Where to Buy Bamboo Plates? Here are 2 Best Options!



Bamboo plates are an eco-friendly way to dine. Instead of using plastic or ceramic plates, you can resort to a biodegradable option. It’s also a great way to make every meal more enjoyable. If you’re planning to shop for new dishes, you might as well consider getting some bamboo plates. But the question is this: where to buy bamboo plates? In this post, we reviewed two of the best options in the market. 

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Why use bamboo plates?

Bamboo plates are ideal options for a variety of reasons. It’s eco-friendly and a unique way to serve your meals. The following are some of the benefits of using bamboo plates. 

*It’s biodegradable 

Most bamboo plates are 100% biodegradable, so you’re doing Mother Nature a big favor. If you’re organizing a party, opt for disposable bamboo plates. These will not harm the environment and can be added to your compost. 

*It has antibacterial properties

Bamboo is known for its antibacterial properties. With bamboo plates, you can serve your food fresh every time. It also resists bad odors and bacterial buildup. 

*It’s easy to clean

Since bamboo plates don’t hold on to the smell of the food, it’s easier to clean if you’re purchasing a reusable version. Also, bamboo plates don’t stain easily, which is a big plus if you don’t like scrubbing stubborn marks on your dishes.

*It’s chemical-free

Unlike plastic plates, those made of bamboo are free of any harmful chemicals that may contaminate your food. Also, bamboo can be grown without using pesticides. As long as you get your plates from a trusted brand, you’re going to enjoy this benefit.

*It’s lightweight

You can stack dozens of bamboo paper plates without suffering from its weight. This makes it easy to dispose of or store. 

Considerations when buying bamboo plates

*Choose the right size and shape

Plates come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you are to purchase bamboo plates, check the size and shape of the ones you’re going to purchase. You can also find one that comes in different colors, just like the set from Get Fresh that we reviewed below. 

*Check the material

As much as manufacturers will market their bamboo plates with bamboo material, it’s worth checking to be sure. Some shady manufacturers may try to trick you into buying plates that aren’t really made of bamboo. 

*Disposable or reusable? 

Another consideration is whether you’re going to buy a reusable or a disposable bamboo plate. Reusable bamboo plates are ideal for daily use. It can be washed and possibly dishwasher safe as well.

On the other hand, disposable bamboo plates are great for gatherings. After using the plates, you just dispose of the plates in the trash or your compost. 

*Consider the price point

Lastly, consider how much money you’re willing to spend in your bamboo plates. Many options in the market come in a wide range of price tags. For reusable ones, we recommend investing in a sturdy and durable piece so that it will last long. Sometimes, adding a few more bucks will go a long way. 

Our Pick Bamboo Plates


Bambu 100% Biodegradable Round Bamboo Plate

If you’re looking for disposable bamboo plates, you can consider the one from bambu. It bears the natural color of bamboo, giving it a beautiful touch. It’s also 100% biodegradable and organic. This is a sturdy and eco-friendly way of dining.

This plate doesn’t have blotches, thanks to its blemish-free and lacquer-free finish. It can be used as regular plates in your home or during special gatherings. 

Moreover, the bambu plates are lightweight and can be stacked in the kitchen. It can hold soupy, saucy, and heavy food. 

After using the plates, you can dispose of it easily and without any plastic waste. What we like the most about this plate is that it’s FDA-food safe and bears the USDA Biobased certification. 


  • ✔️FDA-safe, USDA-certified
  • ✔️100% biodegradable
  • ✔️Blotch-free finish

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are bamboo plates safe to use? 

A: Yes, as long as you get one with authentic bamboo material. Bamboo is a natural material with antibacterial and antiseptic characteristics. Also, avoid bamboo plates that are produced with abrasive chemicals.

Q: Can I use bamboo plates in the microwave?

A: No, bamboo plates can overheat and set on fire when used in the microwave. Some may even produce toxic chemicals if exposed to extreme heat.

Q: Do bamboo plates have melamine?

A: Some bamboo plates have melamine as a binder. If you are to purchase a bamboo plate, look for one that’s melamine-free for your safety. Always read the label to ensure that you’re getting a safe product. 


With this guide, you no longer have to wonder where to buy bamboo plates. We have reviewed two options here so you can choose between a disposable and a reusable option. Which plate do you prefer? Let us know in the comment section!



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