDUS’ bamboo ankle socks are great for workouts — but they’ll also do just fine if you absolutely must lounge around on your couch in style.

These low ankle socks are among the best bamboo socks to buy as a gift because they do come in a fancy minimalist gift box. There’s no rule against gifting them to yourself, however, and if you do, you will walk away with discrete socks that nobody else might even see unless you’re not wearing any shoes. You, on the other hand, will benefit from a luxurious feel that supports your feet, keeps them dry and cool even in high-sweat environments, and looks after your skin.

On the other hand, unlike some other high-quality bamboo socks on the market, NUDUS low ankle socks do have a toe seam that some people will find annoying, and some customers have complained about pilling after intense use and laundry. Because they are so thin, these socks are not as durable as some other bamboo socks.

At this price range, this gift box with five pairs of high-quality bamboo socks may be the beginning of a very long love affair with premium bamboo socks. Available in sizes 6 to 10, they really showcase how fantastic bamboo can be, unless, of course, you have bigger feet.

EcoSox Bamboo Viscose Full Cushion Hiking/Outdoor Crew Socks for Men and Women

EcoSox caters to active outdoor enthusiasts, so if you’re after stylish business socks, that’s not what you’ll be getting here. These socks are for hikers and anyone else who’s going to be spending a lot of time outside, including in colder climates — they’re high-performance bamboo socks that will prevent you from developing painful blisters, and extra padding for the perfect arch support to get you all the way through your trail. You’ll need toe seams that don’t constantly annoy you, and an elastic top that’s guaranteed to help your socks stay in place. Since that’s exactly what you’re getting with EcoSox’ full cushion hiking and outdoor crew socks, these are the best bamboo socks for outdoorsy folks.

EcoSox’ combination of 70 percent bamboo, 25 percent polyester, as well as some rubber and spandex for optimal support, is a great choice for both men and women who simply need heavy-duty and high-performance socks that will keep them going all day. Available in a wide variety of sizes, most of EcoSox’ designs have a fun pop of color, and although these socks will get you through a rough trek, they’ll also keep your feet comfy on a casual walk to the grocery store.

Where EcoSox truly stands out is in its environmental awareness. This company’s mission to reduce waste and leave a smaller carbon footprint is shown in the fact that it uses recycled materials wherever possible, as well as in its participation in the One Tree Planted program. Yes, that means that when you buy these awesome bamboo socks, you also do your bit for the planet by helping to plant a tree.

At this price range per pair, EcoSox’ hiking and outdoor aren’t exactly cheap. They will, however, meet your high expectations.

BAMS Compression Socks Women and Men Premium Bamboo Ultra Soft (Knee High)

BAMS unisex, over-the-calf, compression socks are designed with one goal in mind — to “power your legs”. Manufactured with customers who need the extra support in mind, these compression socks aren’t just the best bamboo socks for people with diabetes and pregnant women, but also for athletes, who have increasingly been turning to compression socks to boost their performance while keeping their feet healthy and circulation strong. You don’t just get all the benefits of bamboo fiber, but also those compression technology offers, making BAMS compression socks some of the best bamboo socks all around.

Made with 70 percent bamboo, 20 percent Lycra, five percent spandex and one percent Elastine, these bamboo compression socks are OEKO-TEX 100 certified, which means they’re guaranteed to be free of harmful substances. It is, frankly, difficult to find a downside to these socks. Even healthcare professionals who need to be on their feet all day love them and report that these socks keep their feet cool, sweat-free, and healthy all through grueling shifts. At this price range for a single pair (there are multiple designs), however, you may expect them to be a little more durable than they’ll actually turn out to be if you constantly rely on these socks and put them through the washing machine a daily basis. In addition, although these socks will be great for an energetic jog even in the winter months, they definitely fall into the “keep your feet cool” category, so don’t put them on if you’re after toasty feet.

These socks still offer the best of two worlds — the odor reduction, softness, and absorbency of bamboo, but also the health benefits compression socks provide, so whether you have just had surgery or are a pro athlete, these socks will easily find a place on your personal list of the best bamboo socks.

What First-Time Buyers Need to Know About Choosing the Best Bamboo Socks

Bamboo fabric has emerged as a softer, more comfortable, more absorbent, more ecologically conscious, and yes, healthier, consumer favorite and alternative to cotton in recent years. You will now find diverse garments made with bamboo fibers on the market, but socks can easily be said to be more important than any of them.

That is not only because the feet are constantly subjected to friction as we walk and exercise, but also because most people wear shoes a significant portion of their waking day. That, unfortunately, means the feet are chronically deficient in air circulation. Uncomfortably warm and sweaty feet that will easily fall victim to painful foot conditions ranging from blisters to fungal infections are the inevitable result.

The best bamboo socks, in which at least 70 percent of the fibers are made from bamboo, solve this uncomfortable problem, because of high-quality bamboo fabric:

  • Is softer than almost anything you’ll ever have put on your feet before.
  • Is elastic enough to support your every movement (although almost all bamboo socks also add Elastin or a similarly stretchy material).
  • Has a high degree of air permeability, in addition to being excellent at absorbing moisture. That means that, when you wear the best bamboo socks, your skin can actually breathe, and your feet will feel cool and comfortable. No more nasty, smelly, sweaty feet!
  • Bamboo naturally possesses antimicrobial properties that will help prevent infections such as athlete’s foot. Yes, that also means that you can expect some serious odor reduction if you wear the best bamboo socks!
  • Doesn’t require any special care or laundry process, like other high-quality fabrics such as wool or silk do. (Bamboo can shrink a bit, so you don’t want to wash it at really high temperatures.)

The comfort and health benefits you’ll get with bamboo fabric are not the only reasons to strongly consider bamboo socks, however. Bamboo fabric can also be extraordinarily environmentally friendly, thanks to the fact that bamboo grows so quickly, needs so little water to thrive and doesn’t depend on pesticides to do well.

Just how do first-time buyers choose the very best bamboo socks? While some of the most important factors to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a new pair of bamboo socks are obvious, others aren’t.

All “bamboo socks” are woven with bamboo fibers, but they also contain varying amounts of other materials, most commonly nylon or polyester. To make sure you reap all the benefits that bamboo has to offer, choose bamboo socks woven with at least 70 percent bamboo fiber.

You’ll also want to consider the thickness of the socks you pick. Many bamboo socks provide a good cushion and are performing well in both winter and summer, keeping your feet cool when it’s hot but warming them up when the weather’s chilly, but the manufacturers of the best bamboo socks will tell you under what circumstances their socks perform best. To keep your feet cool, you’ll want to pick one of the many ultra-thin pairs.

Some of the best bamboo socks even provide arch support, while many of the most comfortable bamboo socks are designed with seamless toes for added comfort. Length is another important consideration. The bamboo socks you’ll choose to wear with high boots won’t be the same ones you’d prefer if you’re going for low shoes, and that’s especially true for women’s styles.

Environmentally-conscious consumers will want to look out for manufacturers who are as dedicated to protecting the planet as they are, of course, and they will be thrilled to hear that quite a few bamboo sock manufacturers do participate in the One Tree Planted program. Finally, the best bamboo socks for you are going to be soft and flexible, with a great fit, and come in the style and color that speaks to you. Out of all of those factors, only the last two factors are immediately clear to you.

You won’t have the chance to try on your new bamboo socks before you buy them, so for the remainder of these crucial considerations, you’ll have to rely on the company’s reputation in combination with a large number of customer reviews to find the best bamboo socks.

Watch out for reviews in which customers who have tried and tested your prospective bamboo socks warn that the socks pill, develop holes (especially common with the ultra-thin bamboo socks designed for warmer months and athletic activities), or have elastic tops that squeeze. When the true sock nerds love the pair you’re thinking about buying, you know that you are looking at the very best bamboo socks.

There is no question that bamboo socks are always a little pricier than the cotton socks you may have chosen until now. Given the fact that bamboo socks also perform much better, coming much closer to the ideal of what socks should really do for you, that is only fair. When you are shopping for the best bamboo socks, you can expect to pay anything from $4 to $20 per pair, and sometimes even more. Generally, the variety packs in which you get more than one pair work out to be a better overall deal.

When you are quite sure you have found a pair of bamboo socks that you’re ready to put into your basket, do pause and shop around a bit. It’s not uncommon to find them on sale for different prices in different places, but another thing to consider is the fact that some manufacturers only offer fit, quality, and comfort guarantees if you are purchasing their bamboo socks from their own website.

If you’re buying bamboo socks for the first time ever, you may be tempted to opt for the cheapest pair you can find just to see if you will like the fabric. That would be a mistake. To reap the amazing benefits of the best bamboo socks, it is definitely wise to start off by choosing a pair of bamboo socks that are designed for the purpose you want them for with the quality you deserve.

Bamboo Socks Frequently Asked Questions

Why bamboo?

Bamboo can grow up to a meter every day, and this grass spreads like wildfire even without the use of pesticides. That makes choosing bamboo socks an excellent decision for people who are committed to reducing their carbon footprint. In terms of comfort, bamboo-based fabrics offer some advantages that you wish more commonly used fabrics had, but don’t. Bamboo fabrics are strong but silky soft and are quite stretchy. They’ll keep you warm in colder weather and cool when it’s hot out or you are exercising, and when you sweat, you’ll be thrilled at the level of moisture bamboo can absorb.

Are bamboo socks really that much better than cotton socks?

Unless you have tried the best bamboo socks, you won’t even know what you are missing out on. We tend to underestimate the importance of socks — you don’t really see your socks, after all, so they might be a bit of an afterthought. Don’t let them be, because the a good pair of bamboo socks helps you feel comfortable from the ground up.

If bamboo is that good, why do bamboo socks also contain other fibers?

The best bamboo socks are made with high percentages of bamboo fiber, but for added comfort and durability, these fabrics will also include strong and stretchy ingredients like polyester and Lycra.

Who should wear bamboo socks?

Everyone who likes comfort and hates sweaty feet can benefit from wearing bamboo socks, but they’ll be higher on your priority list if you suffer from a foot condition, constantly struggle with sweaty feet, or are an athlete or hiker.

How do I know if the bamboo socks I’m looking at are really the best?

All manufacturers love their own products, but in the internet age, it’s impossible to hide bad quality behind a sea of clever words. To find the best bamboo socks, comb over customer reviews, and don’t forget to pay attention to the bad ones. Amazon reviews are excellent for this, and customers just like you don’t have any reason to do anything other than share their honest experience.

Whether you need stylish dress socks, heavy-duty hiking socks with extra arch support or compression socks that support your athletic endeavors or help you manage a health condition, the best bamboo socks on the market can take your comfort to a whole new level by finally keeping your feet cool, dry, and odorless.

It’s time to stop neglecting socks and gift yourself the quality you deserve. The best bamboo socks do what all good socks should have done all along, so why not find your perfect pair today?



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